A.W. Weld Trail
2 miles-2,798 ft125 ft
Adirondack Range
5 miles-2,946 ft2,480 ft
Algonquin Trail
5 miles-2,855 ft2,294 ft
Allen Mountain Trail
4 miles-163 ft2,552 ft
Ampersand Mountain Trail
2 miles1,723 ft
Avalanche Pass (Lower)
4,193 ft-23 ft25 ft
Avalanche Pass Trail
3 miles-239 ft665 ft
Bartlett Ridge Trail
3 miles-506 ft1,784 ft
Beaver Meadow Trail
3 miles-7 ft2,663 ft
Beckhorn Trail
2 miles2,488 ft
Blake Trail
2,671 ft570 ft
Blueberry Trail
5 miles-138 ft418 ft
Boquet Forks Trail
5 miles-33 ft2,441 ft
Bradley Pond
6 miles-1,114 ft931 ft
Calamity Brook - Indian Pass Crossover Trail
2 miles-376 ft310 ft
Calamity Brook Trail
5 miles-124 ft1,139 ft
Calkins Brook Horse Trail
7 miles-784 ft492 ft
Calkins Brook Trail
3 miles2,021 ft
Cascade Mountain
2 miles1,898 ft
Cliff Mountain Trail
4,688 ft-98 ft708 ft
Cold Brook Pass
3 miles-1,066 ft1,358 ft
Colvin Trail
2 miles-609 ft839 ft
Couchsachraga Peak
2 miles-867 ft351 ft
Deer Brook Trail
1 mile909 ft
Dix Range Trail
2 miles-1,198 ft1,601 ft
Dix Summit
2,710 ft-45 ft491 ft
Dix Trail
6 miles-131 ft2,862 ft
East River Trail
5,036 ft-28 ft57 ft
East River Trail
5 miles-302 ft464 ft
East River Trail
2 miles-8 ft559 ft
East River Trail (North)
3 miles-53 ft891 ft
East Trail to Giant Mountain
7 miles-1,207 ft5,100 ft
Elevator Shaft Trail
4,190 ft-1,400 ft
Elk Lake - Marcy Trail
10 miles-742 ft3,044 ft
Elk Pass Trail
1 mile-52 ft1,274 ft
Felix Adler Trail
4,590 ft-1,152 ft
Fish Hawk Cliffs Trail
3,212 ft-71 ft117 ft
Flume Brook
1 mile-1,019 ft
Gill Brook Cutoff Trail
2,267 ft257 ft
Gill Brook Trail
2 miles1,424 ft
Grace Peak Trail
5,226 ft-395 ft327 ft
Gray Peak Trail
1,883 ft484 ft
H.G. Leach Trail
5 miles-584 ft3,695 ft
Haystack Brook Trail
2 miles-1,035 ft
Haystack Trail
2,536 ft-443 ft42 ft
Heart Lake Loop
4,088 ft-66 ft37 ft
Hedgehog Trail
1 mile-1,014 ft307 ft
Henry Stimson Trail
1 mile1,852 ft
Herbert Brook Trail
2 miles1,607 ft
Hopkins Mountain (Spread Eagle)
1 mile-50 ft1,197 ft
Hopkins Trail
3 miles-19 ft1,662 ft
Hunters Pass (Upper)
2 miles-16 ft2,066 ft
Hunters Pass Trail
4 miles-384 ft581 ft
Indian Head Crossover Trail
3,451 ft-463 ft4 ft
Indian Head Trail
3,816 ft-79 ft632 ft
Indian Pass Trail
9 miles-1,392 ft1,041 ft
Iroquois Herd Path
2,861 ft-179 ft252 ft
Klondike Notch Trail
5 miles-854 ft1,111 ft
L. Morgan Porter Trail
1 mile-974 ft10 ft
Ladies Mile
2,126 ft-31 ft
Lake Arnold Trail
3 miles-474 ft1,185 ft
Lake Colden Trail
4,964 ft-20 ft27 ft
Lillian Brook Trail
2 miles-1,364 ft
Livingston Point
2,552 ft-97 ft77 ft
Long Trail
4,255 ft608 ft
Lost Lookout Trail
1 mile-469 ft281 ft
Lower Roaring Brook Falls
1,056 ft67 ft
Marble Point
1,667 ft-30 ft102 ft
Marshall Herd Pass
3,025 ft-96 ft582 ft
Mossy Cascade Trail
3 miles-35 ft2,103 ft
Mount Adams Trail
1 mile1,645 ft
Mount Colden Trail
1 mile1,923 ft
Mount Jo
666 ft-7 ft41 ft
Mount Marcy Trail
4 miles-68 ft2,622 ft
Mount Redfield Trail
1 mile1,341 ft
Mount Van Hoevenberg Trail
3 miles-402 ft823 ft
North Trail to Giant Mountain
7 miles-332 ft3,687 ft
Northville-Placid Trail (Cold River) #9
12 miles-783 ft1,242 ft
Northville-Placid Trail (Moose Creek) #10
11 miles-1,168 ft837 ft
Nubble Summit
502 ft-5 ft4 ft
Nubble Trail
4,711 ft-632 ft222 ft
Nye Mountain Trail
994 ft-3 ft94 ft
Old Dix Trail
2 miles-46 ft915 ft
Orebed Brook Trail
2 miles528 ft
Orebed Brook Trail (Upper)
1 mile1,216 ft
Panther Brook Herd Path
1 mile-50 ft1,397 ft
Panther Peak
1,201 ft-155 ft
Phelps Mountain Trail
1 mile-2 ft1,317 ft
Phelps Trail
4 miles-49 ft1,817 ft
Phelps Trail (Grace Camp)
3 miles-56 ft835 ft
Phelps Trail (Upper)
3,058 ft694 ft
Pine Pond Trail
7 miles-829 ft344 ft
Pinnacle Ridge Trail
4 miles-2,125 ft247 ft
Pitchoff Mountain
4 miles-1,980 ft1,664 ft
Pond Loop
823 ft
Porter Ridge
5 miles-3,445 ft541 ft
Preston Ponds Trail
5 miles-409 ft729 ft
Rainbow Falls
531 ft37 ft
Ranney Trail
1 mile1,302 ft
Raquette Falls
4 miles-387 ft389 ft
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