segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Wompy Union Street initial climb Union Street3,474 ft91 ft3211168672
2Just The Hill Union Street1,892 ft99 ft30671545616
3Sprint Past the Bridge NW5 Connector1,106 ft23 ft150787698
4Sprint to the Bridge NW5 Connector753 ft12 ft1504868117
5Prospect Hill Downhill Pine Run1,515 ft113 ft1066546923
6Unnamed Rd Climb P-N32,169 ft396 ft1051506011
7Rush the Gate NW7 Boundary Line813 ft39 ft96143165
8down CR N16-N17828 ft41 ft958421610
9RACE PACE Bird Trail2,522 ft29 ft945437213
10N25 to N31 N25-N312,333 ft42 ft911436810
11PE1 PE1829 ft16 ft91056339
12S23 Bypass S23-S26786 ft13 ft90131634
13Actual PE1 PE11,170 ft34 ft86052382
14NS10 to NS3 NS3 - NS101,464 ft12 ft84645296
15Landmine B DH Trail1,870 ft30 ft73424149
16N2 To N11 N2-N111,530 ft12 ft713450912
17Crushed Rock Climb N16-N171,030 ft47 ft68828787
18PROPER WOMPY LAP 2013 S14 - S11 - S30 - S26 - S141 miles27 ft649417872
19S2 to Prospect Hill summit Pine Run1,734 ft119 ft55228693
20C5 to C10 C5-C101,185 ft53 ft47516313
21Going Up C3 - N6535 ft40 ft3917326
22Pleasant St. Path in Wompatuck South Pleasant Street2,373 ft19 ft39110775
23Dirty Dozen N31 - Doane Street1,090 ft14 ft38814015
24Chugga Chugga - North C8-N31 Connector2,350 ft10 ft37323971
25UP Prospect Hill Switchback Pine Run1,353 ft106 ft361153610
26N31 to N25 N25-N312,311 ft42 ft32713603
27Prospect Hill North S1-S41,639 ft117 ft29113928
28Prospect Hill North descent S1-S41,807 ft126 ft2888224
29N4 to N9 Finisher N4-N91,144 ft10 ft2725922
30Landmine A DH Trail1,602 ft28 ft2518688
31Wompy gate to gate to gate (hingham) Union Street4 miles109 ft2166710
32Loop de No Flow Loop de No Flow2,834 ft27 ft1866145
33NW9 to South Pleasant Street South Pleasant Street Connector1,641 ft55 ft1713815
34Forbibben Trail # 4 (The Cutover) Bancroft Trail - 3 to 4754 ft5 ft13213345
35Pit 2.0 Loop de No Flow1 miles45 ft982985
36#4 The Other Way ... Bancroft Trail - 3 to 4727 ft9 ft928685
37Bancroft Trail East Bancroft Trail - 1 to 21,846 ft30 ft621792
38Gravel Pit DH S12 Connector773 ft31 ft000
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