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Alberta Cup / AdrenalineHinton Nordic Centre
5.0 miles-1,048 ft
Alberta Cup DH / Froehler'sHinton Nordic Centre
2.1 miles-843 ft
Alberta Cup XCHinton Nordic Centre
1.1 miles-240 ft
Bad ReligionHinton
1,770 ft-102 ft
Beam Me UpHappy Creek
1,020 ft
Bighorn Ridge (5km sign at the plateau)Happy Creek
3.5 miles-1,623 ft
Bighorn TrailHappy Creek
1.7 miles-411 ft
BubbasHappy Creek
1.3 miles-188 ft
Business TimeHappy Creek
1,164 ft-6 ft
Charlie's Cycle ClimbJacks
1.0 miles-1 ft
Christine's Cutline CruiseJacks
3,668 ft-12 ft
Cleo'sHappy Creek
2,091 ft-143 ft
Cougar RidgeHappy Creek
1,642 ft-8 ft
Dan's Deadly DownhillJacks
3,804 ft-191 ft
Dirt JamHappy Creek
630 ft-17 ft
Drop ZoneHinton
481 ft-26 ft
Erin's Extreme EndingJacks
2,679 ft-191 ft
EZ.Happy Creek
2,177 ft-43 ft
Fast TraxHappy Creek
2,140 ft-114 ft
Flow MasterHinton
1,747 ft-109 ft
Fo' ShoreHappy Creek
782 ft-56 ft
Folding Mountain (Hike a Bike)Hinton
7.0 miles-3,537 ft
GasifierHappy Creek
4,660 ft-575 ft
Gate ConnectorBrule
1.1 miles-27 ft
GSHappy Creek
1,873 ft-131 ft
Gulley TrailHappy Creek
3,743 ft-237 ft
Halbert's DHHinton Nordic Centre
3,261 ft-321 ft
HalloweenHappy Creek
5,005 ft-52 ft
Halloween ConnectorHappy Creek
3,120 ft-20 ft
Happy CreekHappy Creek
3.6 miles-368 ft
Helen's Holy HillsJacks
2,073 ft-65 ft
Jack's Connector (Thompson Lake)Jacks
1.5 miles-165 ft
Jarvis Lake TrailHinton Nordic Centre
6.6 miles-513 ft
Jenny's Jungle JamJacks
1.0 miles-25 ft
Jodoin's JourneyHappy Creek
2,232 ft-7 ft
Just GiverHappy Creek
4,646 ft-265 ft
Mid AccessHappy Creek
654 ft-16 ft
Midway Pump TrackHappy Creek
318 ft-13 ft
Mini Bike ParkHappy Creek
850 ft-4 ft
MS Bike Tour Day 1 (Brule to Jarvis Trail)Brule
14.0 miles-1,075 ft
Okey SpokeyHappy Creek
618 ft-9 ft
Party ConnectorHappy Creek
1,035 ft-8 ft
Perimeter TrailHappy Creek
896 ft-31 ft
Phil's ThrillerHappy Creek
1.2 miles-180 ft
RangerHappy Creek
1.5 miles-181 ft
Rock BandHappy Creek
1,857 ft-132 ft
Sherry's Soaking SwampJacks
4,614 ft-209 ft
Skills AreaHappy Creek
614 ft-15 ft
Slope WarsHappy Creek
581 ft-52 ft
SlowcookerHappy Creek
1.3 miles-209 ft
2,985 ft-79 ft
The GripBrule
6.8 miles-1,097 ft
The JHappy Creek
4,160 ft-16 ft
The J (aka Just Get There)Happy Creek
3,444 ft-18 ft
Totally LostHappy Creek
2,275 ft-54 ft
Town TrailHinton
3.1 miles-221 ft
Town Trail (mid town)Hinton
4,328 ft-44 ft
VigilanteHappy Creek
1,683 ft-139 ft
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