segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Grassy Warm-up Prairie Loop (Lower)3,904 ft49 ft46317241
2Goldneck trail Twister1,564 ft38 ft41742615
3Watt Overload boB406 ft51 ft38726831
4Learning French is Gnarly Chicanery1,280 ft125 ft34922631
5Quarry Trail From Cul-Du-Sac to French Connection Quarry Trail3,956 ft60 ft26024745
6Still Hill in Reverse (WORS Racing) Still Hill2,548 ft74 ft24815790
7BOB boB2,682 ft144 ft23316284
8OB1 OB11,862 ft174 ft22112371
9Darkside OB12,778 ft167 ft21612131
10The Not So Dotta Cheater Route Praire Loop556 ft49 ft2149320
11Still Hill Still Hill2,523 ft71 ft1688194
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