Ants Bush
1.0 miles-142 ft
Balls to the Wall
5,092 ft-247 ft
Big Tree Climb
1,140 ft-1 ft
Black Pipe Run
4,157 ft-251 ft
Blue Balls
1.5 miles-183 ft
Blue Start to Road
1.4 miles-57 ft
Bush Shop Drop
5.4 miles-1,272 ft
Cathy's Cruise
3.4 miles-238 ft
Climb To Mini Mast
1.6 miles-52 ft
Crazy Curves
3,962 ft-268 ft
Dagsy's Dash
1,540 ft-23 ft
Damant"s Drop
1,365 ft-134 ft
Dolphin Mealie Climb
1,429 ft
Don't Touch The Brakes
3,071 ft-76 ft
Dudley's Drop
1,212 ft-57 ft
Final Climb Home
1.4 miles-10 ft
Goose Bumps
2,280 ft-176 ft
Green Trail
9.3 miles-568 ft
4,427 ft-25 ft
Gumtree Gamble
1.2 miles-121 ft
Howard's Bush
1.3 miles-423 ft
Lactate Biting Bitch
938 ft-1 ft
Lactate Biting Bitch to Black Pipe Run
1,486 ft-31 ft
Leg Breaker Climb
1.7 miles-78 ft
Leg Breaker to Wewe
1.2 miles-133 ft
Long Red Uphill
2,898 ft
Mamba Alley
4,203 ft-122 ft
Maroon Climb Out Of River
3,501 ft-48 ft
Maroon First Climb
1.1 miles-75 ft
Maroon Long Climb
1.9 miles-53 ft
New Sugar River Single Track
4,167 ft-76 ft
Nicks Drop
1,214 ft-58 ft
1.4 miles-234 ft
Nkwazi Junction
4,203 ft-122 ft
Orange River Run
1.1 miles-186 ft
Pink Contour Down
1.1 miles-343 ft
Pink Dam Climb
1,715 ft-2 ft
Purple Forest
1.0 miles-199 ft
Purple Powerline Plunge
2,222 ft-237 ft
Pythons Bush
2.0 miles-596 ft
Pythons To Orange River Run
2.3 miles-466 ft
R102 Climb
3,376 ft
Rainfarm Climb
3,143 ft-36 ft
Red Dam Pass
2.0 miles-106 ft
Road to Orange River Run
4,565 ft-153 ft
Road To Pythons
4,457 ft-79 ft
Russ's Roller Coaster
1,837 ft-187 ft
Sandy's Swearing
1.6 miles-82 ft
Silver Loop
3.2 miles-203 ft
Sugar Rush Drag
1.1 miles-48 ft
Sugar Rush Up
3,973 ft-38 ft
Sugar Snap
2,780 ft-5 ft
The Golden "Shortcut"
1.6 miles-196 ft
The Mast
2,470 ft
Tortoise Hill
3,583 ft-9 ft
1,717 ft-122 ft
Ty's Turns
2,518 ft-45 ft
Up and Out
4,018 ft-1 ft
2,152 ft-2 ft
3.2 miles-633 ft
Work For Gold
2,033 ft-5 ft
Yellow Flow
4.5 miles-711 ft
Zone to Top
1.3 miles-14 ft
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