segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Exit Wound. Fire Road1,863 ft36 ft69638970
2Mick Miles Race S>N Fire Road5,093 ft51 ft62327748
3Roosthole Up Fire Road2,968 ft127 ft61524995
4Roosthole Descent Fire Road2,921 ft112 ft49918516
5Climb to Micks Mile Fire Road3,523 ft109 ft49020900
6Duck Dog Sprint Fire Road3,095 ft46 ft45414102
7tooth St Leonard’s Singletrack390 ft15 ft40421143
8St Leonards Singletrack St Leonard’s Singletrack2,239 ft48 ft395224411
9Worms Belly St Leonard’s Singletrack701 ft19 ft38720482
10The Iron Hand of Mars St Leonard’s Singletrack1,158 ft25 ft37522024
11Heath Pull Fire Road2,068 ft94 ft35525461
12Plop Slog Fire Road2,117 ft108 ft35513862
13Track to Pit St Leonard’s Singletrack622 ft17 ft34318866
14Supersonic River Run1,370 ft130 ft3239614
15Combe Bottom Out Fire Road1,910 ft123 ft3178584
16Roosthole Rush Golf Course3,077 ft93 ft308126813
17Combe Bottom Wood Up Fire Road1,922 ft113 ft2118762
18up to the top Fire Road1,774 ft73 ft2036872
19Elsa Tight Squeeze1,785 ft62 ft19213895
20Da Daizy trail Swooping Descent880 ft93 ft186109616
21Gary Fire Road1,659 ft66 ft1686163
22Dora & Elsa Tight Squeeze3,840 ft81 ft1599705
23W.O.F.T Fire Road1,799 ft45 ft1484352
24Slop & Plop River Run2,326 ft43 ft1464401
25Freddie King Swooping Descent356 ft27 ft1216083
26Climb from Combe Bottom Fire Road1,022 ft95 ft1143950
27Speedy Grass Descent Fire Road861 ft98 ft1062231
28Tigger Jump Trail738 ft61 ft961746
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