segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1State Park Road 40 Chinquapin Trail2,475 ft48 ft116752986
2HSP little descent with turns Chinquapin Trail1,366 ft41 ft105941999
3Climb1 Chinquapin Trail1,571 ft52 ft101548265
4State Park Road 40 Chinquapin Trail1 mile53 ft100047085
5HSP CLIMBS Chinquapin Trail1 mile82 ft95845067
6Prairie Branch Climb Chinquapin Trail3,642 ft92 ft85224182
7the "hill" at HSP CCC Trail3,834 ft93 ft849425610
8Final crowded uphill Chinquapin Trail1,660 ft38 ft84837813
9Little Chinquapin Creek Climb Chinquapin Trail3,700 ft72 ft73621302
10HSP Just Shoot Me Hill CCC Trail844 ft52 ft71832084
11Hooser Daddy CCC Trail Cutoff3,240 ft65 ft57215422
12Chinquapin 1 Chinquapin Trail7 miles114 ft2836201
13Chinquapin Trail - Clockwise Chinquapin Trail7 miles148 ft2818720
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