segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Jem-Goosebumps to Sheep Bridge DH Jem3,260 ft104 ft4856138754
2FH25 SB Jem434 ft82 ft4829137626
3JEM DH (Middle Section) Jem2 miles148 ft4808134401
4Freaky Fast Jem2 miles294 ft4017112133
5Lower Gem Jem5,016 ft172 ft396978475
6Highway 59 Climb Gooseberry Point1,046 ft324 ft365749061
7Rim Turnoff to JEM out Jem2 miles180 ft359262622
8Utah 59 Climb Gooseberry Point1,661 ft283 ft355748152
9South point road to secret South Rim3,448 ft83 ft351048753
10Viewpoint Return Gooseberry Point2,154 ft54 ft344046431
11Gooseberry South Rim : Parking Lot to White Road Kiss South Rim1 mile67 ft333746603
12Hurricane Rim Middle DH Hurricane Rim3,558 ft209 ft326449661
13The Penis Hidden Canyon4,872 ft77 ft297445680
14South Rim South Rim3 miles163 ft295939897
15Sheep Bridge Jem1 mile134 ft274644562
16Hurricane Rim Climb Hurricane Rim2 miles305 ft265139466
17Trail Head to Practice Loop White Trail1,473 ft22 ft261737911
18Charge to the Wall Prospector Trail (Church Rocks to Cottonwood)5,155 ft44 ft256868613
19Jem trail to outhouse on the rim Hurricane Rim1 mile153 ft232236901
20White Rim Out Parking to Parking Gooseberry Mesa South1 mile65 ft228728603
21Practice W to East Practice2,546 ft49 ft227328961
22Goulds access climb to view Gould DOUBLE track1 mile469 ft226936730
23Last Climb Out Hurricane Rim3,710 ft212 ft217833753
24hurkin rim rock gnar dh Hurricane Rim4,546 ft287 ft215733440
25final descent to gate Hurricane Rim1 mile327 ft214833331
26The Penis Hidden Canyon4,650 ft77 ft209931024
27goosebumps to messa Dead Ringer1 mile179 ft208235006
28Gould's around mesa Gould1 mile160 ft208036773
29Hidden Canyon Hidden Canyon2 miles118 ft207830695
30big ring king pin Gould2 miles195 ft205635933
31Unnamed Road Climb Jem1,438 ft398 ft200230651
32North Rim North Rim1 mile97 ft198624993
33Hurricane Rim (from bathrooms) Hurricane Rim5 miles353 ft196530091
34North Loop connector West Loop1,870 ft31 ft189730692
35Gooseberry - South Rim (Cattle Guard Lot to Overlook) South Rim5 miles306 ft187423416
36Finish line service road sprint Jem Acc1,798 ft66 ft176898004
37Hidden Race Home White Trail2 miles110 ft175621271
38North Rim- East to West North Rim2 miles104 ft173622192
39Prospector Dash Prospector Trail (Church Rocks to Cottonwood)1 mile60 ft171540650
40Prospector Sandman Prospector Trail (Church Rocks to Cottonwood)1 mile47 ft171340430
41Short sprint climb Prospector Trail (Church Rocks to Cottonwood)302 ft16 ft168139534
42North Rim- West to East North Rim2 miles119 ft166120511
43Cliff to Prospector Fork XC Prospector Trail (Church Rocks to Cottonwood)2 miles94 ft164538895
44Gould's Road Access Climb Gould DOUBLE track1 mile561 ft163926953
45west rim West Loop2 miles266 ft162124243
46Hurricane Rim - JEM to Hwy 59 Hurricane Rim7 miles311 ft158123031
47Prospector to Church Rocks Prospector Trail (Church Rocks to Cottonwood)3 miles148 ft157935648
48Practice Loop towards parking lot Practice1 mile76 ft156218701
49Yellow Up Yellow2,503 ft35 ft151619721
50Dinker Donker DH Church Rocks1,248 ft44 ft150340183
51Church Rocks Tech Climb Church Rocks1,638 ft89 ft149730130
52Dead Ringer Climb (2nd half) Dead Ringer2 miles234 ft145721471
53Last Climb (Church Rocks) Church Rocks882 ft26 ft137736163
54Church Rocks Descent Church Rocks2,374 ft126 ft132635404
55Frog Hollow Rough and Rocky Hurricane Rim4,812 ft122 ft125552383
56Windmill - Bowls to Gander Windmill1 mile138 ft123816434
57Yellow Yellow2,993 ft39 ft123515341
58DR One Mile Grind Dead Ringer5,226 ft160 ft119118020
59Ridiculousness Wire Mesa2,716 ft94 ft116115957
60crypto bathroom south Cryptobionic2 miles115 ft115617293
61Frog Hollo Crypto First Section Cryptobionic3,588 ft70 ft114925330
62Frog Hollow Crypto 1st section Cryptobionic3,411 ft67 ft114925283
63Gollum's Evil Wall Virgin River1 mile64 ft109955388
64FNS messa to goosebumps Dead Ringer1 mile179 ft107217573
65To the Bowls Bowls And Ledges3,450 ft34 ft106212792
66Passing the cars! Gooseberry Mesa North4,548 ft50 ft105113210
67Northern Wire Climb Wire Mesa1 mile101 ft104814792
68Quick Hit!!! Gooseberry Mesa North609 ft51 ft102512720
69Dead Ringer Jumps & Drops Dead Ringer4,762 ft125 ft102516770
70Bowls & Ledges- East to West Bowls And Ledges1 mile66 ft101712260
71Church Rocks Climb Clockwise Church Rocks5,085 ft159 ft99221302
72Wire Mesa CCW Wire Mesa8 miles223 ft971124113
73CR Climb CCW Church Rocks2,567 ft115 ft96818120
74Frog Hollow Crypto 2nd section Cryptobionic5,036 ft33 ft95523502
75Little Creek west loop West Loop4 miles114 ft95013811
76North Cryptobionic2 miles106 ft91012143
77Wire Mesa CW Wire Mesa7 miles206 ft860112714
78church rocks to brackens Brackens connector1,423 ft74 ft81819062
79Utah 59 Climb Hurricane Rim1 mile306 ft7489541
80crypto goose to road Cryptobionic1 mile162 ft68010000
81Grafton Mesa Drop In Grafton Mesa3,594 ft682 ft67710961
82Practice- East to West Practice1 mile67 ft6577660
83The Climb Grape 2 Prospector Y Grapevine4,300 ft178 ft65520691
84Magic Carpet Ride DH Magic Carpet1 mile73 ft6558851
85Hidden Canyon southbound Hidden Canyon2 miles108 ft6448040
86The Twisty Stuff clockwise Gould2 miles237 ft63510122
87Magic Carpet Ride Magic Carpet1 mile54 ft6358861
88dirty sanchez Dead Ringer1 mile222 ft6358572
89Prospector No. at Y to small climb Prospector2 miles219 ft60711121
90Water Tower DH Church Rocks828 ft113 ft60211162
91N Prospector Red Cliffs to Y Prospector3 miles258 ft58310290
92North Point Loop North Loop4 miles147 ft5818121
93Tunnel Climb Church Rocks940 ft135 ft5169072
94Prospector to Grapevine TH Grapevine4,418 ft180 ft5019850
95N Prospector to Red Cliff Rd Prospector3 miles251 ft4988470
96Turn and Flow Rhythm Blues (L)2,761 ft26 ft4959060
97Prospector Climb Prospector3 miles256 ft4768004
98downhill into HELL!!! Cottonwood Wash4,702 ft204 ft4719600
99Dino from Grapevine to wash Dino Cliffs1 mile155 ft46413483
100Dino chunky DH Dino Cliffs3,217 ft159 ft44513232
101Finish with Rhythm Rhythm Blues1,459 ft53 ft4437160
102Water tower climb Coral Canyon1,148 ft98 ft4207363
103Goosebumps - Crypto to JEM Access Road Goosebumps2 miles115 ft4175590
104Topside Roller coaster Rhythm Blues3,150 ft56 ft4046020
105Blues DH Rhythm Blues986 ft59 ft4046000
106Cottonwood Wash Virgin River1,025 ft125 ft4028175
107Grafton Rocky to Flow Grafton Mesa1,554 ft307 ft3946421
108Super Bling Cowboy Brackens connector1,306 ft78 ft39312971
109steep stuff Grafton Mesa3,338 ft602 ft3886312
110Grafton Full Throttle Flow Grafton Mesa1,925 ft317 ft3886320
111Church Rocks (counter clockwise) Church Rocks2 miles170 ft3867321
112Grafton Waterfall Drop-In Grafton Mesa1 mile728 ft3816116
113MMEE #2 Stage 8 Grafton Mesa5,165 ft705 ft3725980
114Piss on Kris Church Rocks1,334 ft73 ft3425930
115Mega Mesa Endurance Enduro 5 Show Me the Money1 mile195 ft3384603
116rim trail Gander5 miles223 ft3334403
117gander rim job Gander8 miles363 ft3284384
118goosebumps frog to crypto Goosebumps2 miles124 ft3215340
119Goosebumps Jem to frog up Goosebumps4 miles117 ft3114090
120Hurricane Hill Descent Gould DOUBLE track1 mile550 ft3094570
121Gould's Rim South to North Goulds Rim3 miles136 ft3074321
122MMEE #2 Stage 5 More Money1,554 ft37 ft3033701
123High Speed Dirt Little Creek Mesa Road1,598 ft72 ft3003790
124Singletrack Rd. After Goosebumps DH Jem3,661 ft125 ft2933710
125Gander - Windmill to Grafton Gander8 miles366 ft2883780
126Church Rocks Clockwise from Wash Church Rocks2 miles190 ft2663971
127Goosebumps to JEM Goosebumps4 miles119 ft2604163
128Coral Canyon Roller Coaster (South) Coral Canyon3,450 ft28 ft2554501
129Quail Creek Switchies Cub Scout Upper2 miles218 ft2543603
130Canyon run down hill Boy Scout Lower576 ft88 ft2483610
131Dino from Grape Dino Cliffs2 miles202 ft2423290
132I ain't afraid of no Goat...trail Boy Scout Lower1,632 ft72 ft2383390
133More turns return Cub Scout Lower1 mile106 ft2363260
134Unnamed Rd Climb Grafton Wash4,440 ft348 ft2252622
135North Point to Hub (counter) North Loop2 miles216 ft2252581
136You had me at switchbacks Cub Scout Upper2,619 ft91 ft2022650
137Sandy Cheeks Dino Cliffs541 ft88 ft1682470
138Sandy Wash 2D Dino Cliffs2,520 ft106 ft1642400
139Dino to Grape Dino Cliffs2 miles207 ft1592270
140This ain't NASCAR Boy Scout1,962 ft89 ft1581960
141Church Rocks CCW loop from Tunnel Trail Intersect Church Rocks2 miles156 ft1542190
142BSL Boy Scout3,227 ft92 ft1531900
143PROC to High Grade High Grade1,982 ft38 ft1382050
144Secret Trail Secret Trail6 miles211 ft1361743
145Jem Trail -out and back Jem12 miles735 ft1331632
146High Grade to PROC High Grade2,005 ft41 ft1301730
147Cub Scout DH Cub Scout Upper4,033 ft205 ft1261520
148Adventure Scout Adventure Scout4,665 ft140 ft1261760
149Gander - Westbound Gander7 miles372 ft1221810
150Upper Mesa West Loop7 miles320 ft1161343
151und2 Undisclosed2 miles192 ft931482
152True Randonneur style. Virgin River2 miles190 ft901472
153Lower Cub Cub Scout Lower1 mile103 ft89960
154Wired Out&back CCW Wire Mesa15 miles216 ft85962
155HBG Grafton Mesa3,639 ft681 ft56641
156MMEE #2 Stage 6 Pigs in Space1,943 ft74 ft54691
157Goulds Rim (1st section) Goulds Rim3 miles129 ft000
158Hidden Canyon - Gooseberry Hidden Canyon2 miles106 ft000
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