segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1The Graveyard Shift North Idaho Centennial Trail1,248 ft2 ft6196304627Coeur d'Alene
2Red Cliffs (down) Red Cliffs1 mile411 ft4385462325Boise
3#20A Bucktail Trail (Down) Bucktail1 mile181 ft43744531716Boise
4Lower Hulls Gulch from Jump Trail to Red Cliffs Lower Hulls Gulch3,366 ft161 ft4052321220Boise
5Connector Military Reserve Connection2,933 ft246 ft3942381065Boise
6Hull's Big Rock to Y at Bottom Lower Hulls Gulch1 mile426 ft3896291366Boise
7Crestline Steep Hill Sprint Crestline483 ft56 ft37904790414Boise
8DH #1 on Corrals Corrals Trail2,911 ft329 ft36412991919Boise
9Kestrel to the fork (up) Kestrel2,237 ft170 ft3638429028Boise
10DH #2 Corrals Corrals Trail2,183 ft212 ft36113008916Boise
11Crestline #26 (Between Kestrel & Sidewinder) Crestline1 mile203 ft3551402055Boise
12Top of Corral's Corrals Trail1 mile571 ft34792627016Boise
13Crestline #26 (Between Red Cliffs & Sidewinder) Crestline2,458 ft76 ft3304384783Boise
14Ughhh! Corrals Trail1,078 ft134 ft32702563529Boise
15Sidewinder 2nd Steep Hill Section (Up) Sidewinder553 ft80 ft3181401200Boise
16Sidewinder Trail (up) Sidewinder1 mile466 ft31513970741Boise
17MULLAN SPRINT North Idaho Centennial Trail4,034 ft17 ft31341700119Coeur d'Alene
18"True Sidewinder" - Crestline to Trail 4 Sidewinder1 mile460 ft31243905123Boise
19Buck's (Down) Bucktail1 mile170 ft30272977122Boise
20Chickadone Red Fox495 ft18 ft2915354912Boise
21Red cliffs steep downhill Red Cliffs603 ft71 ft2883285206Boise
22Upper Red Cliffs down Red Cliffs3,123 ft204 ft2878284476Boise
23Corrals from Highlands Corrals Trail3 miles709 ft28121997313Boise
24Upper Shane's down Three Bears2,524 ft245 ft2811241996Boise
25Lower Red Cliffs down Red Cliffs3,453 ft215 ft2809269796Boise
26Shane's 1st Climb CCW Shane's1,146 ft121 ft28052303311Boise
27#39 Red Cliffs Trail (Down) Red Cliffs1 mile427 ft28032696718Boise
28Upper Central Ridge to Shanes Central Ridge4,177 ft132 ft2793224524Boise
29Crestline Sidewinder to Trail 4 Crestline4,281 ft52 ft2779213013Boise
30Shanes CCW from 3-way to 3-way Shane's5,135 ft148 ft2766227424Boise
31Red Cliffs (up 2 Y) Red Cliffs1 mile419 ft2762226424Boise
32Chickadee Push to Top Inbound Chickadee Ridge Loop570 ft20 ft2712315807Boise
33Sidewinder / Fat Tire connector trail 8th Street MX Trail706 ft74 ft2702276874Boise
34#22A Central Ridge Spur North (Down) Central Ridge Spur - North1,774 ft44 ft2691228785Boise
35Fat Tire Traverse (east) Fat Tire Traverse1 mile176 ft26732746924Boise
36Fat to Freestone Up Fat Tire Traverse1,246 ft41 ft2658273992Boise
37Freestone Powerlines to 3 Bears Freestone Ridge3,434 ft271 ft2599238114Boise
38Hull's Top to Big Rock Lower Hulls Gulch2,244 ft161 ft2597183814Boise
39Freestone #5 (down) Freestone Ridge2 miles709 ft25832371311Boise
40Freestone Ridge (down) Freestone Ridge2 miles775 ft25752367537Boise
41Yo Momma (down) Freestone Ridge2,026 ft273 ft25752414911Boise
42Corrals Single Track Detour Corrals Trail1,221 ft14 ft2556209918Boise
43River Beach to Glenwood (don't hit the dog) Boise River Greenbelt4,074 ft10 ft2507107417Boise
44Red Cliffs Quick Down Red Cliffs912 ft48 ft2489213743Boise
45Lower Hull's Gulch Down Lower Hulls Gulch2 miles640 ft2481170518Boise
46Ridge Crest mini Ridge Crest1,368 ft109 ft2474163985Boise
47Fisher Creek DH #3 Williams Creek1 mile324 ft247239494Stanley
48#23 Military Reserve Connection (Up) Military Reserve Connection2,910 ft244 ft24552145317Boise
49Central Ridge to Cottonwood Central Ridge3,880 ft122 ft2415192956Boise
50Final DH, accurate start Williams Creek5 miles1,284 ft239238021Stanley
51Shane's CCW Last Climb Shane's2,105 ft187 ft2335134199Boise
52Shane's CCW doubletrack to junction Shane's1,224 ft83 ft2333134151Boise
53Kestrel down (hill section) Kestrel1,768 ft147 ft2280139424Boise
54Shane's Trail (CCW) Shane's1 mile301 ft22681251215Boise
55Military Reserve Connection (down) Military Reserve Connection3,128 ft264 ft22101699612Boise
56Lower Junction To Road (Down) Owl's Roost3,233 ft121 ft2188123443Boise
57ATM from Shafer Butte Rd to Boise Ridge Rd Around the Mountain2,785 ft73 ft217380675Boise
58Fox Creek Fox Creek Loop4,037 ft377 ft2156577711Ketchum
59Cottonwood (UP) Ridge Crest3,287 ft271 ft21541391717Boise
60Deer Point to ATM Deer Point4,753 ft271 ft2145782111Boise
61#24 Sidewinder (Down) Sidewinder1 mile469 ft21411701311Boise
62Three Bears from Freestone to Shanes Three Bears - Lower4,393 ft132 ft2139174931Boise
63Lake Creek to Fox Fox Creek Loop2 miles164 ft213053750Ketchum
643 Bears (Trail 5 to gate) Down Three Bears - Lower3,020 ft220 ft2126106973Boise
65M-F'er Fox Creek Loop534 ft81 ft209054369Ketchum
66Fox DH Fox Creek Loop4,152 ft426 ft208753695Ketchum
67Bucktail Trail (up) Bucktail1 mile184 ft20731259712Boise
68Rock section on 3 Bears DH Three Bears537 ft75 ft20711299110Boise
69Mountain Cove Road Trail Down Mountain Cove3,645 ft106 ft2068121132Boise
70The Sweet, Bermy DH on ATM Around the Mountain1 mile344 ft2053681312Boise
71#20 RidgeCrest climb to Central Ridge Ridge Crest738 ft71 ft2033128343Boise
72Central Ridge Water bar DH Central Ridge1,073 ft119 ft2009108246Boise
73The Fun is Done - climb to Morningstar Around the Mountain3,286 ft221 ft200260863Boise
74Shane's Climb (short version) Three Bears2,769 ft264 ft1997128946Boise
75Shane's 1st CW downhill Shane's2,080 ft190 ft1997129075Boise
76The Fun Ain't Done Yet! Around the Mountain4,647 ft165 ft198059389Boise
77Shane's 2nd CW downhill Shane's1,146 ft123 ft1968118372Boise
78Around the Mountain (backside traverse) Around the Mountain3 miles415 ft195758344Boise
79Three Bears DH - Top Half Three Bears2,492 ft198 ft1951124758Boise
803 Bears Down Three Bears2 miles637 ft19491248723Boise
81Red Cliffs Final Push to the Top Red Cliffs391 ft37 ft1939152248Boise
82Lower Ridge Crest final push Ridge Crest1,294 ft104 ft1927103073Boise
83Bogus Basin Rd Climb Hard Guy4,761 ft415 ft191977684Boise
84Lower Red Cliffs Trail (bottom to Kestrel return) Red Cliffs2,024 ft112 ft1898151695Boise
85Upper Morning Star Student Rider1 mile284 ft187666282Boise
86Upper Pole Cat Climb Polecat Loop2,232 ft160 ft184078567Boise
87Grumpy Polecat Down Polecat Loop2,325 ft166 ft183775392Boise
88Pole Cat Loop (CCW) Polecat Loop4,740 ft333 ft183571656Boise
89Upper Bob's Trail Bob's Trail4,105 ft291 ft1821105504Boise
90Bob's Tech Section (If you think it's hazardous then don't ride it!) Bob's Trail488 ft64 ft1818105636Boise
91Morning Star (Down) Student Rider2 miles423 ft1810643419Boise
92#27A Toll Road Trail (Up) Toll Road Trail3,339 ft89 ft1804101004Boise
93Polecat Short SouthEast Climb (CCW) Polecat Loop2,336 ft171 ft179878441Boise
94Shane's Trail CW (down) Shane's1 mile338 ft1782102453Boise
95Hard Guy (up) Hard Guy5 miles2,013 ft1769664150Boise
96Cotton Wood Down Ridge Crest3,102 ft250 ft1767100092Boise
97Red Cliffs Up (2nd Half) Red Cliffs3,826 ft247 ft1754132131Boise
98Nats Bike Path only Wood River Bike Path2 miles50 ft172567244Ketchum
99Nat For Dev Road 374 Climb Watchmen Trail2,656 ft312 ft169195481Boise
100Bob's DH Part II Bob's Trail2,021 ft118 ft169090563Boise
101Gut Check Watchmen Trail2,387 ft289 ft1688951410Boise
1021st Watchman Climb up from 5 Mile Watchmen Trail2,312 ft289 ft168795292Boise
103National Forest Development Road 374 Climb Hard Guy3,270 ft289 ft168263403Boise
104Dry Creek Fast DH Dry Creek4,105 ft561 ft167246979Boise
105Watchman (west) Watchmen Trail3 miles428 ft167094208Boise
106watchman Watchmen Trail3 miles387 ft165793201Boise
107Red Cliffs (up) Red Cliffs1 mile421 ft16331245322Boise
108Williams Creek Williams Creek2,236 ft142 ft162424890Stanley
109Bob's Trail (down) Bob's Trail2 miles490 ft1621818215Boise
110Red Fox Trail (up) Red Fox1 mile175 ft1613105852Boise
111Fisher Creek DH #2 Williams Creek3 miles1,150 ft160524435Stanley
112DH3 Williams Creek1 mile326 ft158724291Stanley
113Final DH Williams Creek5 miles1,379 ft156923781Stanley
114Red Fox down Red Fox4,962 ft159 ft156782121Boise
115Lower Three Bears (down) Three Bears - Lower1 mile349 ft154636161Boise
116Wimpie Watchman Watchmen Trail2 miles144 ft1545767510Boise
117Motorcycle Club Grunt Polecat Loop1,113 ft118 ft154167333Boise
118Upper Hulls (Rock to Top) Lower Hulls Gulch2,215 ft159 ft1541107800Boise
119Technical Hull's Lower Hulls Gulch1 mile402 ft1530107345Boise
120Hard Guy (down) Hard Guy5 miles2,014 ft1513557010Boise
121Fisher Crk DH 1 Pigtail1 mile529 ft150422333Stanley
122Highlands DH to Creek Bottom Highlands1,143 ft125 ft150494370Boise
123Highlands Up (Part 2) Highlands4,329 ft278 ft149093185Boise
124Chickadee Ridge (up) Chickadee Ridge Loop3,199 ft130 ft1488111672Boise
125Highland to Urban Connection Highlands3,420 ft213 ft148293395Boise
126!hhhgU Corrals Trail967 ft125 ft147850332Boise
127Almost to the top Fisher Creek3,379 ft380 ft147321811Stanley
128WSDH Traverse to Lower WS Warm Springs2 miles688 ft146627753Ketchum
129Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit3,434 ft400 ft1464447124Ketchum
130Brrraaaapp! Hard Guy3,582 ft367 ft146354071Boise
131Little America Climb Warm Springs3,866 ft128 ft145827572Ketchum
132Warm Springs DH Climb Warm Springs1 mile279 ft145727512Ketchum
133Junk Yard - Who's King of corners Junkyard Trail1,583 ft61 ft14571467212Eagle
134Junk Yard Tree Berm DH Junkyard Trail619 ft26 ft1457147131Eagle
135Partial Junk Yard Junkyard Trail383 ft26 ft1451283014Eagle
136Top Lower Hulls (up) Lower Hulls Gulch2 miles645 ft1433972713Boise
137Highlands Up Highlands2 miles382 ft1432887526Boise
138Upper Warm Springs Descent Warm Springs5 miles1,372 ft142826904Ketchum
139#33 Hard Guy - Second Half Hard Guy2 miles867 ft140162662Boise
140#27A Toll Road Trail (Down) Toll Road Trail3,267 ft86 ft138255980Boise
141Junk Yard Up Junkyard Trail2,337 ft126 ft1354130115Eagle
142Trail 4, SideWinder to CrestLine (down) 8th Street MX Trail2,889 ft373 ft135452094Boise
143#42 Fat Tire Traverse (Down) Fat Tire Traverse1 mile172 ft135069992Boise
144Fisher Creek Third Climb Williams Creek1,856 ft116 ft134619691Stanley
145Fisher Creek Second Climb Williams Creek2 miles424 ft134219370Stanley
146Eastside from Pat's to the Bottom Eastside2 miles484 ft133144422Boise
147Fisher Creek - from SR75 Fisher Creek6 miles1,235 ft130919120Stanley
148Eastside single track dowm Eastside4 miles921 ft130441791Boise
149ChocFox gut Fox Creek Loop4,014 ft135 ft130334781Ketchum
150Fisher Creek Road Climb CClockwise Fisher Creek7 miles1,311 ft129118842Stanley
151Vandelay Down (2nd half) Vandelay3,022 ft182 ft128434315McCall
152Lower Warm Springs DH Warm Springs3 miles1,030 ft127029618Ketchum
153Sinker Cr.(Eastside) to Stack Rock tr. Eastside1 mile341 ft124938495Boise
154Ughhh! Forbidden Fruit1,938 ft175 ft124032014Ketchum
155Spring Valley Creek Trail to gate Spring Valley Creek2 miles490 ft123649376Eagle
156The HB climb Highlands1,118 ft124 ft122744002Boise
157#1 Highlands (DH 1/2) Highlands4,458 ft278 ft121543281Boise
158LiL Steep Climb River Run Trail340 ft36 ft121447311Ketchum
159Highlands DH - Urban Connection to Hearthstone Highlands3,233 ft220 ft121243712Boise
160#33 Hard Guy Trail Climb Hard Guy3,860 ft465 ft120843083Boise
161Scotts (down) Scott's Trail1 mile569 ft117949688Boise
162Shady Side DH Shady Side Trail1 mile207 ft1172346310Ketchum
163PoleCat DH Polecat Loop4,334 ft341 ft117140921Boise
164Down Highlands Highlands2 miles383 ft116640308Boise
165Eagle Ridge short DH to ridgecrest Eagle Ridge1,213 ft77 ft116154381Boise
166Rolling Rock Rolling Rock2,490 ft126 ft114850665McCall
167Jug 2016 stage 2 Vandelay1 mile426 ft113929060McCall
168Jug Enduro 2014 Stage 1 Vandelay1 mile397 ft113829093McCall
169Vandelay (down) Vandelay2 miles428 ft112828866McCall
170Isn't there a left coming up? Polecat Loop1,158 ft119 ft112738182Boise
171Three Bears Up 1st Short Climb Three Bears547 ft92 ft109728790Boise
172Eastside Trail (down) Eastside6 miles1,167 ft109630667Boise
173Climb Out of Daniels Cr Peggy's1 mile472 ft109130287Boise
174The last part of Spring Creek: (not worth riding) but bonus kudos for air time Spring Creek1 mile420 ft106719325Ketchum
175All dh from here Spring Creek1 mile165 ft106418200Ketchum
176Peggy's Gate to Dry Creek DH Peggy's1 mile452 ft106332392Boise
177Flute Down Polecat Loop2,572 ft151 ft105737931Boise
178Warm Springs Hill Wood River Bike Path2,261 ft47 ft104937005Ketchum
179Boo-Yah DH Peggy's2 miles350 ft104829432Boise
180WS DH Top Section to SR Broadway2 miles446 ft103922716Ketchum
181Lower dry creek to HG connector Dry Creek4 miles1,035 ft103928310Boise
182Pro XC DH River Run Trail2 miles532 ft103828974Ketchum
183Three Bears Connecter Three Bears4,578 ft395 ft103341697Boise
184Trail 4 to Sidwinder 8th Street MX Trail3,075 ft387 ft102834316Boise
185heidelberg up from shady Heidlberg Hill843 ft96 ft102639490Ketchum
186Corner King Polecat Loop2,957 ft118 ft102538900Boise
187SR Switchback to Cold Spring Cut off Broadway3,143 ft218 ft101516532Ketchum
188Polecat return from Quick Draw to Lot Polecat Loop2 miles159 ft101538342Boise
189Shady Side Shady Side Trail1 mile158 ft101429733Ketchum
190dh from HH to AG Heidlberg Hill824 ft99 ft101043303Ketchum
191lower singletrack to finish River Run Trail2 miles524 ft100928412Ketchum
192Daniels creek return Peggy's4 miles454 ft100426962Boise
193Broadway to the Notch Broadway2 miles397 ft99821451Ketchum
194Red Tail up to Lookout Red Tail Trail1,804 ft161 ft99343181Boise
195Heidelberg dh to edited trail section Heidlberg Hill2,823 ft227 ft97239610Ketchum
196Heidelberg DH (top to the sign at the bottom) Heidlberg Hill3,531 ft286 ft96839555Ketchum
197Scott's Trail Scott's Trail1 mile636 ft967304413Boise
198Heildelberg (from the bottom, not Warm Springs Road) Heidlberg Hill3,638 ft285 ft923417910Ketchum
199Riding Christmas Chairlift Christmas Lift3,610 ft1,245 ft92328811Ketchum
200Gardiner Peak Trail#155 (Mahalo to Boise Ridge Road) Mahalo3,224 ft146 ft90424510Boise
201Mahalo Trail#210 (correct start/finish, descent) Mahalo3 miles512 ft89524211Boise
202Mahalo single track start to first gate Mahalo2 miles533 ft89324502Boise
203Jug Mountain XC Double Shot Downhill Double Shot2,921 ft232 ft88842478McCall
204Mahalo. True start and finish, not road Mahalo3 miles531 ft88423614Boise
205Baldy Flow Trail Saddle Up3 miles1,225 ft87819552Ketchum
206Mahalo (down) Mahalo4 miles666 ft86722799Boise
207Pump up the Vol Weekend At Bermy's408 ft6 ft864115430Eagle
208TO THE PARKING LOT!!_AM Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch4,320 ft142 ft83816340Hailey
209AG dh Lane's Trail4,179 ft153 ft83120752Ketchum
210Chocolate Gulch Climb Chocolate Gulch1 mile488 ft83016692Hailey
211Double shot to road cutoff Double Shot3,240 ft321 ft82839303McCall
212Dry Creek - Sheep's Camp Bridge to Shingle Creek Dry Creek5,057 ft205 ft82422740Boise
213National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Cold Springs4,374 ft349 ft82317031Ketchum
214National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Cold Springs1 mile508 ft82116931Ketchum
215Deer Point from ATM Down Deer Point5,093 ft302 ft82120882Boise
216Top Cold Springs Cold Springs2 miles748 ft82017053Ketchum
217Brewers to Shindig Brewer's Byway1 mile154 ft81523501Boise
218The Landing > XC Trail First Half (down) Harpers Hollow3,668 ft165 ft81321771McCall
219National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Cold Springs4,101 ft308 ft81216390Ketchum
220Middle Cold Springs Cold Springs2 miles782 ft80416252Ketchum
221Lower Cold Springs Cold Springs2 miles918 ft80316196Ketchum
222lower three bears up Three Bears - Lower3,116 ft203 ft80133367Boise
223Deer Point to ATM Down Deer Point1 mile390 ft80022503Boise
224National Forest Develop Road 100 Climb Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch1 mile369 ft79514681Hailey
225Cold Springs Gate to Deck Overlook Cold Springs4 miles1,400 ft79315832Ketchum
226new bench track to first bridge Bench1,813 ft96 ft792672510Pocatello
227Soilers Weekend At Bermy's1,023 ft70 ft79032422Eagle
228Lower Corral Creek Corral Creek Trail1 mile115 ft78718441Ketchum
229Spring Creek Up Spring Valley Creek2 miles486 ft78337855Eagle
230Chocolate DH (improved) Chocolate Gulch5,194 ft534 ft78315122Hailey
231Upper Stormin Mormin Stormin Mormon2,323 ft127 ft77349615Eagle
23216B - Down Lower Rock Island Rock Island (West-Lower)1,703 ft170 ft77237470Boise
233Unnamed Rd Climb Bovine Nirvana3,905 ft264 ft76715610Eagle
234The REAL Forbidden Fruit (Corrected)_AM Forbidden Fruit2,681 ft387 ft76516820Ketchum
235Feeling Lucky Weekend At Bermy's725 ft76 ft76449536Eagle
236Stormin Mormon Stormin Mormon3,750 ft240 ft758460218Eagle
237Brewers (south) Brewer's Byway1 mile139 ft75121393Boise
238Sunnyside dh Lane's Trail3,709 ft175 ft74518463Ketchum
239Spinderella South Valley Connector South Valley Connector2,472 ft69 ft70740658Pocatello
240Corral Creek mini downhill Corral Creek Trail2 miles267 ft70616100Ketchum
241The Imperial DH Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch3 miles1,222 ft70611903Hailey
242Spooky Woods Spooky Woods2,720 ft412 ft70421832Kellogg
243Downhill from Squirrel to RR trail Traverse Trail1 mile610 ft69515060Ketchum
244Freestone from Femrites Freestone Ridge2 miles878 ft68817343Boise
245Backside Imperial Final Climb Out Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch1 mile156 ft67211310Hailey
246National Forest Development Road 100 Climb Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch3,847 ft308 ft66911870Hailey
247Rising Sun Climb Rising Sun2,972 ft124 ft66614642McCall
248Pork Chop DH Pork chop1 mile758 ft6659261Ketchum
249Upper 911 9112,613 ft113 ft66236334Pocatello
250Grey Hawk to River Run trail service road Traverse Trail2 miles630 ft65714360Ketchum
251Chocolate Gulch Chocolate Gulch1 mile568 ft65411434Hailey
252The Landing > XC Trail (down) Harpers Hollow1 mile280 ft65314331McCall
253Corral Creek DH Short Corral Creek Trail3 miles321 ft65015052Ketchum
254Lower Broken Horn Fisher Lane4,128 ft315 ft64621570Eagle
255La Fin Lake Creek Connector1,767 ft240 ft64615131Ketchum
256Hardguy - Up & Back from Corrals Hard Guy10 miles1,993 ft64615552Boise
257Deer Path to Sage Creek Down Red Tail Trail276 ft32 ft63818950Boise
258Initial City Creek to Bench Trail Climb City Creek - Lower1,870 ft112 ft637641016Pocatello
259Lookout to Currant Currant Creek1,616 ft113 ft63439911Boise
260Harpers downhill Harper's Trail1 mile536 ft62617143Ketchum
261Exfoliator Exfoliator926 ft110 ft62529643McCall
262Elk first road crossing to next road Elk Trail736 ft41 ft62423210McCall
263E Hill Rd Climb Buena Vista3,639 ft279 ft62117402Boise
264911 DOWN 9114,182 ft202 ft612319513Pocatello
265S Turns Lupine1,922 ft196 ft60418101Ketchum
266LANES DH Lane's Trail2,892 ft243 ft60316480Ketchum
267Twisted Sister to TS Connector Twisted Sister858 ft41 ft59432511Eagle
268Harper's Hallow Harpers Hollow1 mile323 ft59112943McCall
269Afternoon Delight Afternoon Delight3,962 ft447 ft58221182Kellogg
270Lower Bingo (Down) Bingo (W500)4,690 ft415 ft57817003Wilson
271Fence to road crossing Shooting Range1,969 ft77 ft5769951Eagle
272Shooting Range from Gate down to Whip Tail Shooting Range1,840 ft74 ft5729651Eagle
273Mr. Wilson's Warmup Wilson's Cutoff (W120)4,944 ft252 ft57215715Wilson
274Bingo! Bingo (W500)2 miles805 ft57116068Wilson
275Deer Point Trail Down Deer Point2 miles709 ft57013701Boise
276Gnarly DH to China Wall Jackob's Ladder (W510)1,043 ft118 ft56713213Wilson
277Upper RR Upper River Run Trail1 mile341 ft56717280Ketchum
278China Wall China Ditch (W600)1 mile84 ft56613153Wilson
279D's Chaos from Southernmost point to Twisted Sister D's Chaos3,841 ft71 ft56423683Eagle
280Table Rock 16A - Jump Line Rock Island (Jump Line)1,210 ft71 ft56424435Boise
281Belly to Bridge 10 City Creek - Lower1 mile393 ft555270110Pocatello
282Brewer's Byway Brewer's Byway1 mile124 ft55215012Boise
283Cave trail descent Cave Trail1 mile747 ft54956925Coeur d'Alene
284Campground to Top of Belly City Creek - Upper3,327 ft189 ft54727486Pocatello
285Mainline Shortcut Climb Shortcut904 ft87 ft5469861McCall
286Upper Deer Point Deer Point1 mile359 ft54511900Boise
287Unnamed Rd Climb Traverse Trail2,845 ft295 ft53415712Ketchum
288Upper Ditch Witch DH Ditch Witch1,096 ft59 ft53312351McCall
289Currant Creek (Down) Currant Creek4,133 ft145 ft52930621Boise
290Red Tail Backside Climb Red Tail Trail2,350 ft115 ft5288810Boise
291Bob's Dam Wall Bob's Trail291 ft35 ft52817360Boise
292Greenhorn/Imperial - Full Climb Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch5 miles1,534 ft5278901Hailey
293Headwaters West of Foothills (CC) Headwaters2,323 ft136 ft52538844Moscow
294Red Tail Backside Climb to Landmark Red Tail Trail2,542 ft125 ft5228801Boise
295Headwaters down westside Headwaters2 miles495 ft51839427Moscow
296River Run Switchbacks to First Chair River Run Trail2 miles554 ft51616403Ketchum
29707/03/10 Boise, ID Deer Point4,873 ft368 ft51610480Boise
298Short Mushroom DH Mushroom1,906 ft179 ft51326772Pocatello
299Lower Jackass Lower Jackass2,708 ft288 ft51014572Kellogg
300Red Tail backside DH Red Tail Trail1,136 ft123 ft5109421Boise
301YeeHaw!! Jackass3,665 ft573 ft50918251Kellogg
302Shingle Creek to Dry Creek Countours Shingle to Dry Creek2 miles571 ft50610900Boise
303Red Tail Backside DH to Cartwright Rd Red Tail Trail2,282 ft115 ft5059160Boise
304Face DH The Face3,175 ft206 ft50114940Boise
305Jacob's Ladder Tr W510 Down to China Wall Jackob's Ladder (W510)2,686 ft102 ft50012531Wilson
306Lower Flow Saddle Up4,654 ft284 ft49610261Ketchum
307White Cloud #2 White Clouds Trail1 mile100 ft49515181Ketchum
308Corkscrew Corkscrew2,158 ft279 ft49014780Kellogg
309Bob's Uphill to concrete bench Bob's Trail2,054 ft119 ft48914701Boise
310Pura Vida to first road crossing Pura Vida1 mile496 ft48317923Donnelly
311Deer Point Trail Up Deer Point2 miles725 ft4809811Boise
312Table Rock - Quarry down to Table Rock trail Table Rock Quarry2,733 ft245 ft47915722Boise
313And That's Where Shit Gets Fun! Northwest Passage2,132 ft298 ft47710622Wilson
314Lake Creek/Adams Connector Lake Creek Connector3,118 ft266 ft4767491Ketchum
315Bogus Basin Rd Climb Sheep Camp3,867 ft336 ft47410592Boise
316Saddle Up (For what?) Saddle Up3 miles1,182 ft4719724Ketchum
317Dirt Craters Sprint! Northwest Passage460 ft24 ft46810531Wilson
318WildCat Wildcat2 miles857 ft46413063Kellogg
319Flowy over the top north to Sullivan's Over the Top2,152 ft121 ft46224466Pocatello
320Elk Trail Down White Clouds Trail4,113 ft170 ft46013900Ketchum
321Over the top Front DH Over the Top1 mile497 ft457246410Pocatello
322150 Bomb Jacket Northwest Passage1 mile268 ft45710270Wilson
323Broke Neck Mtn Fisher Lane1 mile395 ft45614325Eagle
324short climb city creek Bump3,163 ft240 ft45535415Pocatello
325National Forest Develop Road 135 Climb Traverse Trail3,348 ft346 ft45313642Ketchum
326Unnamed Rd Climb Northwest Passage (W200)1 mile450 ft45310381Wilson
327Watchman (east) Watchmen Trail3 miles419 ft45313365Boise
328Bovine Nirvana DH Bovine Nirvana3,006 ft232 ft4516130Eagle
329Root Cellar Growler296 ft37 ft4407550McCall
330Bald Mtn Double Track Traverse Trail1 mile629 ft43313182Ketchum
331Table Rock Climb Old Penitentiary (Upper)1,624 ft285 ft43311721Boise
332OTT S. to N. (fork to fork) Over the Top3 miles648 ft43023115Pocatello
333Over the Top S. Climb Only Bridge to High Point Over the Top2 miles497 ft42521413Pocatello
334Paleo Paleo Channel2,694 ft41 ft421349511Twin Falls
335Lane's/Sunnyside Downhill Lane's Trail2 miles418 ft42011364Ketchum
336Over the Top South Side Over the Top2 miles478 ft42021305Pocatello
337flowy DH from crosscut to lifeflight Burrito1,206 ft110 ft418311210Pocatello
338B to B Climb Nettleton To Viewpoint3,853 ft364 ft41432635Coeur d'Alene
339West Mink West Fork Mink Creek2 miles553 ft41423456Pocatello
340Campground trail South Elk3,417 ft43 ft41322281McCall
341N Nettleton Gulch Rd Climb Nettleton To Viewpoint3,663 ft334 ft41133983Coeur d'Alene
342Bob's (up) Bob's Trail2 miles451 ft41112953Boise
343lower to upper parking lot Nettleton To Viewpoint2,409 ft235 ft41058698Coeur d'Alene
344Tr 1 to 2342 Nettleton To Viewpoint1 mile594 ft40933521Coeur d'Alene
345258 to creek Trail 2571 mile717 ft40412751Coeur d'Alene
346Edge of the world (steep part) Oregon Gulch (U)3 miles1,659 ft4026331Ketchum
347Fischer Lane Down Fisher Lane2 miles672 ft40111894Eagle
348Oregon Gulch DH Oregon Gulch (U)3 miles1,667 ft4016283Ketchum
349Lupine Flow Lupine1 mile327 ft3958121Ketchum
350Lupine Lupine2 miles556 ft3928084Ketchum
351Grove North Fork Road4,243 ft254 ft39022351Pocatello
352Foothill Rd Climb Headwaters4,513 ft324 ft38817572Moscow
353Headwaters Upper Berms, up Headwaters1,250 ft116 ft38430965Moscow
354Cottonwood Creek Up Cottonwood Creek3,306 ft75 ft38412360Boise
355Short Baun's Eye (up) Short Baun's Eye1,551 ft78 ft3839331Eagle
356Harper's Climb Harper's Trail1 mile547 ft3796632Ketchum
357Canfield - Road to Hayden Viewpoint Nettleton To Viewpoint3 miles1,201 ft37729215Coeur d'Alene
358Unnamed Rd Climb West Fork Mink Creek2 miles588 ft37520294Pocatello
359North Fork Chocolate Gulch4,373 ft157 ft3746781Hailey
360Shooting Range Down Shooting Range3,904 ft286 ft3726660Eagle
361Switchback DH Switchback3,844 ft326 ft37018686Pocatello
362Polecat Loop CCW from farm Polecat Loop6 miles368 ft3699086Boise
363Foothill Rd Climb - Fireroad Headwaters4,350 ft310 ft36731081Moscow
364Harrison Hollow Down Harrison Hollow4,613 ft211 ft36712351Boise
365Urban Connection Wall Urban Connector421 ft79 ft3625991Boise
366Pale Rider Pale Rider4,868 ft473 ft3619196Ketchum
367Black Cairn Climb Switchback3,892 ft198 ft36118263Pocatello
368Ve Trail Climb Vandelay1 mile443 ft3597872McCall
369Full West Fork Lot to Gate West Fork Mink Creek4 miles1,000 ft359192024Pocatello
370vandelay (up) Vandelay2 miles448 ft3577810McCall
371Climb to Sherwood West Side Trail1,203 ft88 ft35514322Sandpoint
372Corral Creek Bridge Corral Creek Trail3 miles406 ft3545722Ketchum
373Hibernator Hibernator1,587 ft257 ft35410343Donnelly
374Stanley's Climb Coprolite (W500)2,451 ft116 ft3528550Wilson
37507/03/10 Boise, ID Eastside3,978 ft295 ft3526480Boise
376Headwaters Loop Counter Clockwise Headwaters3 miles489 ft34816009Moscow
377HG To DC Connector Sheep Camp4,082 ft351 ft3468382Boise
378Puchner Ln Climb Warm Springs3,515 ft279 ft3457210Ketchum
379picnic area to 258 Caribou Ridge Trail1 mile410 ft34410732Coeur d'Alene
380E Forest Service Road 438 Climb Trail 2573,577 ft356 ft3399812Coeur d'Alene
381Viewpoint to towers Viewpoint To Canfield Butte4,354 ft405 ft33621168Coeur d'Alene
382Bump Trail DH (Cusick to Burrito Junction) Bump2,903 ft222 ft33415779Pocatello
383DV climb Death Valley3,530 ft226 ft32920182Pocatello
384Crosscut to Burrito Cross-cut3,205 ft41 ft32616657Pocatello
385Final Powerline Descent to Cartwright Powerline Connector2,892 ft270 ft3236131Eagle
386F-M'er Fox Creek Loop620 ft81 ft3214172Ketchum
387Lower Gemini Climb Gemini1,700 ft133 ft32114711Moscow
388Greenhorn_DH_Junction to Creek_AM Greenhorn to Imperial Gulch3 miles1,090 ft3205400Hailey
389Lichen DH to Burrito Lichen2,024 ft194 ft32017365Pocatello
390Criss Cross Crash DH Gibson Jack3,010 ft118 ft31710520Pocatello
391Shoreline trail descent Lakeshore Trail1,053 ft112 ft3137655Athol
392HV to Bullion mini DH Hidden Valley2,121 ft164 ft31010173Hailey
393Lower Warm Springs climb Warm Springs3 miles1,016 ft3076282Ketchum
394E Forest Service Road 453 Climb Trail 2574,047 ft413 ft3079271Coeur d'Alene
395small lichen climb Lichen1,749 ft164 ft30113052Pocatello
396Sierra Nevada Climb Crescent Trail1,449 ft278 ft29711250Kellogg
397Tablerock 16A CCW Rock Garden2,962 ft107 ft2967141Boise
398Hidden Valley DH East_West Hidden Valley1 mile442 ft2948353Hailey
399HV DH FULL Hidden Valley2 miles489 ft2948361Hailey
400Croy Creek Rd Climb Hidden Valley1 mile358 ft2938345Hailey
401AMI tunnel to Shady Connector AMI4,922 ft17 ft29311731Pocatello
402Coeur D'Alene Mountain Rd Climb Trail 2574,632 ft446 ft2928452Coeur d'Alene
403Penn Climb 7 Trail 71 mile263 ft29117121Coeur d'Alene
404Le Croix Connector Climb_AM Bullion Connector2,811 ft147 ft2879342Hailey
405Up 257 Trail 2572 miles1,172 ft2878015Coeur d'Alene
406::::: Spring Valley Connect2,543 ft104 ft2855901Eagle
407cone grove connector to the fence The Grove2,986 ft151 ft28414666Pocatello
408paelo west Paleo Channel2,658 ft26 ft284186610Twin Falls
409Top Cold Springs to Cold Springs Lookout DH Cold Springs5 miles1,705 ft2823440Ketchum
410Velo Up Velo1,360 ft163 ft28216361Moscow
411Bullion Gulch Rd Climb Hidden Valley3,591 ft279 ft2817905Hailey
412Up Headwaters Connector (Foothills Rd) Foothill Rd1,290 ft111 ft28016180Moscow
413Ridge up the Hollow Harrison Ridge4,976 ft236 ft2786531Boise
414Sinker Creek (west) Sinker Creek Trail2 miles711 ft2775722Boise
415Pork Chop Hill Pork chop1 mile726 ft2735475Ketchum
416Hidden Valley - East to West Hidden Valley5 miles517 ft2737667Hailey
417White Cloud Climb White Clouds Trail1 mile211 ft2725932Ketchum
418Bernard Peak (Overlook to Trailhead) Descent Bernard Peak2 miles939 ft2725436Athol
419City Creek Rd Climb Death Valley1 mile431 ft27116251Pocatello
420Headwater's Upper Berms Headwaters1,287 ft118 ft27020143Moscow
421Bullion Gulch Rd Climb Bullion Connector2,798 ft276 ft2689534Hailey
422Wilson Creek Canyon Climb Wilson Creek (W100)1 mile246 ft2685161Wilson
423Grove Creek steep start! South Grove Creek1,952 ft266 ft2687402Victor
424Eagle to Grove The Grove4,400 ft196 ft26612563Pocatello
425Foothill Rd Climb Headwaters4,152 ft285 ft26616761Moscow
426CdA Mountain Sprint to the Top Mt Coeur D Alene Summit Access Road1,956 ft215 ft2648143Coeur d'Alene
427Down 257 to Caribou Trail 2574,033 ft443 ft2636334Coeur d'Alene
428grove singletrack climb South Grove Creek1 mile632 ft2627300Victor
429New Grove Creek - FS 237 Trail South Grove Creek2 miles909 ft2577044Victor
430Quarry Up to Stairs Table Rock Quarry2,592 ft239 ft2566010Boise
431Currant Creek (Up) Currant Creek4,013 ft124 ft2567710Boise
432CCW Lookout Loop Lookout Loop1,768 ft53 ft2559490Boise
433The new eye of Baun Baun's Eye1 mile254 ft2546471Eagle
434Top ot Corral to Top of Red Creek Meadow Corral Creek2,033 ft152 ft2543760Victor
435Grumpy Grouse Grumpy Grouse1,149 ft20 ft25416811Moscow
436The Grove North Fork Road4,693 ft316 ft25311111Pocatello
437Sierra Nevada Climb Service Road2 miles583 ft2533380Kellogg
438Trail 258 Connector Trail 2583 miles321 ft2527211Coeur d'Alene
439D to 29 Trail 29 "big Trees"3,361 ft455 ft25213700Coeur d'Alene
440Sierra Nevada Climb Service Road1 mile368 ft2513200Kellogg
441West Fork DH (Gate to Parking Lot) West Fork Mink Creek4 miles976 ft2507749Pocatello
442257 Descent north Trail 2572 miles1,061 ft2485773Coeur d'Alene
443National Forest Development Road 432 Climb Stanley Creek4,549 ft580 ft2483110Stanley
444Trail 888 Wilson Creek (W100)2 miles338 ft2464750Wilson
445Pedal Damn it! AMI1,073 ft16 ft2459751Pocatello
446National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Bald Mountain Trail1 mile1,014 ft2433081Ketchum
447Bernard Peak (Peak to Overlook) Descent Bernard Peak3 miles963 ft2434636Athol
448Shady connector to AMI Tunnel AMI5,048 ft17 ft2429571Pocatello
449Headwaters Clockwise to top Headwaters2 miles688 ft24115511Moscow
450life flight uphill 9114,012 ft207 ft23812738Pocatello
451Punchline DH 2 Punchline1,146 ft73 ft2376660Hailey
452Tuck dont suck Kemper Ridge2,417 ft378 ft2373170Boise
453Rabbits Revenge Rabbits Revenge1 mile176 ft2365692Wilson
454Punchline descent Punchline4,295 ft199 ft2356591Hailey
455Punchline DH 1 Punchline2,171 ft193 ft2356621Hailey
456Rock Creek TraIL Rock Creek Trail4,632 ft70 ft23518067Twin Falls
457Pump & Dump Kemper Ridge3,142 ft396 ft2353160Boise
458Old Penitentiary Climb Old Pen2,777 ft291 ft2344190Boise
459Who hauls more ass? Hidden Valley3,194 ft379 ft2337301McCall
460Potato Mountain Rd Climb Kelly Creek1 mile288 ft2332960Stanley
461Punchline climb Punchline1,399 ft124 ft2326461Hailey
462Snaggletooth Snaggletooth1,328 ft151 ft2325620Kellogg
463Adrenalin DH Adrenalin1,052 ft184 ft2324031Pocatello
464N Bogus Basin Rd Climb Eastside1 mile296 ft2283990Boise
465SPRINT TO CROSSCUT 911427 ft57 ft22714674Pocatello
466Syringa Switchies East Side Trail (aka Bier Bridge)3,057 ft142 ft22715282Sandpoint
467Cow Creek to Mahony DH_AM Cow/Greenhorn Connector1,661 ft85 ft2253521Ketchum
468Hidden Valley - Brundage DH Hidden Valley2 miles1,394 ft2247113McCall
469Unnamed Rd Climb North Fork Road2 miles601 ft2197840Pocatello
470rd Ave Climb River Run Trail3,212 ft368 ft2184720Ketchum
471Unnamed Rd Climb North Fork Road2 miles602 ft2187880Pocatello
472Droppin' to Hawley Hawley Gulch Connector2,634 ft220 ft2186691Ririe
473Democrat Gulch Rd Climb Two Dog1 mile265 ft2176353Hailey
474Centerline DH Centerline4,718 ft138 ft2156000Hailey
475Darby Canyon Rd Climb Aspen Trail5,068 ft289 ft2134772Driggs
476100 Wilson Creek (W100)1 mile354 ft2123910Wilson
477Frank & Beans Franknbeans2,256 ft536 ft2115800Kellogg
478Velo Down Velo1,021 ft116 ft2098313Moscow
479Gibson DH Gibson Jack3 miles1,146 ft2055446Pocatello
480Ladyslipper downhill Upper Ladyslipper5,098 ft307 ft2047480Victor
481Upper Goose Creek DH Goose Creek3 miles978 ft2033380McCall
482Stravaduro Lady Slipper Upper Ladyslipper1 mile322 ft2037382Victor
483Foothill Rd Climb Headwaters Winter Loop1 mile388 ft20112312Moscow
484Windy Delight Porcupine2,054 ft24 ft1969078Twin Falls
485Galena Grinder - The Grinder The Grinder1,526 ft241 ft1953342Ketchum
486First Crown Down Triple Crown2,521 ft166 ft1948000Moscow
487Croy Connector DH Proper Bullion Connector2 miles526 ft1935662Hailey
488Greenhorn Rocks Final DH Lower Cow Creek West3,743 ft271 ft1933791Ketchum
489Aspen Trail North - Initial Climb Aspen Trail1,200 ft139 ft1934361Driggs
490Nate Galpin Big Ring Challenge Bull Dog2,627 ft156 ft1925211Hailey
491Mr. Wilson's Cooldown Wilson's Cutoff (W120)3,667 ft264 ft1923492Wilson
492Cool Neatness Cool Neatness2,852 ft303 ft1922952Kellogg
493New Grove DH South Grove Creek2 miles777 ft1904303Victor
494Grove Creek DH no steep bottom South Grove Creek1 mile590 ft1904462Victor
4952 dog descent Two Dog1 mile287 ft1894871Hailey
496Bernard Peak (Trailhead to overlook) Climb Bernard Peak2 miles939 ft1894070Athol
497Jack's Route westbound Jack's Route3,772 ft83 ft18912724Moscow
498Darby Canyon Rd Climb Aspen Trail2,207 ft292 ft1884902Driggs
499The Wall on Elk Meadows Crystal Summit Road1,288 ft150 ft1873793Pocatello
500Upper Roller Coaster Upper Roller Coaster1,289 ft260 ft18517464Pocatello
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