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"a" TrailCanfield Mountain Trail System
7.8 miles-2,264 ft
"b" TrailCanfield Mountain Trail System
7.8 miles-1,454 ft
#146 Bogus Nordic Sappers ReturnBogus Basin
1.2 miles-472 ft
#147 Nordic-Eastside connectionBogus Basin
4,523 ft-311 ft
$300 HaircutKelly Canyon
1.1 miles-43 ft
001Canfield Mountain Trail System
2.3 miles-1,952 ft
003Canfield Mountain Trail System
4,817 ft-607 ft
005Canfield Mountain Trail System
4,889 ft-1,089 ft
12-Horse TrailTwelvemile
4,470 ft-536 ft
227Mt Coeur D Alene
3.3 miles-334 ft
230 FeetWagonhammer
177 ft-4 ft
911City Creek
4,797 ft-278 ft
911 ConnCity Creek
781 ft-1 ft
A-H CreekMagic Mountain
1.4 miles-889 ft
Acid TrailAuger Falls
1.1 miles-217 ft
Adam's Gulch LoopAdam's Gulch
10.2 miles-2,146 ft
AdrenalinCity Creek
1,854 ft-297 ft
Aegetter HollowMontpelier
3.4 miles-315 ft
Afternoon DelightSilver Mountain Resort
3,815 ft-49 ft
Alden GulchBaker
2.7 miles-112 ft
Alder Creek (135)Morgan Creek
1.7 miles-159 ft
AlhambraSilver Mountain Resort
1.8 miles-771 ft
Antz Basin (219)White Clouds
2.7 miles-109 ft
ApolloTamarack Resort
4,495 ft-225 ft
Apollo CreekBaker
2.7 miles-15 ft
Around the Mountain Trail #98Boise
6.8 miles-2,443 ft
AspenWilliams Creek
2,721 ft-55 ft
ATV RouteSilver Mountain Resort
Auger FallsAuger Falls
3,691 ft-136 ft
Austin SpringBarracks Lane
1.1 miles-555 ft
Baby BearMcCall
3,567 ft-83 ft
Baby SwissSilver Mountain Resort
205 ft-15 ft
Back DoorChallis Foothills
3,543 ft-327 ft
BackdoorIndian Spring
1.9 miles-111 ft
BailCity Creek
1,132 ft-9 ft
Baker CreekBarracks Lane
1.4 miles-12 ft
Baker LakeBaker
1.6 miles-67 ft
Baker Norton ConnectorBaker
3.1 miles-1,050 ft
Bald HillMagic Mountain
1.7 miles-834 ft
Bald Hill ConnectorMagic Mountain
3,698 ft-287 ft
Bald Hill Springs #2Magic Mountain
4,679 ft-331 ft
Bald Mountain TrailSun Valley: Bald Mountain
4.9 miles-141 ft
Barlow CreekSmokey Mountain
8.3 miles-4,119 ft
Barracks FencelineBarracks Lane
4.2 miles-359 ft
Basin Butte - Prospect (038)Stanley
4.7 miles-1,389 ft
Basin Creek (032)North of Stanley
1.8 miles-333 ft
Basin Lake Jeep TrailLeadore
4.3 miles-120 ft
Batman!Kelly Canyon
2.0 miles-412 ft
Bear Basin Grand Traverse TrailBear Basin
1.6 miles-411 ft
Bear Canyon Trail 4062Sun Valley
2.7 miles-217 ft
Bear GulchJohnstone
3.3 miles-13 ft
Bear Hollow Dump RunMontpelier
2.0 miles-388 ft
Bear PeteIdaho
15.5 miles-2,872 ft
Bear Valley High 6178 UpperLemhi County
2.4 miles-899 ft
Bear Valley High-Bear Valley Campground ConnectorLemhi County
2.4 miles-1,557 ft
Bear Valley Lake (179)Salmon
5.4 miles-362 ft
Bear Valley-Allison 066Leadore
2.0 miles-82 ft
Beartrack (234)Stormy Peak
1.6 miles-89 ft
BearwallowState Line - Divide
1.7 miles-132 ft
Beason Meadows Trail #228Moscow
7.1 miles-3,373 ft
Beef CampCapital Hill
2.2 miles-383 ft
Bell Mountain CanyonUpper Birch Creek
3.5 miles-78 ft
BenchCity Creek
1.2 miles-16 ft
Bench CreekStanley
4.3 miles-1,342 ft
Bench Creek - Stanley CreekWest of Stanley
4.0 miles-960 ft
Berm & ErnieJug Mountain
4,649 ft-559 ft
Bernard PeakFarragut State Park
5.4 miles-204 ft
Big Casino Creek (646)East of Stanley
7.3 miles-3,415 ft
Big Eightmile (183)Leadore
5.6 miles-2,754 ft
Big FirWilliams Creek
1,228 ft-6 ft
Big Gulch 4079Leadore
1.2 miles-85 ft
Big Hole Crest (217)Victor
8.3 miles-1,833 ft
Big Silverlead (136)Wagonhammer
2.2 miles-1,299 ft
Big Silverlead (Upper)Wagonhammer
4,751 ft-843 ft
Big SmokeySmokey Mountain
17.4 miles-769 ft
Big SpringsEagle Bike Park
2,261 ft-16 ft
Big Timber CreekLemhi Mountains
1,066 ft-94 ft
Big Timber Creek (Lower)Lemhi Mountains
3.1 miles-102 ft
Big Timber Creek (Upper)Lemhi Mountains
6.3 miles-628 ft
Big Wood ConnectorSun Valley: Bald Mountain
3,813 ft-17 ft
Big-Stack Cutoff Trail #126Bogus Basin
4,016 ft-271 ft
BirthdayCity Creek
2.5 miles-1,117 ft
BitterbrushHidden Springs
1.0 miles-427 ft
Black CairnCity Creek
1.4 miles-618 ft
Blind Spring DrawCity Creek
2.5 miles-892 ft
Blonde JeansMoscow Mountain
1.6 miles-325 ft
Bloomington Lake Pack TrailSt Charles Canyon
3,194 ft-449 ft
Blue BottleAuger Falls
1,777 ft-22 ft
Blue Bottle (S)Auger Falls
1,988 ft-94 ft
Blue Gill ConnectAuger Falls
493 ft-39 ft
Blue Gill PondAuger Falls
5,073 ft-94 ft
Blue MountainChallis Foothills
1,157 ft
Blue MountainChallis Foothills
5,200 ft
Blue Ridge LoopBear Basin
1.3 miles-107 ft
Blue ViewChallis Foothills
5,015 ft-740 ft
Blue View (upper)Challis Foothills
3,835 ft-185 ft
Bob's TrailMilitary Reserve Park
1.6 miles-497 ft
Bogus Nordic Redtail 145Bogus Basin
3,405 ft-134 ft
Boundary Creek (103)East of Stanley
2.8 miles-40 ft
Bovine NirvanaAvimor
1.4 miles-405 ft
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