Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
"S" GulchLandfill
3,646 ft-165 ft39 ft
$300 HaircutKelly Canyon
1 mile-34 ft441 ft
(079)Big Holes
2 miles-552 ft423 ft
(458)Central Caribou Highlands
2 miles-122 ft1,427 ft
001Canfield Mountain Trail System
3,405 ft-932 ft
003Canfield Mountain Trail System
4,256 ft-606 ft75 ft
005Canfield Mountain Trail System
4,889 ft-1,089 ft11 ft
011Southern Caribou Highlands
2,430 ft-81 ft216 ft
12-Horse TrailTwelvemile
4,442 ft-535 ft58 ft
3 miles-612 ft755 ft
144 Pond SpurDiscovery Hill
1 mile-433 ft39 ft
1562 “a”Canfield Mountain Trail System
1 mile-157 ft413 ft
20 Mile Trail to Duck Lake TrailheadEast Side
10 miles-1,063 ft1,922 ft
224 #224Palouse Divide
2,228 ft-98 ft157 ft
227 to Carlin BayMt Coeur D Alene
4,509 ft-70 ft195 ft
230 FeetWagonhammer
177 ft-4 ft14 ft
3.3 Camp Trail #3.3Dworshak Reservoir
479 ft69 ft
36th Street FootbridgeBoise
370 ft3 ft
403Kelly Canyon
3 miles-228 ft665 ft
453c Connector 453cMt Coeur D Alene
4,140 ft-28 ft189 ft
4th July to N TowerWagonhammer
2 miles-22 ft1,747 ft
5 Corners TrailCraig Mountain
1,575 ft-12 ft3 ft
5 O'clock ShadowKelly Canyon
3,167 ft-167 ft93 ft
8th Street BridgeBoise
634 ft-7 ft7 ft
8th Street MX Trail #4Boise Foothills
6 miles-2,659 ft1,014 ft
911City Creek
5,018 ft-281 ft14 ft
A-H CreekMagic Mountain
1 mile-864 ft
AbraszewskiPortneuf Greenway
1,715 ft-15 ft11 ft
Acid TrailAuger Falls
1 mile-149 ft179 ft
Adam's Gulch LoopAdam's Gulch
10 miles-2,135 ft2,825 ft
AdrenalinCity Creek
1,850 ft-299 ft
Aegetter HollowMontpelier
3 miles-539 ft1,553 ft
Afternoon DelightSilver Mountain Resort
3,786 ft-477 ft11 ft
Air Traffic ControlBogus Basin
2,733 ft-315 ft7 ft
Airport LoopSilver Mountain Resort
3,921 ft-14 ft9 ft
Airport SpurKellogg
2,147 ft-7 ft
Alden Gulch (Re-Route)Baker
5 miles-1,944 ft152 ft
Alder Creek #135Morgan Creek
2 miles-159 ft999 ft
Allen Canyon-pole CanyonSouthern Valley Trails / Mike Harris
4 miles-142 ft1,729 ft
AlpineIdaho City Trail System
3 miles-877 ft594 ft
Alt RockMoscow Mountain
3,579 ft-191 ft45 ft
Alternate Route (Mann Creek)Hitt Mountains
2 miles-331 ft918 ft
Alternative Sampson Trail 221APalouse Divide
2 miles-110 ft642 ft
Alturas LakeWest of Stanley
5 miles-73 ft1,188 ft
Ames Ridge National Recreation Trail #570Avery
4 miles-100 ft2,232 ft
AMIPortneuf Greenway
1 mile-37 ft68 ft
Antz Basin #219White Clouds
1 mile-78 ft603 ft
Apgar Trail #111Orofino
2 miles-73 ft1,976 ft
ApolloTamarack Resort
4,498 ft-148 ft36 ft
Apollo CreekBaker
3 miles-15 ft1,387 ft
ApplejackCraig Mountain
1,821 ft188 ft
Argument RidgeDriggs
3 miles-672 ft862 ft
2 miles-1,632 ft
Around the Mountain #98Bogus Basin
7 miles-699 ft1,040 ft
Ashton to Tetonia Rail TrailVictor
29 miles-1,149 ft381 ft
AspenWilliams Creek
2,721 ft-55 ft66 ft
Aspen GroveIdaho City Trail System
1,464 ft-45 ft32 ft
Aspen Trail #034Driggs
4 miles-685 ft668 ft
ATV 6205 #6205CDT - Bannock Pass
2 miles1,147 ft
ATV AlleyChallis Foothills
2 miles-216 ft245 ft
Auger FallsAuger Falls
3,688 ft-105 ft38 ft
Austin SpringBarracks Lane - Mulkey Creek
1 mile-555 ft22 ft
AutobahnKelly Canyon
2 miles-358 ft
Ax Park #107State Line - Divide
2 miles-6 ft1,525 ft
Baby BearBrundage Mountain Resort
4,997 ft-103 ft283 ft
Baby BearBear Basin
3,305 ft-101 ft71 ft
Baby MooseKelly Canyon Resort
1,719 ft81 ft
Baby SwissSilver Mountain Resort
203 ft
BackdoorIndian Springs
2 miles-21 ft573 ft
BailCity Creek
1,162 ft-10 ft28 ft
Baker CreekBarracks Lane - Mulkey Creek
1 mile-12 ft517 ft
Baker LakeBaker
2 miles-67 ft911 ft
Baker Norton ConnectorBaker
3 miles-1,039 ft1,229 ft
3,291 ft-195 ft13 ft
Bald HillMagic Mountain
2 miles-737 ft17 ft
Bald Hill ConnectorMagic Mountain
3,717 ft-276 ft29 ft
Bald Hill Springs #2Magic Mountain
4,751 ft-186 ft122 ft
Bald Mountain #453Central Caribou Highlands
8 miles-411 ft2,584 ft
Bald Mountain (453)Freedom
2 miles-10 ft1,401 ft
Bald Mountain TrailSun Valley: Bald Mountain
5 miles3,193 ft
Bally's Hole #057North Caribou Highlands
2 miles-917 ft349 ft
Balsam RouteMoscow Mountain
1 mile-21 ft348 ft
Bargamin CreekIdaho
3 miles-1,395 ft36 ft
Bargamin CreekIdaho
2,503 ft206 ft
Barlow Creek #7071Smoky Mountains
8 miles-4,119 ft1,446 ft
Barney Creek #313Coeur d'Alene
3 miles-658 ft144 ft
Barracks FencelineBarracks Lane - Mulkey Creek
4 miles-359 ft803 ft
Basco WithingtonSalmon
2 miles-342 ft627 ft
Basin Butte - Prospect #038Stanley
5 miles-1,222 ft164 ft
Basin Creek #032North of Stanley
2 miles-243 ft79 ft
Basin Creek Trail #6178Lemhi Mountains
3 miles-1,764 ft252 ft
Basin Lake Jeep TrailLeadore
4 miles-120 ft2,357 ft
BatmanKelly Canyon
2 miles-110 ft62 ft
Baun's EyeAvimor
1 mile-91 ft265 ft
BearKelly Canyon Resort
2,625 ft-385 ft
Bear Canyon #015Northern Tetons
4 miles-417 ft1,173 ft
Bear Canyon Trail 4062Copper Basin
3 miles-217 ft1,085 ft
Bear Creek #273North Caribou Highlands
4 miles-806 ft561 ft
Bear Creek/Sheep #260North Caribou Highlands
6 miles-2,795 ft552 ft
Bear Creek/Sheep #260North Caribou Highlands
3 miles-286 ft1,119 ft
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