segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1GV Flow 3 Green Valley Trail2,200 ft88 ft35681361811Nashville
2Horseman Camp Rd Climb Aynes Loop4,877 ft290 ft31291152425Nashville
3Pine Loop Intersection to Field North Gate Connector1,621 ft58 ft3088104936Nashville
4North Gate Up From Pine North Gate Connector3,419 ft77 ft30381210122Nashville
5downhill north gate 1 North Gate Connector910 ft46 ft30221237310Nashville
6Tower Loop (CW) Back Long Climb North Tower Loop3,918 ft131 ft3017958013Nashville
7North Gate Trail Downhill (ends at Pine Loop) North Gate Connector3,816 ft99 ft29501202720Nashville
8Final Climb - Hill Only (NT Clockwise) North Tower Loop749 ft67 ft29421192415Nashville
9Pine Loop to Pool (Corrected 2017) Pine Loop1 miles76 ft279191393Nashville
10Hesitation Point Climb from foundation Hesitation Point Trail2 miles293 ft261879798Nashville
11Hesitation Point Climb Hesitation Point Trail2 miles333 ft2608791233Nashville
12Hesitation Point Down Hill to foundation Hesitation Point Trail2 miles293 ft260277227Nashville
13GVT climb2 Green Valley Trail3,322 ft121 ft232480428Nashville
14Aynes CW Descent Aynes Loop4,214 ft251 ft2323761814Nashville
15GVT climb Green Valley Trail1 miles141 ft2291800610Nashville
16GV Downhill 1 (Clockwise) Green Valley Trail3,397 ft137 ft2282802911Nashville
17Green Valley Clockwise Green Valley Trail4 miles148 ft2270788520Nashville
18Limekiln trail south to north Limekiln Trail2 miles125 ft2168564414Nashville
19Limekilm Downhill Limekiln Trail1 miles112 ft2124548710Nashville
20Aynes Long Side Climb Aynes Loop4,115 ft247 ft212143006Nashville
21Limkiln north to south Limekiln Trail2 miles121 ft2116538713Nashville
22NTL climb North Tower Loop2,068 ft78 ft2116771910Nashville
23Steev's Femur Limekiln Trail3,346 ft85 ft211454300Nashville
24Kreb Krotch Limekiln Trail2,749 ft81 ft211154230Nashville
25NTL DH North Tower Loop2,328 ft156 ft210477570Nashville
26Pine Loop Up Hill Pine Loop1 miles88 ft2082635918Nashville
27the Final Kill-a-Meter Talking Tree North to End3,418 ft20 ft20802477114Indianapolis
28North Gate Long Side North Tower Loop3 miles164 ft1914672613Nashville
29GV Downhill CCW #1 Green Valley Trail3,688 ft143 ft191345247Nashville
30Aynes Loop Long Side Up Aynes Loop3 miles260 ft1874625219Nashville
31Green Valley (CCW from junction to junction) Green Valley Trail4 miles139 ft1836429813Nashville
32Pine Loop Down Hill 2 Pine Loop1 miles93 ft1801549916Nashville
33Aynes Short Side - Climb Only Aynes Loop1,868 ft119 ft1776547512Nashville
34Walnut from Eagles Nest to Ogle Rd. Walnut Trail1 miles144 ft175740084Nashville
35Walnut/Limekiln split down to H.P. Walnut Trail2 miles113 ft175440513Nashville
36Walnut North to South Walnut Trail2 miles114 ft173840137Nashville
37Shredalicious DH Aynes Loop1,932 ft142 ft172846424Nashville
38Walnut Grove south to nort Walnut Trail2 miles100 ft169437972Nashville
39Aynes (Counter-clockwise) Aynes Loop3 miles266 ft164031759Nashville
40GULLEY GRINDER South Loop3,694 ft10 ft1586189266Indianapolis
41FOREST FLOW South Loop2,970 ft6 ft1585187778Indianapolis
42where the trail spells out CARVE South Loop3,827 ft22 ft1510157506Indianapolis
43Town Run - 465 to Finish South Loop2 miles27 ft14761614718Indianapolis
44Town Run Straightaway (South of 465) South Loop1,358 ft14 ft14501595413Indianapolis
45Rubberneckers South Loop1,503 ft7 ft1448159714Indianapolis
46The Plains South Loop2 miles20 ft1439157677Indianapolis
47town run full lap South Loop7 miles22 ft13431379287Indianapolis
48the Shafter-Schoen DH Schoen Creek1,725 ft51 ft1049101946Indianapolis
49B4 the woods of schoen creek Schoen Creek2,163 ft19 ft1041102383Indianapolis
502nd half challenge Schoen Creek1 miles52 ft1030101276Indianapolis
51sign sez..."most difficult" Schoen Creek2,573 ft31 ft1018101887Indianapolis
52Double Track Climb Lawrence Creek608 ft21 ft97484356Indianapolis
53Harambe's Clymb Lawrence Creek1,465 ft31 ft96785741Indianapolis
54Schoen Creek Bridge Loop Schoen Creek3 miles67 ft867804633Indianapolis
55East Swinney Sprint St. Mary's Pathway915 ft10 ft80659469Fort Wayne
56Walnut Creek Loop Lawrence Creek4 miles86 ft750563411Indianapolis
57TheFLOW Big Fire South1,854 ft73 ft748827818Indianapolis
58Winona - Southtown no Sweet Darlin' Southtown Loop4,629 ft25 ft73985896Winona Lake
59Twisties Practice North Lenape1 miles31 ft70959144Indianapolis
60Swinney Park to Rockhill Park greenway St. Mary's Pathway3,878 ft19 ft69244096Fort Wayne
61Firetower Downhill Fire Tower Trail1 miles237 ft69132087Corydon
62Hidden Lakes Levee Return Ridgeline South1,365 ft1 ft68133583Indianapolis
63Meadow and Goat Trail Winona Lake (Meadow)1,889 ft24 ft67878174Winona Lake
64TheFlow North Bound Mann Summit East1,740 ft101 ft677652512Indianapolis
65E County Road 200 North Climb Grandview Loop2,541 ft301 ft65821423Versailles
66Grandview CCW Climb Grandview Loop1 miles122 ft65420914Versailles
67Greenway at Jefferson (rockhill) to Swinney Park St. Mary's Pathway4,095 ft22 ft64941706Fort Wayne
68Fire tower 1 of 3 Fire Tower Trail2,729 ft98 ft64430098Corydon
69Wood tunnel to the field Derby Hill666 ft19 ft615986410Fort Wayne
70Breeden Downhill Jumps Pond to Bottom Berm Breeden Ridge1 miles220 ft60631001Corydon
71Tigerless trail Tiger Trail1,284 ft19 ft604921210Fort Wayne
72Black and Blue Short and Steep to Creek Purple Haze4,263 ft39 ft60244243Winona Lake
73Cattail Sprint Cattail Trail3,035 ft29 ft599385511Lafayette
74Cumberland Sprint Cattail Trail1,410 ft17 ft59952427Lafayette
75Frog Pond Loop Frog Pond Loop2,532 ft17 ft589107669Fort Wayne
76Powerline climb Mann Summit South1,151 ft69 ft58065833Indianapolis
77The Beginning Day Camp 81,712 ft25 ft56578506Fort Wayne
78Lindberg to Cherry Path Cattail Trail2,580 ft11 ft55730975Lafayette
79Bobcat Loop Bobcat3 miles305 ft55390510Nashville
80cattail sprint #2 Cattail Trail3,412 ft22 ft55229783Lafayette
81Goin' Down Grandview Loop3,673 ft118 ft54521002Versailles
82Harambe Mann Hill Loop1,937 ft44 ft53660315Indianapolis
83Outback-IronHorse-Return Iron Horse Heritage Trail1,779 ft17 ft50833303Portage
84The Ultimate Stick Fort Climb Mann Summit East1,662 ft99 ft50051176Indianapolis
85Dropping in Rum Village Blue1,383 ft13 ft49339484South Bend
86Group Camp Trail CCW Camp Trail3 miles352 ft49114534Corydon
87Penninsula Iron Horse Heritage Trail914 ft1 ft48833623Portage
88Riverside Unknown Trail2,083 ft25 ft46884346Fort Wayne
89Hidden Lakes Upper and Lower. Ridgeline South3,111 ft95 ft46633168Indianapolis
90Fireroad: Bobcat Bowl to Aynes Fire Road1,017 ft122 ft4639212Nashville
91From Lane to Peppermint hill (the re-route) Peppermint Hill Loop1,954 ft50 ft45526924South Bend
92Skunk Cabbage Downhill Speedy Ridge542 ft24 ft45133264Portage
93The Longest Yard Peppermint Hill Loop1,344 ft49 ft44426183South Bend
94sprint like Peaty Novice Loop2,032 ft18 ft44151531Anderson
95Rollercoaster Mo-Ron983 ft29 ft44062325Fort Wayne
96Skunk Cabbage Hollow Speedy Ridge2,594 ft17 ft43831182Portage
97PC-CT->Campground Peppermint Hill Loop2 miles47 ft43825793South Bend
98PC-Campground->TrailB Peppermint Hill Loop1 miles51 ft43626283South Bend
99Broken Arrow Broken Arrow3,335 ft19 ft43230322Portage
100Wyandotte Fire Tower Clymb Last Mile Fire Tower Trail5,160 ft205 ft41918152Corydon
101I have no idea where I'm going Rum Village Blue1 miles30 ft41725421South Bend
102IG-BobalRidge Bobal Ridge1,782 ft22 ft40730592Portage
103OT-DaytonaDownhill Daytona.5409 ft38 ft38423075Portage
104Coasters Scales Lake Main Loop4,539 ft53 ft36982457Boonville
105Rich's Revenge Rich's Revenge1 miles22 ft36827524Portage
106DINO 2015 loop Peppermint Hill Loop7 miles83 ft36514831South Bend
107Don't Crash and Burn Amphitheater Park Trail1,615 ft31 ft354693719Lafayette
108No Return Unknown Trail1,232 ft16 ft35150004Fort Wayne
109MARIO CART RACE TRACK LOOP Mann Hill Loop1 miles33 ft342277311Indianapolis
110Group Camp Trail CW Camp Trail3 miles329 ft33912623Corydon
111PC-PeppHill->PL Peppermint Hill Loop4,267 ft42 ft33913490South Bend
112Intermeadiate 1 Intermediate Loop3,623 ft19 ft33822542Anderson
113Jedi 2 Scales Lake Main Loop2,657 ft43 ft33873594Boonville
114Jedi 1 Scales Lake Main Loop2,388 ft34 ft33773993Boonville
115Breedon's ridge descent CW #1 Breeden Ridge1,392 ft96 ft33211421Corydon
116Singletrack CCW no levee Lenape2 miles37 ft33222004Indianapolis
117Floating Lake Trail - E to W Floating Water Trail277 ft32 ft32947392Terre Haute
118Breedon's ridge descent CW #2 Breeden Ridge1,632 ft75 ft32611212Corydon
119Expert 1 Expert Loop 12,182 ft29 ft32525975Anderson
120Breeden Downhill CW Breeden Ridge1 miles135 ft32011092Corydon
121Upper Green CW Descent Buffalo Trace4,665 ft127 ft31511582French Lick
122The Final Hawl Scales Lake Main Loop1,364 ft28 ft31264474Boonville
123Amphitheater TT Full Lap Amphitheater Park Trail3 miles67 ft311579822Lafayette
124French Lick Climb Buffalo Trace2,359 ft94 ft31111292French Lick
125OTBK-LogJam Log Jam3,181 ft13 ft30522083Portage
126basement exit to end to log jam Log Jam2,618 ft15 ft30021303Portage
127Snake Garden Amphitheater Park Trail1,072 ft22 ft299498812Lafayette
128Hank Hill Amphitheater Park Trail2,003 ft47 ft29858713Lafayette
129sinkhole 1 Scales Lake Main Loop1,999 ft45 ft29777504Boonville
130sinkhole 2 Scales Lake Main Loop2,985 ft33 ft29765663Boonville
131green cw full descent Buffalo Trace2 miles377 ft29610722French Lick
132Racing Purdue Crew Amphitheater Park Trail1,647 ft17 ft29558262Lafayette
133Musky DH #2 Blue Trail1,881 ft74 ft29315081North Vernon
134goat head Scales Lake Main Loop969 ft24 ft29375133Boonville
135Musky DH #1 Blue Trail1,847 ft80 ft29212961North Vernon
136Amp twisties Amphitheater Park Trail2,083 ft13 ft29249163Lafayette
137Doubletrack Sprint Amphitheater Park Trail2,424 ft21 ft28144212Lafayette
138Dragon's halfback Scales Lake Main Loop1,573 ft43 ft28158501Boonville
139Expert 2 Expert Loop 22,156 ft20 ft27814563Anderson
140FLOing Upstream Perimeter Loop2,320 ft41 ft27824355Terre Haute
141Expert 3 Expert Loop 31 miles23 ft26919114Anderson
142Campground DH Green Trail687 ft62 ft26910751North Vernon
143Kipling's Pass East Lake Trail1,988 ft31 ft26632103Terre Haute
144Peppermint Hill Lap Peppermint Hill Loop6 miles59 ft26515633South Bend
145goat tail Scales Lake Main Loop2,350 ft27 ft26360313Boonville
146Early grind Black Trail3,000 ft81 ft26011951North Vernon
147Mr Potato Head Peppermint Hill Loop7 miles60 ft25915250South Bend
148Schooner - Double Black Diamond Schooner Trace Trail4 miles210 ft2563151Nashville
1492016 lap wtih new re-routes Peppermint Hill Loop7 miles76 ft25615122South Bend
150S Perimeter Trail - Moore RD to Boat Dock Perimeter Loop1,684 ft18 ft25632717Terre Haute
151Chigger Up Bushwhack413 ft35 ft25425507Terre Haute
152#2 Downhill Scales Lake Main Loop808 ft27 ft25052583Boonville
153Slayer Scales Lake Main Loop4,121 ft37 ft25054304Boonville
154Southwest Perimeter Trail Perimeter Loop3,534 ft30 ft248217019Terre Haute
155Griffin Bike Park Big Kids Loop Basic Training Skills Trail2,081 ft21 ft24629218Terre Haute
156The new stuff Basic Training Skills Trail2,526 ft26 ft242286320Terre Haute
157PC-PL->CT Peppermint Hill Loop3 miles58 ft2388252South Bend
158Aynes Counter CW FULL LOOP!!!!! Aynes Loop3 miles313 ft2372994Nashville
159Little Kid's Loop Basic Training Skills Trail1,808 ft29 ft23623405Terre Haute
160Trailhead to Carmen's Halfpipe. Walnut Connector5,100 ft48 ft23015193New Harmony
161GBP TT Loop Basic Training Skills Trail3,144 ft21 ft21018620Terre Haute
162Floating Lake Trail - W to E Floating Water Trail261 ft15 ft20813051Terre Haute
163Bendix Woods out to entrance and back Bendix Woods Trail - West5,258 ft18 ft1978882South Bend
164Schooner Downhill #1 Schooner Trace Trail1 miles215 ft1922231Nashville
165Right to the Skinnies Return Loop1,081 ft20 ft18311761Indianapolis
166Return Loop Return Loop1,020 ft18 ft1819961Indianapolis
167Counterclockwise Climb Buffalo Trace2 miles381 ft1814611French Lick
168Wilson switch tiny climb Deam Lake Loop1,214 ft40 ft1814482Borden
169Hill Side Hell Hill Side Hell1,789 ft24 ft1796641Indianapolis
170left side loop Hill Side Hell1,927 ft12 ft1786870Indianapolis
171Breeden Climb CW Breeden Ridge1 miles198 ft1763110Corydon
172creek jump short cut Scales Lake Main Loop491 ft8 ft17419720Boonville
173RNP Novice Loop Novice Loop2 miles30 ft1726982Anderson
174Flat Fork Flow Berm Coaster984 ft20 ft1719030Indianapolis
175McCormick Woods Outer Loop 2017 McCormick Woods2 miles38 ft16813974Lafayette
176Sacrifice Fly (By) South Side1,404 ft3 ft16420041Columbia City
177South Perimeter Run Perimeter Loop2,960 ft30 ft16410486Terre Haute
178Lake Jump Entrance Road97 ft26 ft1637571Terre Haute
179LL to SFB South Loop3,530 ft16 ft15718391Columbia City
180Pioneer Downhill Adventure Trail Section 12,250 ft195 ft1555340Corydon
181aht cg pioneer shelter last descent Adventure Trail Section 13,319 ft228 ft1545282Corydon
182Pioneer DH Part:2 The Gnar Adventure Trail Section 11,817 ft169 ft1535482Corydon
183Breeden to Pioneer shelter AT Adventure Trail Section 11 miles257 ft1525241Corydon
184Green - Clockwise Buffalo Trace4 miles383 ft1494662French Lick
185new harmonie beginner loop clockwise Sycamore4 miles64 ft14812099New Harmony
186Flow-Rida North Side2,010 ft12 ft14617011Columbia City
187Skate or Die South Loop894 ft25 ft14420401Columbia City
188new harmonie beginner loop counterclock wise Sycamore4 miles70 ft1436026New Harmony
189NoMoe Corner Walnut1,100 ft63 ft1439032New Harmony
190NU FLO Perimeter Loop2,033 ft49 ft1409419Terre Haute
191Backyard Flow Blue Trail1,354 ft54 ft1404161Bloomington
192big pump left, right center,left center, right Alpha861 ft7 ft1378981Terre Haute
193Cross the Creek short lap Goshen Loop2 miles35 ft1317993Fort Wayne
194Little Turtle Tight and Fertile Wolf Trail4,764 ft30 ft13115981Columbia City
195Lewis Picnic Overlook Walnut1,204 ft77 ft1318433New Harmony
196Goat Trail(Downhill) Scales Lake Main Loop1,438 ft45 ft1287882Boonville
197Northside Red North Side3 miles39 ft12015753Columbia City
198first red section South Loop2,643 ft33 ft12017513Columbia City
199Sunday Morning Section CCW Spur Trail3,976 ft17 ft11814503Lafayette
200Mandofun! KA-BAR1,300 ft28 ft117102413Terre Haute
201Amphitheater Final Climb Amphitheater Park Trail1,638 ft43 ft11510622Lafayette
202Stay on target SMP West Side258 ft35 ft1156552Hamlet
203Scouting Hoffman climb in Hoffman Nature Area Loop1,285 ft57 ft11413924Lafayette
204Teddy Bear Teddy Bear1,548 ft22 ft1144423Boonville
205Technical Climb up Breeden Ridge Breeden Ridge153 ft19 ft1062510Corydon
206Exposure Ridge Blue Trail1,828 ft83 ft1063400North Vernon
207Selling whelks in Hull: Rock & Roll Backwards Rock and Roll Loop3,614 ft34 ft1053290Terre Haute
208nAte ThE rIpPeR SMP West Side177 ft16 ft1055783Hamlet
209Advanced Technical Training Course Alpha4,898 ft64 ft1014532Terre Haute
210pioneer shelter decent to cliff dweller/ AHT split Adventure Trail Section 72,787 ft253 ft962390Corydon
211River Overlook to Cliff Dweller Descent Adventure Trail Section 72,765 ft258 ft952390Corydon
212Red Goat Downhill RedLine Loop1,281 ft23 ft9516195Boonville
213Foxy hollow first climb!!! Fox Hollow Trail1,935 ft126 ft945370Ferdinand
214Sunday Morning Section CW Spur Trail3,962 ft17 ft9310434Lafayette
215Hoff after PBR Flow CCW Hoffman Nature Area Loop1,795 ft47 ft9310606Lafayette
216best climb at Fer. State Forest. rock to the top Twin Lakes Trail1,829 ft141 ft925022Ferdinand
217Red Goat Redux RedLine Loop2,245 ft47 ft9215885Boonville
218Alligator Teeth SMP West Side1,170 ft42 ft902932Hamlet
219great climb!! creek to the top South Ridge Trail1,358 ft109 ft895862Ferdinand
220Rampage Climb Oka Run1,467 ft77 ft894572New Harmony
221!nufodnaM KA-BAR1,265 ft29 ft883305Terre Haute
222East End to Hairpin East Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail824 ft14 ft858750Andrews
223Southridge South Ridge Trail2 miles142 ft855343Ferdinand
224Firetower climb Fire Tower Trail1,977 ft153 ft843392Ferdinand
225Mooshanki Point to Brian's Coaster Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,606 ft22 ft838641Andrews
226KinTiOnKi West to East Jim's Speed Run Only Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail994 ft16 ft838652Andrews
227kyana climb!!! bridge to the turn Kyana Trail1,770 ft109 ft833251Ferdinand
228kyana short version! Kyana Trail2 miles157 ft833210Ferdinand
229Brian's Coaster W to E Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail634 ft11 ft8219421Andrews
2302nd to 1st Roller Coaster Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,066 ft12 ft818740Andrews
2311st Roller Coaster to 105 Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,719 ft15 ft818580Andrews
232AHT Climb Pioneer to Overlook Adventure Trail Section 71 miles400 ft801810Corydon
233Zulu2016 Zulu1 miles34 ft803084Terre Haute
234FFC Skills loop Berm Coaster1,505 ft15 ft781630Indianapolis
235Bald Eagle Cutoff to Mooshanki Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,450 ft28 ft787641Andrews
236Steep AF AHT Climb Adventure Trail Section 31,000 ft191 ft781850Corydon
237Cliff Dweller Decent Cliff Dweller3,971 ft133 ft781940Corydon
238Kintionki West to East Single Track JS V02 Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail4 miles31 ft777621Andrews
239That's what she said Adventure Trail Section 42 miles249 ft761390Corydon
240Low Life South Loop1,162 ft18 ft744010Columbia City
241Drop the hammer Down Hill & Benches Hoffman Nature Area Loop2,872 ft81 ft747014Lafayette
242BC from Davis Ferry to Hall Wabash Heritage Trail1 miles22 ft713260Lafayette
243Dean's corner Kyana Trail2,097 ft126 ft702292Ferdinand
244Rum Fat bike route 2015b Run Village Fat Bike Route4,364 ft28 ft693312South Bend
245KinTiOnKi West to East To Moosanki's Point Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1 miles50 ft694922Andrews
246BC from Hall to Davis Ferry Wabash Heritage Trail1 miles22 ft683810Lafayette
247AHT Old forrest rd descent CW Adventure Trail Section 51,697 ft217 ft671310Corydon
248New Trail Backwards Scales Lake Main Loop1 miles54 ft674304Boonville
249Brian's Roller Coaster Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail727 ft11 ft649332Andrews
250KinTiOnKi West to East To Moosanki's Point 2017-09-17 Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1 miles25 ft645190Andrews
251Southridge Steep Entry South Ridge Trail1,173 ft90 ft642890Ferdinand
252E County Road 200 North Climb Grandview Loop1 miles865 ft63971Versailles
253KinTiOnKi West to East No Shortcuts Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail3 miles53 ft614622Andrews
254Cambodia SMP (Cambodia)3,092 ft9 ft611864Hamlet
255Monday morning loop Spur Trail2 miles24 ft596452Lafayette
256AHT last descent to cold fri CW Adventure Trail Section 64,016 ft332 ft571241Corydon
257I Know it's Only Rock 'n Roll, but I Like It: ft. Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Loop3,453 ft25 ft551675Terre Haute
258Muskatatuk STXC lap Green Trail1,917 ft7 ft516170North Vernon
259KinTiOnKi Single Track W to E Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail3 miles45 ft503892Andrews
260KinTiOnKi West to East No Shortcuts NJH V02 Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail3 miles41 ft482630Andrews
261Amphitheater Full Lap Amphitheater Park Trail4 miles56 ft464202Lafayette
262Center Loop CCW from Cliffside Center Loop1 miles115 ft46601Versailles
263southridge climb reverse loop South Ridge Trail2,036 ft136 ft421020Ferdinand
264The Hobbit Amphitheater Park Trail6 miles58 ft423432Lafayette
265Mooshanki to Bald Eagle Cutoff Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,680 ft42 ft416031Andrews
266Hairpin East to East End Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail940 ft27 ft385561Andrews
267Brian's Coaster to Moohsonki's Point Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail2,172 ft31 ft375301Andrews
268Bike Up! South Ridge Trail2 miles146 ft37910Ferdinand
269Fox Hollow Fox Hollow Trail2 miles152 ft37940Ferdinand
2701st to 2nd Roller Coaster Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,527 ft17 ft365790Andrews
271E to W Along 105 Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail1,155 ft25 ft355610Andrews
272105 to 1st Roller Coaster Kin -Ti-On-Ki Bike Trail2,555 ft21 ft355730Andrews
273Big Whoop-Dee-Doo! Mega Pump2,236 ft14 ft34981Terre Haute
274Back 40 Pahoka Adventure2,675 ft33 ft30691New Harmony
275Downhill Twin Lakes Trail2,405 ft158 ft29960Ferdinand
276Southridge WE South Ridge Trail2 miles187 ft28400Ferdinand
277AHT Climb Pioneer to CG Adventure Trail Section 12 miles280 ft28430Corydon
278Oka Run Down the Creek Oka Run1 miles84 ft28650New Harmony
279Top of Oka to end of Rampage Oka Run1,220 ft65 ft271181New Harmony
280Oakbrook Snake Run Oakbrook Church Woods1,440 ft5 ft275261Kokomo
281Oakbrook Lake Loop Oakbrook Church Woods3,057 ft31 ft275061Kokomo
282Hoffman Hot Lap (Start w/climbing) Hoffman Nature Area Loop3,246 ft78 ft251070Lafayette
283Oakbrook Short Shoot Oakbrook Church Woods1,041 ft13 ft254712Kokomo
284Mikes loop Murdock Full Loop2 miles78 ft241600Lafayette
285Cold Forest Shelter to Ohio Overlook Look-out Trail1,042 ft147 ft20300Corydon
286Goin' to Church - out and back. Spring '17 Spur Trail3,839 ft18 ft17500Lafayette
287Oakbrook Woods Spring 2016 Oakbrook Church Woods2,890 ft4 ft173190Kokomo
288Haan Trail - Hidden Valley Valley Street Trail2 miles67 ft15250Lafayette
289Oakbrook Mountain Bike Trail Full Loop - Spring 2015 Oakbrook Church Woods2 miles23 ft132983Kokomo
290Oka Run long downhill Oka Run864 ft26 ft11351New Harmony
291Hoffman CW Hoffman Nature Area Loop3,205 ft79 ft10350Lafayette
292Pahoka Adventure End Pahoka Adventure2,009 ft47 ft10271New Harmony
293Perimeter Loop Perimeter Loop4 miles73 ft332Terre Haute
294Hesitation Point Descent Hesitation Point Trail2 miles333 ft000Nashville
295The Beginning Bendix Woods Trail - East1 miles62 ft000South Bend
296The Middle Bendix Woods Trail - North2 miles45 ft000South Bend
297BushWhacking2017 Bushwhack1,864 ft64 ft000Terre Haute
298Cliff Side Counter-Clockwise Cliffside1 miles55 ft000Versailles
299Cliff Side Clockwise Cliffside1 miles58 ft000Versailles
300Creekside Counter-Clockwise Creekside1 miles68 ft000Versailles
301Creekside Clockwise Creekside1 miles73 ft000Versailles
302Expert 5 Expert Loop 51 miles15 ft000Anderson
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