segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Fort Climb 1 Harrison Trace2,564 ft72 ft21112602935
2the Final Kill-a-Meter Talking Tree North to End3,418 ft20 ft20802477114
3Fort Loops 2 Harrison Trace2 miles85 ft20472544934
4GULLEY GRINDER South Loop3,694 ft10 ft1586189266
5FOREST FLOW South Loop2,970 ft6 ft1585187778
6where the trail spells out CARVE South Loop3,827 ft22 ft1510157506
7Town Run - 465 to Finish South Loop2 miles27 ft14761614718
8Town Run Straightaway (South of 465) South Loop1,358 ft14 ft14501595413
9Rubberneckers South Loop1,503 ft7 ft1448159714
10The Plains South Loop2 miles20 ft1439157677
11town run full lap South Loop7 miles22 ft13431379287
12Fort Harrison Lake Loop Harrison Trace2 miles86 ft1277169408
13the Shafter-Schoen DH Schoen Creek1,725 ft51 ft1049101946
14B4 the woods of schoen creek Schoen Creek2,163 ft19 ft1041102383
152nd half challenge Schoen Creek1 mile52 ft1030101276
16sign sez..."most difficult" Schoen Creek2,573 ft31 ft1018101887
17Double Track Climb Lawrence Creek608 ft21 ft97484356
18Harambe's Clymb Lawrence Creek1,465 ft31 ft96785741
19Schoen Creek Bridge Loop Schoen Creek3 miles67 ft867804633
20Ft Ben Double Loop Harrison Trace5 miles84 ft79663181
21Walnut Creek Loop Lawrence Creek4 miles86 ft750563411
22TheFLOW Big Fire South1,854 ft73 ft748827818
23Twisties Practice North Lenape1 mile31 ft70959144
24Hidden Lakes Levee Return Upper Cottonwood1,365 ft1 ft68133583
25TheFlow North Bound Mann Summit East1,740 ft101 ft677652512
26Powerline climb Mann Summit South1,151 ft69 ft58065833
27Harambe Mann Hill Loop1,937 ft44 ft53660315
28The Ultimate Stick Fort Climb Mann Summit East1,662 ft99 ft50051176
29Hidden Lakes Upper and Lower. Upper Cottonwood3,111 ft95 ft46633168
30MARIO CART RACE TRACK LOOP Mann Hill Loop1 mile33 ft342277311
31Singletrack CCW no levee Lenape2 miles37 ft33222004
32Right to the Skinnies Return Loop1,081 ft20 ft18311761
33Return Loop Return Loop1,020 ft18 ft1819961
34Hill Side Hell Hill Side Hell1,789 ft24 ft1796641
35left side loop Hill Side Hell1,927 ft12 ft1786870
36Flat Fork Flow Berm Coaster984 ft20 ft1719030
37FFC Skills loop Berm Coaster1,505 ft15 ft781630
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