statustitleriding arearatingdistancedescent
1,025 ft-233 ft
552 ft-123 ft
230 ft-31 ft
3G (Lower)Caberston
811 ft-195 ft
3G (Middle)Caberston
583 ft-153 ft
3g (old exit)Caberston
129 ft-36 ft
3G (Upper)Caberston
2,684 ft-595 ft
3G Heather RunCaberston
710 ft-93 ft
A bit of spackerInnerleithen Trails
650 ft-99 ft
A Salmon's JourneyInnerleithen Trails
1,877 ft-417 ft
Alastair LeesInnerleithen Trails
4,015 ft-537 ft
Angry SheepInnerleithen Trails
1,965 ft-414 ft
Aussie RulesCaberston
1,861 ft-497 ft
883 ft-218 ft
Barts TrailInnerleithen Trails
1,398 ft-416 ft
Boils ma pissInnerleithen Trails
2,068 ft-182 ft
3,088 ft-806 ft
Bye DriverInnerleithen Trails
1,592 ft-205 ft
Caddon BankInnerleithen Trails
5,149 ft-482 ft
Clattering PathInnerleithen Trails
1.2 miles-8 ft
Community ServiceCaberston
1,646 ft-438 ft
Cresta RunInnerleithen Trails
4,054 ft-942 ft
Date NightInnerleithen Trails
882 ft-367 ft
Death By MudInnerleithen Trails
3,733 ft-255 ft
Easy PedroCaberston
3,813 ft-670 ft
End SquiggleCaberston
744 ft-83 ft
Enduro LinkInnerleithen Trails
921 ft-104 ft
Feed The PonyCaberston
4,947 ft-964 ft
Final FlingCaberston
649 ft-127 ft
First ClimbInnerleithen Trails
4,462 ft-36 ft
First XC ClimbInnerleithen Trails
Flat WhiteCaberston
2,346 ft-557 ft
Gold RunInnerleithen Trails
4,087 ft-992 ft
Green WingInnerleithen Trails
2,043 ft-400 ft
Greg Jolliffe'sCaberston
1,751 ft-430 ft
Gypsy Glen SingletrackCardrona
5.6 miles-1,327 ft
Helter SkelterThornielee
1,049 ft-244 ft
High DefinitionThornielee
1,275 ft-243 ft
Hoggers DelightInnerleithen Trails
1,778 ft-177 ft
In2stellaInnerleithen Trails
2,111 ft-412 ft
2,036 ft-420 ft
Kitty BagInnerleithen Trails
2,198 ft-169 ft
Kitty LitterInnerleithen Trails
2,639 ft-231 ft
Leah's LaneCardrona
1,131 ft-152 ft
Little FrankInnerleithen Trails
757 ft-180 ft
Lone WolfCaberston
3,722 ft-489 ft
Loose WomenCaberston
3,919 ft-756 ft
Lower Quarry EnduroInnerleithen Trails
1,905 ft-307 ft
1,414 ft-378 ft
Lucy LooseInnerleithen Trails
772 ft-176 ft
LugeInnerleithen Trails
1,180 ft-222 ft
Magic CarpetInnerleithen Trails
1,718 ft-237 ft
Make or BrakeInnerleithen Trails
4,600 ft-608 ft
MatadorInnerleithen Trails
5,244 ft-1,040 ft
Minch Moor ClimbInnerleithen Trails
1.2 miles-9 ft
Minch Moor DescentInnerleithen Trails
3,069 ft-135 ft
Minch Moor Lower DescentInnerleithen Trails
1.4 miles-452 ft
Minch Short CutInnerleithen Trails
1,797 ft-129 ft
Missing LinkInnerleithen Trails
1,106 ft-167 ft
Nae SpleensCaberston
1,605 ft-345 ft
NarniaInnerleithen Trails
1,635 ft-184 ft
Never Say Never AgainCaberston
1.0 miles-744 ft
New WolfCaberston
3,973 ft-777 ft
No Right TurnCaberston
2,701 ft-645 ft
No SocialCaberston
3,906 ft-840 ft
Not for PoofsInnerleithen Trails
1,909 ft-454 ft
NY, NYCaberston
3,026 ft-662 ft
Off Camber SlammerCaberston
2,051 ft-431 ft
Oh Deer!Innerleithen Trails
1.2 miles-418 ft
Old Skool DHCaberston
4,254 ft-719 ft
Plora CraigInnerleithen Trails
2,665 ft-185 ft
PreSpackerInnerleithen Trails
2,563 ft-263 ft
ProSpackerInnerleithen Trails
2,251 ft-429 ft
769 ft-254 ft
Puppy BagInnerleithen Trails
1,919 ft-229 ft
Ray LingCaberston
953 ft-330 ft
Razor RockInnerleithen Trails
2,894 ft-208 ft
Repeat OffenderCaberston
1.2 miles-1,097 ft
3,560 ft-608 ft
Rooty BankInnerleithen Trails
1,709 ft-409 ft
Slabs and TartsThornielee
3,102 ft-624 ft
2,060 ft-472 ft
SpannER LowerCaberston
406 ft-98 ft
SpannER UpperCaberston
983 ft-120 ft
Splash and DashCaberston
1,848 ft-310 ft
1,276 ft-258 ft
Stones 'n BonesThornielee
1,394 ft-401 ft
Taniel HillInnerleithen Trails
4,899 ft-196 ft
Techno TrootThornielee
763 ft-119 ft
The CartwheelCardrona
1,689 ft-340 ft
The ClassicInnerleithen Trails
1,986 ft-458 ft
The Deer HunterInnerleithen Trails
1,427 ft-285 ft
The Glory HoleThornielee
626 ft-175 ft
The Mouse TrapInnerleithen Trails
2,951 ft-90 ft
There be trails in them there hillsCardrona
2,063 ft-533 ft
Too Hard for EWSInnerleithen Trails
1,155 ft-334 ft
Top DogThornielee
1,939 ft-227 ft
Top Dog 2 HelterThornielee
748 ft-96 ft
Top Dogging 2Thornielee
1,836 ft-413 ft
Turbo FerretThornielee
2,313 ft-375 ft
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