segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1#NightCapCross15 Express Way Meredith Trail1,110 ft20 ft33522857316Des Moines
2Waukee - Dallas Center Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)6 miles44 ft26121639856Johnston
3under Meredith Trail1,051 ft9 ft2482145128Des Moines
4Dallas Center - Waukee Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)6 miles45 ft24331668454Johnston
5Minburn to Dallas Center Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)6 miles36 ft2037994431Johnston
6Adel to Waukee Raccoon River Valley Trail (SW)6 miles169 ft1994785819Coon Rapids
7CV Trail South Hill Cedar River Trail1,588 ft22 ft19911839620Cedar Rapids
8Old Railroad Bed Hoover Nature Trail1 mile66 ft19241495320Cedar Rapids
9Old Railroad Bed North Hoover Nature Trail1 mile50 ft1770141573Cedar Rapids
10Nice beaver, thanks! Cedar River Trail1,074 ft7 ft1744161366Cedar Rapids
11sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie Cedar River Trail1,068 ft7 ft1732134123Cedar Rapids
12Center Point Road Hill Cedar River Trail2,863 ft64 ft16361425323Cedar Rapids
13Perry to Dawson Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)6 miles108 ft159435097Johnston
14Dawson to Herndon Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)6 miles71 ft134425759Johnston
15Marina - West Neal Smith Trail (Connector)797 ft53 ft133048168Johnston
16Marina - East Neal Smith Trail (Connector)1,391 ft60 ft1256507311Johnston
17Perry to Waukee Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)18 miles126 ft124736858Johnston
18Herndon2Jamaica Raccoon River Valley Trail (E)2 miles30 ft102222105Johnston
19101 Climb to 103 Intersection 1011,115 ft47 ft98370544Solon
20101 Downhill 1011,992 ft83 ft97470123Solon
21George Wyth West (Hard Surface) Cedar Valley Lakes1 mile2 ft872492710Cedar Falls
22301 Loop 3011,025 ft29 ft84743586Solon
232nd descent Lewis and Clark Monument Trail858 ft60 ft67770473Council Buffs
24Mt Never-rest Lewis and Clark Monument Trail300 ft51 ft67671513Council Buffs
25Where's The Flow Bro? Lewis and Clark Monument Trail3,465 ft91 ft63374591Council Buffs
26Kickapoo Up @ Sunderbruch Park Road809 ft48 ft618418815My City
27103 1032,325 ft77 ft56420746Solon
28Denmans 2015 (Beaver Cut Reroute) Denman Woods Trail4 miles14 ft539434023Des Moines
29Reverse Rollercoaster Rollercoaster2,778 ft51 ft52445085Des Moines
30Patterflow Green Tour1,023 ft39 ft51744153Cedar Rapids
31Race start 2013 Lewis and Clark Monument Trail1,318 ft78 ft50627572Council Buffs
32Hidden spring 2 Ely n back Hoover Nature Trail8 miles92 ft50524793Cedar Rapids
33get on up (to the rock) Green Tour1,371 ft44 ft49942192Cedar Rapids
34Rollercoaster Rollercoaster2,668 ft60 ft49231027Des Moines
35watch out for the bark descent Lewis and Clark Monument Trail663 ft37 ft44650690Council Buffs
36Post descent to bottom Lewis and Clark Monument Trail1,383 ft115 ft44349993Council Buffs
37L&C Final Climb Lewis and Clark Monument Trail2,933 ft135 ft44150581Council Buffs
38First Descent Lewis and Clark Monument Trail3,786 ft232 ft43748766Council Buffs
39Come on down! Hillside Trail1,425 ft59 ft42925092Des Moines
40CVNT - Shaulis to Gilbertville Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Le Porte City to Evansdale3 miles13 ft425150412La Porte City
41Kickapoo Down @ Sunderbruch Kickapoo Down848 ft65 ft418340011My City
42South Leg of XC Woodpecker1 mile7 ft40653589Iowa City
43EB Sidewinder Trail to Tunnel Trail Sidewinder3,570 ft368464910Cedar Falls
44New Neverest with a Rest Lewis and Clark Monument Trail4,566 ft194 ft35539060Council Buffs
45Lodge to your left Lodge Loop1,731 ft7 ft33441273Cedar Falls
46Lewis & Clark full lap (12/2/12) Lewis and Clark Monument Trail4 miles223 ft325385717Council Buffs
47Frontflow Front Side720 ft35 ft31635845Cedar Rapids
48Origiflow Green Tour852 ft34 ft31430163Cedar Rapids
49Coralville XC Woodpecker5,278 ft14 ft31135568Iowa City
50Twisty Portage Trail from GW Lodge to Alice Wyth Rd PT1,092 ft5 ft30025883Cedar Falls
51Do the Twist PT1,436 ft8 ft28833415Cedar Falls
52For the Birds Woodpecker2,695 ft6 ft27217815Iowa City
53Shooting Star Climb from east Shooting Star1,630 ft130 ft2646480Coon Rapids
54Big/Little intersection to Fig Road Shooting Star4,313 ft138 ft2636471Coon Rapids
55Monument Rd Climb Lewis and Clark Monument Trail1,573 ft263 ft26113831Council Buffs
56This should warm the legs up! Access Road1,024 ft69 ft25216833Solon
57Squaw New Green 2017 (rev) Red Cedar1 mile64 ft25118004Cedar Rapids
58Blue Mound @ Sunderbruch Blue Mound2,246 ft80 ft24914615My City
59Grain bin trail stop to Brandon Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Brandon to La Porte City4 miles36 ft2414144Brandon
60Shellsburg hwy to depot Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Center Point to Brandon5 miles127 ft2343943Center Point
61XC Lap Clockwise Woodpecker2 miles14 ft22817498Iowa City
62Shooting Star Climb from Fig Shooting Star2,148 ft161 ft2244890Coon Rapids
63Brandon to Grain Bin Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Brandon to La Porte City4 miles49 ft2193865Brandon
64Park View Loop To Scocopa Loop Park View1 mile62 ft21512761Park View
65Jumbo Jumbo1,684 ft41 ft21411141Park View
66Depot to shellsburg hwy Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Center Point to Brandon5 miles138 ft2123823Center Point
67CG Irene1,412 ft46 ft21013342Cedar Rapids
68Squaw South Blue Irene2 miles100 ft19711804Cedar Rapids
69Stream Bottom- Crick to Gravel Jumpin Jennie1,827 ft35 ft19524693Dubuque
70Long Creek Climb South Long Creek Trail1,990 ft147 ft1876651Coon Rapids
71Squaw Kids Loop Red Cedar3,265 ft37 ft18410828Cedar Rapids
72River Cabin Climb 805 Spur915 ft99 ft1836641Coon Rapids
73Little Dipper Up Big Dipper Trail1 mile70 ft1833741Coon Rapids
74Get Mt Nasty, get turny, get climby No Name1,247 ft51 ft18111851Waverly
75Big Dipper Down Big Dipper Trail1 mile117 ft1773801Coon Rapids
76Little Dipper Down Big Dipper Trail1 mile79 ft1763860Coon Rapids
77Pine Bowl Park View3,521 ft42 ft1719851Park View
78The Snake Snake1,695 ft135 ft163140210Dubuque
79North 40 - CCW North 402,343 ft61 ft1629041Decorah
80Cannon Scott County Park Cannon Loop2 miles56 ft1617401Park View
81Fred Downhill Fred3,194 ft140 ft1608651Decorah
82Pines east counterclocker Pines East2,211 ft40 ft1517721Decorah
83Time Trials Fred911 ft149 ft1498041Decorah
84Marina Flat - West Bound Neal Smith Trail (Connector)1,988 ft74 ft1463072Johnston
85Mangerich trail Martha's Vine1,693 ft56 ft13914412Dubuque
86Brandon > Urbana CFNT Cedar Valley Nature Trail - Center Point to Brandon9 miles116 ft1382151Center Point
87Simple Kid Loop CCW Red Cedar2 miles66 ft1345482Cedar Rapids
88Yard Sale Squirrel's Nest Trail1,372 ft4 ft1334004Des Moines
89sticks and stones downhill Sticks and Stones2,497 ft112 ft13312585Dubuque
90Red Cedar Red Cedar2 miles62 ft1335454Cedar Rapids
91Area 51 Area 511,976 ft15 ft1303620Park View
92Julia - CCW Julia1,620 ft40 ft1275171Decorah
93Captain's Captain's1,129 ft38 ft1276150Decorah
94jessie's ridge forward Jesse's Ridge4,544 ft60 ft12310242Dubuque
95Kids loop reverse Red Cedar3,073 ft20 ft1224992Cedar Rapids
96Seven Sexy Switchbacks Distribution Line3,370 ft118 ft1207041Dubuque
97Top Down Distribution Distribution Line4,584 ft120 ft1166631Dubuque
98Cruisin the Loop Woodpecker2 miles11 ft1124702Iowa City
99Martha's vine Martha's Vine2,788 ft37 ft1099843Dubuque
100Squaw North Blue Irene2,290 ft69 ft1085811Cedar Rapids
101Long Creek 3rd Climb Long Creek Trail1,253 ft106 ft1022120Coon Rapids
102Jesse's Ridge Jesse's Ridge4,349 ft61 ft1015642Dubuque
103Long Creek 1st Climb Long Creek Trail2,011 ft128 ft1002160Coon Rapids
104Long Creek 2nd Climb Long Creek Trail3,227 ft111 ft1002070Coon Rapids
105Single Phase Single Phase1 mile110 ft963843Dubuque
106Lost Creek Singletrack Long Creek Trail4 miles153 ft921991Coon Rapids
107Red Cedar Red Cedar2 miles71 ft872434Cedar Rapids
108Trail Climb Irene940 ft91 ft872281Cedar Rapids
109IPTV Downhill Public Television2,917 ft115 ft843814Decorah
110Transformer Transformer3,724 ft165 ft792543Dubuque
111Anglers Eyelet Anglers Eyelet1,369 ft4 ft782460Cedar Rapids
112Pond Hopper - West to East Pond Hopper Trail1 mile84 ft781430Coon Rapids
113Bobcat South to North Bobcat Trail1 mile86 ft731900Coon Rapids
114Ingawanis - The Numbers CCW Numbers2 miles41 ft704393Waverly
115Distribution Line Distribution Line3 miles151 ft692141Dubuque
116The Numbers Clockwise Numbers2 miles39 ft683541Waverly
117Squaw Creek MTB turning right Irene2 miles100 ft682433Cedar Rapids
118Topside Current Loop (North)2,719 ft43 ft624311Burlington
119The Switches Current Loop (South)1,570 ft45 ft623770Burlington
120Starfield Counterclockwise Little Dipper Trail2 miles87 ft601180Coon Rapids
121Ingawanis - Eagle Loop CCW Eagle Lodge Loop2,111 ft18 ft592180Waverly
122Main Loop West Climb South Main Loop1,803 ft171 ft571180Coon Rapids
123Ashes to Ashes Ashes To Ashes2,600 ft124 ft552831Burlington
124Barrel of Monkey's Lewis and Clark Monument Trail1,530 ft123 ft555520Council Buffs
125Ingawanis - Eagle Loop CW Eagle Lodge Loop2,030 ft21 ft542030Waverly
126Green Mile up Green Mile1,257 ft117 ft533601Burlington
127North Loop CCW North O'Deer!1,201 ft26 ft514280Pella
128Starfield clockwise Little Dipper Trail2 miles84 ft46660Coon Rapids
129Jacob's Ladder Jacob's Ladder1,253 ft104 ft441481Burlington
130Northeast hillside flow X Marks the Spot2,309 ft50 ft443561Pella
131North East hillside flow backwards X Marks the Spot2,209 ft26 ft444490Pella
132North Loop Clockwise North O'Deer!1,411 ft37 ft434181Pella
133Westside Loop, North to South Dirt Church2,961 ft58 ft423650Pella
134Pond Hopper - East to West Pond Hopper Trail1 mile88 ft37750Coon Rapids
135Current Loop Current Loop (North)4,694 ft59 ft361481Burlington
136Current Loop Current Loop (North)4,719 ft59 ft361481Burlington
137North Over look Double track down hill Double Track1,590 ft73 ft363100Pella
138Dust to Dust Dust To Dust2,250 ft120 ft351121Burlington
139middle trail climb Fast Way Down1,033 ft70 ft301880Pella
1404xF 2016 Stompin3 miles8 ft271011Davenport
141Middle trail downhill Fast Way Down1,081 ft77 ft262750Pella
142Time Squire Jacob's Ladder1,115 ft56 ft24540Burlington
143Anglers Eyelet Anglers Eyelet1,469 ft4 ft23520Cedar Rapids
144Squaw Creek CW Loop Irene2 miles121 ft23461Cedar Rapids
145Sprint Bridge Trail1,486 ft122 ft22440Lehigh
146B.F.E. (Going West) Full Supper747 ft5 ft191421Vinton
147Creek Confluence Loop Creek Confluence Loop2,258 ft5 ft19591Marion
148Preserve Trail South to North Preserve Trail1 mile119 ft12220Lehigh
149White Rock Climb Bridge Trail813 ft111 ft11190Lehigh
150Lunchtime Loop Lunch Time Loop2,762 ft6 ft101173Vinton
151Ingawanis - The Numbers CCW Numbers1 mile37 ft000Waverly
152The Numbers Clockwise Numbers1 mile30 ft000Waverly
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