segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Ridge South Holy Smoke1,611 ft71 ft1185550
2Hemlock3Climb Holy Smoke1,039 ft110 ft1125220
3Snake In Snake2 miles77 ft934321
4Snake (Old Access Road to Nursery Access) Snake3,326 ft44 ft904540
5Snake Out Snake3,462 ft19 ft894530
6Hansel and Gretel (Copycat to Intro Connector) Hansel and Gretel: South1,261 ft72 ft884400
7Double Down Double Down3,474 ft106 ft833453
8DD Decent Double Down849 ft69 ft823540
9The Hemlock Climb Holy Smoke473 ft76 ft763300
10Hemlock 2 Climb Holy Smoke1,287 ft123 ft742860
11Ridge North Holy Smoke3,771 ft121 ft742901
12Scree D Holy Smoke1,739 ft124 ft712760
13Hansel and Gretel: North (South to North) Hansel and Gretel: North1,189 ft22 ft672270
14Intro (Old Access Road to Copycat) Intro1,882 ft73 ft581481
15Nitro Intro1,878 ft76 ft561280
16Intro Intro2,191 ft73 ft551290
17Copycat (Descent) Intro865 ft88 ft461060
18Number One One1,303 ft31 ft30671
19Number Two Two1,860 ft66 ft25531
20Copycat (Climb) Copycat860 ft90 ft17380
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