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12 StepDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
420 ft-52 ft
2 Hi / JabulaniDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
813 ft-67 ft
280th Avenue SE Connector TrailGrand Ridge
2,646 ft-124 ft
Access TrailDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
2,242 ft-29 ft
Bail OutTiger Mountain
1,549 ft-210 ft
Big TreeDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1.8 miles-80 ft
Black NuggetGrand Ridge
4,699 ft-257 ft
Boot TrailTaylor Mountain
4,532 ft-56 ft
BootcampDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,215 ft-107 ft
BraveHeartDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1.8 miles-102 ft
Carey Creek TrailTaylor Mountain
1.7 miles-247 ft
Coal Mine Loop Trail - East ClimbGrand Ridge
3,749 ft-53 ft
Coal Mine Loop Trail - West ClimbGrand Ridge
1.5 miles-262 ft
Coal Mine Loop Trail ShortcutGrand Ridge
719 ft-23 ft
Connector TrailTiger Mountain
1,469 ft-42 ft
Double TroubleDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
892 ft-59 ft
Drop InTiger Mountain
530 ft-78 ft
Dueces WildDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,770 ft-67 ft
East Tiger SummitTiger Mountain
1.5 miles-947 ft
Easy, TigerTiger Mountain
4,242 ft-61 ft
Elk RidgeTaylor Mountain
1.2 miles-54 ft
Forest Paved TrailGrand Ridge
1,809 ft-34 ft
Fully RigidTiger Mountain
1,908 ft-199 ft
G.H.Y. LineDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
939 ft-61 ft
Grand RidgeGrand Ridge
5.2 miles-1,016 ft
Grand Ridge Summit TrailGrand Ridge
3,351 ft-374 ft
Gravy TrainDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,155 ft-73 ft
Great Space CoasterDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,074 ft-44 ft
HermitTaylor Mountain
3,361 ft-14 ft
High School TrailGrand Ridge
4,032 ft-84 ft
Highlands ClimbGrand Ridge
1,148 ft-5 ft
Highlands EntranceGrand Ridge
246 ft-9 ft
HLCDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
5.3 miles-76 ft
Holder KnobTaylor Mountain
4,358 ft-250 ft
Holder RidgeTaylor Mountain
1.8 miles-412 ft
Honey BadgerDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
640 ft-29 ft
IversonTiger Mountain
1.5 miles-544 ft
Joy RideTiger Mountain
4,898 ft-461 ft
Knee KnockerTaylor Mountain
1.3 miles-206 ft
Master LinkTiger Mountain
2.3 miles-392 ft
Movin OnDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
4,362 ft-114 ft
Mt. BeaverTaylor Mountain
2,871 ft-229 ft
New BacksideGrand Ridge
2,630 ft-148 ft
NorthWest TimberTiger Mountain
2.1 miles-520 ft
Off The GridTiger Mountain
1.9 miles-1,174 ft
ParamountDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
813 ft-69 ft
Park Pointe 1Grand Ridge
1,402 ft-61 ft
Parking lot connector trailDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,470 ft-31 ft
PredatorTiger Mountain
1.6 miles-1,387 ft
Preston RailroadTiger Mountain
3.2 miles-1,293 ft
Quick LinkTiger Mountain
2,683 ft-83 ft
Ryans Eternal Flow LineDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,519 ft-117 ft
Semper DirticusDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1,215 ft-69 ft
SherwoodTaylor Mountain
3,316 ft
Short-N-SteepGrand Ridge
425 ft-83 ft
Silent SwampTiger Mountain
1.4 miles-399 ft
South Pond LoopGrand Ridge
2,937 ft-79 ft
Step It UpDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
1.3 miles-233 ft
Sunset - Gun ClubGrand Ridge
3,016 ft-25 ft
Sunset THGrand Ridge
400 ft-86 ft
The LegendTiger Mountain
3,010 ft-316 ft
Tradition Trailhead CutoffGrand Ridge
2,449 ft-99 ft
unknownGrand Ridge
442 ft-32 ft
Voodoo ChildDuthie Hill Mountain Bike Park
778 ft-61 ft
Water Tower LoopGrand Ridge
1.9 miles-263 ft
Whiskey StillTaylor Mountain
2,717 ft-146 ft
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