Mountain Bike
1st Dipper
524 ft-7 ft
BMW Loop
2,484 ft-18 ft50 ft
Dead Cow
3,435 ft-52 ft29 ft
Forgot This p
2 miles
Get Yet Pants Off
1,250 ft-43 ft42 ft
Growers Lane
1,266 ft-21 ft18 ft
Have a break
397 ft9 ft
High Line
1,404 ft-9 ft15 ft
Hippy Trail
1,801 ft-15 ft45 ft
Home Bake
3,232 ft-66 ft22 ft
Last Legs
702 ft
Link from Growers Lane to Livistona
223 ft5 ft
2,848 ft-33 ft97 ft
Loggers Lane
1,509 ft-9 ft5 ft
Lost Luggage
2 miles-148 ft136 ft
Low Line
856 ft-10 ft6 ft
Northpipe loop
3,586 ft-65 ft64 ft
Nose Dive
1,273 ft-31 ft38 ft
Old Mates
2,812 ft-69 ft23 ft
Rainforest to Muffintop
1 mile-111 ft31 ft
Ride a White Swan
4,997 ft-56 ft42 ft
Roller Coaster
5,152 ft-134 ft30 ft
1,368 ft-7 ft44 ft
1,552 ft82 ft
Smashed Banana
1,272 ft-36 ft36 ft
Snakes and Ladders
4,354 ft-47 ft56 ft
The Pines
1,109 ft-45 ft8 ft
Totem Poles to Picadilly
1 mile-8 ft88 ft
Trolls Lair/Troll Marsh
2,441 ft-54 ft60 ft
TV run
312 ft-2 ft5 ft
Two Humps
1,430 ft-22 ft22 ft
Use the Force
1,549 ft-23 ft28 ft
Where the Wild Things Grow
3,579 ft-45 ft65 ft
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