segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1In Too Deep Magic Carpet Ride1,382 ft42 ft26413430
2Flat Out Forward Flat Out Forward1,198 ft8 ft25914394
3Niko's Trail Magic Carpet Ride1,234 ft41 ft25113081
4Jefferson Climb Jefferson Climb1,458 ft102 ft24013754
5Side Piece Creek Bed1,849 ft44 ft23214176
6Whoop de Doop Jefferson Climb2,133 ft60 ft2327153
7Rutty Climb Crackhouse1,168 ft64 ft2247870
8Tracy's Journey Crackhouse1,056 ft28 ft1936921
9Rollercoaster! Rubber Ducky722 ft18 ft1858593
10Monster dirt hill 20% Gravel Cut317 ft47 ft1855632
11Wifebeater Wifebeater537 ft19 ft1846901
12David's Trial Jefferson Climb2,765 ft119 ft18310611
13Ridgeline Climb Ridgeliner992 ft88 ft1727981
14Sec Sea Secsea4,232 ft85 ft1687572
15Schloppy Half-Seconds Schloppy Seconds2,841 ft52 ft1566071
16Crackhouse into TJ Crackhouse3,502 ft98 ft1535831
17TJ Into Crackhouse Crackhouse3,220 ft70 ft1484071
18The big sweep Old Farm Road1,743 ft26 ft1486401
19Day Dreamer Old Farm Road1,027 ft20 ft1305620
20Blame it on the Rain. Northern Run1,547 ft26 ft1264820
21Schloppy Seconds Schloppy Seconds1 miles86 ft1194533
22Schloppy Blues Reverse Schloppy Blues2,153 ft45 ft931970
23Schloppy Blues Schloppy Blues2,294 ft39 ft622472
24Main Gravel Intersection to Crackhouse Summit Gravel Cut2,934 ft45 ft40660
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