segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Mill Creek Inlet to Kosci Road climb Mill Creek Trail1,409 ft61 ft272588812
2Jindabyne MTB Challenge - Mill Creek - Main trail climb to Kissing Rocks Mill Creek Trail1,712 ft56 ft252581063
3Bridge to Cobbin Cres Copper Tom Trail3,525 ft14 ft252077102
4Copper Tom Reach Track to Bridge (Reverse) Copper Tom Trail1,802 ft64 ft248172861
5Return to Jindabyne. Copper Tom Trail1 miles110 ft247974241
6Mill Creek D Mill Creek Trail2,019 ft135 ft240671826
7Duplo Copper Tom Trail2,625 ft80 ft238972111
8Top of Mill Creek climb to the bottom of the drop Mill Creek Trail2,902 ft166 ft235270412
9Jindabyne MTB Challenge - Mill Creek - Cobbin Crescent to Poo Bay bridge Copper Tom Trail3,536 ft27 ft222266673
10Cobbon Crescent to the dam Copper Tom Trail1 miles116 ft213861694
11Road to bridge, the first bit! Copper Tom Trail3,615 ft16 ft212866930
12Lot 3 Kosciuszko Rd Climb Mill Creek Trail1 miles280 ft208063323
13Jindabyne MTB Challenge - Mill Creek - Tyrolean start to Pink turn-off Mill Creek Trail953 ft30 ft196258711
14Pink Trail to Mills Creek descent Mill Creek Trail2 miles249 ft160944804
15Felicity's Mill Creek Trail804 ft23 ft135740033
16Dam wall to Tyrolean and back Mill Creek Trail5 miles295 ft72219470
17Jindabyne MTB Challenge - Mill Creek - Buntys Sounth Bunty's South780 ft32 ft70311821
18She'll Be Apple's She'll Be Apples2,616 ft87 ft65716713
19shore north from parking Wrap a Go Go2,501 ft85 ft56714351
20Jindabyne MTB Challenge - Mill Creek - Whoop D Doo Whoop D Doo867 ft125 ft50010190
21huff n puff Huff 'n Puff2,935 ft247 ft4999813
22Bounty's South Bunty's South2,098 ft58 ft4928400
23Bunty's South Bunty's South1,877 ft78 ft4888320
24Centre link Centrelink1,936 ft94 ft47710223
25Pink Descent Pink Trail3,329 ft303 ft43511203
26Jelly leg climb Huff 'n Puff2,880 ft239 ft461901
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