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Trail Conditions
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  • Snow Packed
  • Snow Covered
  • Freeze/thaw Cycle
  • Icy
  • Prevalent Mud
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      This region is Unsanctioned, Ride at your own Risk!

      The region is designated as PLA, containing few small-scale protected areas: National nature reserves, National nature monuments, Nature reserves and Nature monuments. Most of the trails are Multi Use.
      This is Ota Pavel’s country: "A bank ascends above the river by the island, a strange bank as the usual rocks are absent. But there is soft greenery on the small plateaus among the massive oaks. Game used to come here to graze and pass by here when going to the river to drink. In fact it was a beautiful garden or a chateau park...." The writer Ota Pavel described with these words the Křivoklátsko countryside in one of his famous stories - Smrt Krásných Srnců (The Death of the Beautiful Roebucks). Křivoklátsko, a PLA and UNESCO biosphere reserve, is unusual in comparison to similar landscapes in Europe. It is spread out in Central Bohemia and is covered by deciduous and mixed forests (up to two thirds of the area). More than 1800 species of vascular plants and at least 52 woody species have been conserved here to this day. It serves as a breeding ground for about 120 bird species and numerous species of animals, one of which is on the Red list of rare and vulnerable species.

      The richness and preservation of the whole area are the result of many natural elements and the historical context, most importantly the broken country of the Křivoklátská uplands, rich geological constitution, the phenomenon of the Berounka River valley, varied orientation of biotopes towards cardinal points, soil types, climatic conditions and also past development of settlements. The steep and inaccessible slopes of the Berounka River valley are covered with indigenous forest woody species and there are outcrops with typical thermophilous fauna and flora species in some parts. The water flow has created a deep, , valley in the rock basement for thousands of years, even forming a canyon in some parts. Due to the river there is a quite temperate mesoclimate. In contrast, the Berounka water-sources form narrow valleys where sunlight barely reaches the bottom, especially in summer, when it is shaded by the canopy of the deciduous trees is. The temperature on the bottom of the valleys is rather low for most of the year, which corresponds to conditions in foothills and mountainous areas. Temperature inversion, which is typical for this area, is one of the sources of rich biodiversity here.
      Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country
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      Total Distance
      34 miles
      Total Descent Distance
      18 miles
      Total Descent
      6,444 ft
      Highest Trailhead
      1,978 ft
      Total Vertical
      1,250 ft
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