Mountain Bike
(Lookout Switchback Climb) p
1,460 ft97 ft
(SLFD Mirror) p
1 mile-312 ft3 ft
Bernacki Beaver Fever
2 miles-79 ft240 ft
Big Point Pond
2 miles-284 ft292 ft
Blueberry Hill p
2 miles-272 ft137 ft
Broken Peaks p
2,635 ft-24 ft35 ft
Broken Shield
2 miles-393 ft313 ft
Comin' 'Round The Mountain p
1 mile-350 ft22 ft
Dump Access
2,151 ft-3 ft6 ft
Dump Run Downhill p
3,199 ft-328 ft
Logging Camp
1,377 ft97 ft
MKC Connector 1
335 ft-20 ft
MKC Main River Access
279 ft-25 ft
Moonshine Marsh Loop p
3,228 ft-21 ft11 ft
Moonshine Run
3,606 ft-235 ft
Moonshine Run (alternate route)
1,985 ft-103 ft6 ft
Northern Wolf
2 miles-149 ft47 ft
Old Bernacki Loop
2,448 ft91 ft
Sand Trap
593 ft-11 ft
Southern Wolf
2 miles-193 ft211 ft
Super Long Fun Downhill p
1 mile-193 ft
Super Long Fun Downhill - Part I
1 mile-131 ft25 ft
3,209 ft-80 ft132 ft
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