segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1HSR Upper Upper The Chase1 miles552 ft135623194
2hs climb to top of south flow Lazy Dazz3,036 ft153 ft106328342
3Powdered Sugar & Maple Syrup Graveyard Escalador Connector4,058 ft265 ft105529693
4Land of 1,000 Switchbacks The Chase1 miles337 ft77411453
5Lemmy's Rock n Rolla Whip It4,053 ft403 ft72612996
6HSR Short Stack Climb Saddle Loop2,752 ft177 ft71415935
7road to nowhere Tombstone3,313 ft56 ft60111152
8hsr upper down Bad Hombre1 miles354 ft5317813
9South side boogaloo Graveyard3,005 ft202 ft3926502
10h s r South flow d h Graveyard3,891 ft201 ft3666011
11tombstone loop ccw Tombstone3,373 ft74 ft1512282
12Sebass Lazy Dazz1,561 ft174 ft831371
13Little South Fork Down Little South Fork5,029 ft253 ft53650
14N Trappers Loop Rd Climb Bench Creek1 miles453 ft42560
15E Forest Creek Rd Climb Bench Creek3 miles1,138 ft39510
16Camp Hollow Down Camp Hollow2 miles558 ft37480
17Camp Hollow Down 2 Camp Hollow3,921 ft314 ft37480
18Camp Hollow Down 3 Camp Hollow1 miles496 ft37480
19LittlSouthFork Little South Fork5 miles1,917 ft35490
20Full Camp Hollow DH Camp Hollow4 miles1,297 ft28330
21Bench Creek grind Bench Creek5 miles1,728 ft25320
22All o Camp Hollow Camp Hollow4 miles1,299 ft17210
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