Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
100 ProofVeterans Park
4,541 ft-81 ft12 ft
3 - 4 ConnectorCharlestown State Park
892 ft-4 ft
9-ToeSugarcamp Mountain
5,105 ft-63 ft173 ft
Access TrailCherokee Park
1,240 ft-16 ft7 ft
Advanced 1England Idlewild
2 miles-277 ft292 ft
Advanced 2England Idlewild
1 mile-207 ft207 ft
Advanced 3England Idlewild
2 miles-222 ft222 ft
Advanced 4England Idlewild
3,689 ft-115 ft115 ft
All The Way UpCapitol View Park
3,871 ft199 ft
Alternate Drop Line - (Yellow Trail - Slalom)Fort Duffield
128 ft-30 ft
Alternate TrailCherokee Park
2,237 ft-20 ft71 ft
Alternate TrailCherokee Park
1,526 ft-32 ft
Around the Golf Course LoopSeneca Park
1 mile-73 ft128 ft
Arrowhead TrailSugarcamp Mountain
2,792 ft-184 ft68 ft
Artillery TrailLand Between the Lakes
4 miles-57 ft226 ft
Avenue of GiantsCapitol View Park
3,185 ft-126 ft115 ft
B-LineSugarcamp Mountain
3,433 ft-480 ft400 ft
B-LineSugarcamp Mountain
4,111 ft-342 ft12 ft
B-Line ExpressSugarcamp Mountain
1,732 ft-75 ft65 ft
Back BowlDevou Park
3,673 ft-195 ft217 ft
Back Door #8Eagle Scout Trail System Pulaski County Park
738 ft-3 ft6 ft
BackboneLivingston County Trail System
1,998 ft30 ft
Bail OutSilver Creek Bike Park
312 ft
Bambi TrailSaunders Springs
4,869 ft-82 ft84 ft
Bates-Combs LoopDevou Park
2 miles-233 ft233 ft
Battle RowTower Park
528 ft-53 ft2 ft
Beckett's RevengeLivingston County Trail System
3,763 ft-78 ft54 ft
Beckett's Revenge Extra LegLivingston County Trail System
633 ft10 ft
Bellevue Beach Park LoopBellevue Beach Park
1,407 ft-13 ft8 ft
Benny GoatPerry County Park
2,769 ft-111 ft232 ft
BentuckyPerry County Park
2,365 ft-54 ft19 ft
Bermie SandersCapitol View Park
1,942 ft-71 ft
Beyond Missing LinkSugarcamp Mountain
2,080 ft-38 ft52 ft
Big BeechTaylorsville Lake State Park
3 miles-651 ft709 ft
Big BurrWest Sixth Farm
1,726 ft-20 ft56 ft
Big DigYoungers Creek
5,235 ft-243 ft250 ft
Big LimestoneCave Run Lake
1,863 ft-105 ft150 ft
Blue Connector OEddyville
345 ft-34 ft2 ft
Blue LoopRudy Mines Trails
5 miles-933 ft935 ft
Blue TrailFort Duffield
2 miles-343 ft158 ft
Blue TrailFort Duffield
2,644 ft-18 ft129 ft
Blue TrailThe Charles and Betty Russell Park
95 ft-3 ft
Blue Trail EastSkull Buster
4 miles-456 ft426 ft
Blue Trail WestSkull Buster
1 mile-184 ft217 ft
Bo Beckett Memorial TrailKentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
1,004 ft-2 ft
Bo Beckett Memorial TrailKentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
7 miles-438 ft437 ft
Bohanon LoopLand Between the Lakes
2 miles-332 ft333 ft
BoothillLivingston County Trail System
3,094 ft-9 ft60 ft
Boothill ConnectorLivingston County Trail System
233 ft-2 ft
BottleneckSilver Creek Bike Park
512 ft
Braddock Creek LoopFreeman Lake Park
998 ft-1 ft35 ft
Briar PitSugarcamp Mountain
2,096 ft-119 ft
Broken Spoke TrailBroken Spokes Trail
6 miles-345 ft344 ft
Brown Spring LoopLand Between the Lakes
3,420 ft-135 ft128 ft
Buck Creek TrailCave Run Lake
4,455 ft-86 ft31 ft
Buck's LairEngland Idlewild
3,933 ft-108 ft111 ft
Buckskin Trail #113Cave Run Lake
7 miles-1,963 ft1,934 ft
Buffalo LakeBuffalo Lake
3 miles-203 ft203 ft
Buffalo Lake AccessBuffalo Lake
181 ft-3 ft6 ft
Buffalo LeveeBuffalo Lake
2,891 ft-3 ft6 ft
Bug RunYoungers Creek
4 miles-314 ft321 ft
Bullfrog Crossing Excursion TrailTurkey Run Park
4,637 ft-92 ft55 ft
Burly ManSugarcamp Mountain
1 mile-89 ft407 ft
Burning TreeSugarcamp Mountain
3,058 ft-227 ft155 ft
Burnt Tree ConnectorLivingston County Trail System
243 ft2 ft
Bushwacker #20Eagle Scout Trail System Pulaski County Park
2 miles-278 ft96 ft
Cabin TrailGreen River State Park
3,551 ft-43 ft50 ft
Camp Ground Access NorthTaylorsville Lake State Park
999 ft-43 ft14 ft
Camp Ground Access SouthTaylorsville Lake State Park
1,920 ft-61 ft63 ft
Campground ConnectorCumberland Falls State Resort Park
1,073 ft-149 ft
Campground LoopRough River Lake
1 mile-128 ft141 ft
Canal TrailLand Between the Lakes
10 miles-905 ft868 ft
Cannon Mount RowTower Park
1,437 ft-22 ft53 ft
Carpenter's Run TrailGreenbo Lake State Resort Park
896 ft74 ft
Carpenter's Run Trail - WestGreenbo Lake State Resort Park
3 miles-534 ft451 ft
CarseatLivingston County Trail System
2,146 ft-12 ft16 ft
Cave Branch TrailCarter Caves State Resort Park
4,472 ft-6 ft85 ft
Cave Branch trailCarter Caves State Resort Park
2 miles-128 ft344 ft
Cave LoopRough River Lake
1 mile-120 ft110 ft
Cave Run #112Cave Run Lake
4 miles-1,712 ft1,360 ft
Cave SpringBuffalo Lake
4,800 ft-124 ft183 ft
Cedar GroveLake Barkley State Resort Park
1 mile-168 ft159 ft
Center GreenwayWeldon Peete Park
2,508 ft-6 ft7 ft
Center TrailSaunders Springs
1,004 ft26 ft
Central Hardwoods Scenic TrailLand Between the Lakes
3 miles-112 ft77 ft
Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail - EastLand Between the Lakes
4 miles-654 ft468 ft
Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail - MiddleLand Between the Lakes
2 miles-371 ft335 ft
Central Hardwoods Scenic Trail - WestLand Between the Lakes
2 miles-230 ft447 ft
Charles and Betty Russell Park accessThe Charles and Betty Russell Park
121 ft3 ft
Cherokee LoopCherokee Park
1,713 ft-38 ft36 ft
Cherokee LoopCherokee Park
5,152 ft-77 ft116 ft
Cherokee LoopCherokee Park
5,028 ft-120 ft106 ft
Cherokee LoopCherokee Park
3,516 ft-110 ft78 ft
Cherokee LoopCherokee Park
1 mile-168 ft116 ft
Chinkapin TrailTurkey Run Park
2 miles-205 ft207 ft
Clay Lick Loop BGreenbo Lake State Resort Park
1 mile-206 ft227 ft
Claylick Loop AccessGreenbo Lake State Resort Park
3,880 ft-86 ft53 ft
Claylick Loop TrailGreenbo Lake State Resort Park
5 miles-480 ft486 ft
Claysville LoopFreeman Lake Park
2,573 ft-59 ft57 ft
Cliffside #13Eagle Scout Trail System Pulaski County Park
778 ft-22 ft
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