segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1half a heartbreak Te Wairoa Road2,404 ft74 ft1065110
2NIGELS NOSTRIL (SOUTHBOUND) Nigel's Nostril1,207 ft28 ft876001
3Deliverance (down) Deliverance1,473 ft131 ft874944
4Deliverance Deliverance3,608 ft135 ft854663
5HEARTBREAK HILL Te Wairoa Road3,826 ft225 ft832853
6FireBreak Ext Firebreak Extension859 ft100 ft829974
7CLIMB TO DIESEL ROAD Te Wairoa Road1,640 ft123 ft773012
8CLIMB TO TE PUKE ROAD Te Wairoa Road1,911 ft119 ft772642
9Hidden Agenda Hidden Agenda2,069 ft177 ft746613
10NIGELS NOSTRIL (NORTHBOUND) Nigel's Nostril1,173 ft33 ft745120
11Wasn't me (up) Wasn't Me4,836 ft183 ft746495
12Swamper Down Coronary Bypass1 miles168 ft543701
134 Wheel Drive (up) 4WD799 ft53 ft533350
142wd 2WD600 ft109 ft473451
15JOCKS DROP Jocks Drop2,305 ft233 ft452532
16ESCAPE FROM JOCKS DROP Escape From Jocks Drop2,471 ft196 ft382311
17A Bit Of Faith A Bit of Faith376 ft69 ft321460
18Dug Less Dug Less1,140 ft84 ft282070
19Half cut Dux Dux old2,998 ft58 ft201471
20Reverse Cowgirl Coronary Bypass1 miles173 ft6140
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