Bruce Trail - Kerns Road to Dundas Street
1.1 miles-160 ft
Bruce Trail - King Road to Kerns Road
5,109 ft-74 ft
Bruce Trail - Mill Street to King Road
1.5 miles-185 ft
Bypass to Hydrocut
814 ft-10 ft
Dump Trail Extension
2.6 miles-478 ft
Dundas Street Alternate Entrance
927 ft-20 ft
1,037 ft-12 ft
Ian Reid Side Trail
2,820 ft-162 ft
Kerncliff Park Access Trail
2,021 ft-54 ft
King Side Trail
3,756 ft-49 ft
Mountain Brow Road Side Trail
3,188 ft-13 ft
Westhaven Access
307 ft-21 ft
Westhaven to King trail
906 ft-7 ft
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