Mountain Bike
10/12 Split
299 ft
161 ft
Exit to Pavement
272 ft-5 ft
Green Trail
4,600 ft-50 ft3 ft
Mountain Bike Festival Start Loop
3,031 ft-7 ft11 ft
Next Lap
764 ft3 ft
Old route
440 ft38 ft
Old Route
423 ft9 ft
Old Route
262 ft-10 ft
Orange Trail
1 mile-120 ft120 ft
Orange Trail Access
1,093 ft9 ft
92 ft
Red Trail
4,521 ft-56 ft43 ft
Red Trail Access
394 ft9 ft
Red Trail Access 2
377 ft-11 ft
Red Trail Shortcut
322 ft-12 ft
1,634 ft
Teal Trail
1 mile-10 ft92 ft
Teal Trail (Top)
1 mile-38 ft43 ft
Teal Trail (Top) Access
112 ft
Teal Trail Red Trail Connector
4,222 ft-40 ft19 ft
Teal Trail to Yellow Trail Connector
1,421 ft-39 ft10 ft
To the River!
932 ft-10 ft
Yellow Trail
3 miles-160 ft214 ft
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