segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Fox Creek Fox Creek Loop4,037 ft377 ft2156577711
2Lake Creek to Fox Fox Creek Loop2 miles164 ft213053750
3M-F'er Fox Creek Loop534 ft81 ft209054369
4Fox DH Fox Creek Loop4,152 ft426 ft208753695
5Nats Bike Path only Wood River Bike Path2 miles50 ft172567244
6WSDH Traverse to Lower WS Warm Springs2 miles688 ft146627753
7Forbidden Fruit Forbidden Fruit3,434 ft400 ft1464447124
8Little America Climb Warm Springs3,866 ft128 ft145827572
9Warm Springs DH Climb Warm Springs1 mile279 ft145727512
10Upper Warm Springs Descent Warm Springs5 miles1,372 ft142826904
11ChocFox gut Fox Creek Loop4,014 ft135 ft130334781
12Lower Warm Springs DH Warm Springs3 miles1,030 ft127029618
13Ughhh! Forbidden Fruit1,938 ft175 ft124032014
14LiL Steep Climb River Run Trail340 ft36 ft121447311
15Shady Side DH Shady Side Trail1 mile207 ft1172346310
16The last part of Spring Creek: (not worth riding) but bonus kudos for air time Spring Creek1 mile420 ft106719325
17All dh from here Spring Creek1 mile165 ft106418200
18Warm Springs Hill Wood River Bike Path2,261 ft47 ft104937005
19WS DH Top Section to SR Broadway2 miles446 ft103922716
20Pro XC DH River Run Trail2 miles532 ft103828974
21heidelberg up from shady Heidlberg Hill843 ft96 ft102639490
22SR Switchback to Cold Spring Cut off Broadway3,143 ft218 ft101516532
23Shady Side Shady Side Trail1 mile158 ft101429733
24dh from HH to AG Heidlberg Hill824 ft99 ft101043303
25lower singletrack to finish River Run Trail2 miles524 ft100928412
26Broadway to the Notch Broadway2 miles397 ft99821451
27Heidelberg dh to edited trail section Heidlberg Hill2,823 ft227 ft97239610
28Heidelberg DH (top to the sign at the bottom) Heidlberg Hill3,531 ft286 ft96839555
29Heildelberg (from the bottom, not Warm Springs Road) Heidlberg Hill3,638 ft285 ft923417910
30Riding Christmas Chairlift Christmas Lift3,610 ft1,245 ft92328811
31Baldy Flow Trail Saddle Up3 miles1,225 ft87819552
32AG dh Lane's Trail4,179 ft153 ft83120752
33National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Cold Springs4,374 ft349 ft82317031
34National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Cold Springs1 mile508 ft82116931
35Top Cold Springs Cold Springs2 miles748 ft82017053
36National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Cold Springs4,101 ft308 ft81216390
37Middle Cold Springs Cold Springs2 miles782 ft80416252
38Lower Cold Springs Cold Springs2 miles918 ft80316196
39Cold Springs Gate to Deck Overlook Cold Springs4 miles1,400 ft79315832
40Lower Corral Creek Corral Creek Trail1 mile115 ft78718441
41The REAL Forbidden Fruit (Corrected)_AM Forbidden Fruit2,681 ft387 ft76516820
42Sunnyside dh Lane's Trail3,709 ft175 ft74518463
43Corral Creek mini downhill Corral Creek Trail2 miles267 ft70616100
44Downhill from Squirrel to RR trail Traverse Trail1 mile610 ft69515060
45Pork Chop DH Pork chop1 mile758 ft6659261
46Grey Hawk to River Run trail service road Traverse Trail2 miles630 ft65714360
47Corral Creek DH Short Corral Creek Trail3 miles321 ft65015052
48La Fin Lake Creek Connector1,767 ft240 ft64615131
49Harpers downhill Harper's Trail1 mile536 ft62617143
50S Turns Lupine1,922 ft196 ft60418101
51LANES DH Lane's Trail2,892 ft243 ft60316480
52Upper RR Upper River Run Trail1 mile341 ft56717280
53Unnamed Rd Climb Traverse Trail2,845 ft295 ft53415712
54River Run Switchbacks to First Chair River Run Trail2 miles554 ft51616403
55Lower Flow Saddle Up4,654 ft284 ft49610261
56White Cloud #2 White Clouds Trail1 mile100 ft49515181
57Lake Creek/Adams Connector Lake Creek Connector3,118 ft266 ft4767491
58Saddle Up (For what?) Saddle Up3 miles1,182 ft4719724
59Elk Trail Down White Clouds Trail4,113 ft170 ft46013900
60National Forest Develop Road 135 Climb Traverse Trail3,348 ft346 ft45313642
61Bald Mtn Double Track Traverse Trail1 mile629 ft43313182
62Lane's/Sunnyside Downhill Lane's Trail2 miles418 ft42011364
63Edge of the world (steep part) Oregon Gulch (U)3 miles1,659 ft4026331
64Oregon Gulch DH Oregon Gulch (U)3 miles1,667 ft4016283
65Lupine Flow Lupine1 mile327 ft3958121
66Lupine Lupine2 miles556 ft3928084
67Harper's Climb Harper's Trail1 mile547 ft3796632
68Pale Rider Pale Rider4,868 ft473 ft3619196
69Corral Creek Bridge Corral Creek Trail3 miles406 ft3545722
70Puchner Ln Climb Warm Springs3,515 ft279 ft3457210
71F-M'er Fox Creek Loop620 ft81 ft3214172
72Lower Warm Springs climb Warm Springs3 miles1,016 ft3076282
73Top Cold Springs to Cold Springs Lookout DH Cold Springs5 miles1,705 ft2823440
74Pork Chop Hill Pork chop1 mile726 ft2735475
75White Cloud Climb White Clouds Trail1 mile211 ft2725932
76National Forest Development Road 135 Climb Bald Mountain Trail1 mile1,014 ft2433081
77rd Ave Climb River Run Trail3,212 ft368 ft2184720
78Galena Grinder - The Grinder The Grinder1,526 ft241 ft1953342
79National Forest Develop Road 227 Climb Warm Springs2 miles506 ft1341860
80Sellgren's Trail Big Wood Connector3,820 ft257 ft1022682
81Idaho 75 Climb Galena Summit Toll Road1 mile329 ft58830
82National Forest Develop Road 168 Climb Oregon Gulch (U)2,742 ft292 ft30300
83Galena View CW Galena View Loop4,520 ft112 ft21480
84National Forest Develop Road 135 Climb Traverse Trail3,313 ft361 ft000
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