Mountain Bike
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401Lois Creek
2 miles-135 ft159 ft
A-Frame TrailLois Creek
1 mile-8 ft69 ft
Amps Go Marching (Short Circuit Cross Country Loop)Kimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
4,062 ft-47 ft212 ft
ApacheKimberley Nature Park
2 miles-136 ft162 ft
Apache SpurKimberley Nature Park
440 ft10 ft
Army Road (Trans Canada Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
2 miles-103 ft81 ft
Atlas ShruggedBootleg Mountain
2 miles-2,113 ft
Atlas to Pinch ConnectorBootleg Mountain
1,411 ft-158 ft
Atlas/Purple connectorBootleg Mountain
492 ft-50 ft
Bail Out ConnectorKimberley
BartsLois Creek
1 mile-136 ft64 ft
Bashful (Snow Mexican to Snow White Connector)Bootleg Mountain
BearKimberley Nature Park
4,531 ft-5 ft540 ft
Bear Hill LookoutKimberley Nature Park
364 ft-10 ft3 ft
4,511 ft-42 ft111 ft
BenchLois Creek
1,168 ft-6 ft6 ft
Blake's Single TrackLois Creek
2 miles-96 ft117 ft
Blakes to Totem ConnectorLois Creek
361 ft
Border LineKimberley Nature Park
1,001 ft32 ft
BoulderKimberley Nature Park
3,248 ft-146 ft38 ft
Bullfrog HillKimberley Nature Park
1,493 ft63 ft
BurntKimberley Nature Park
1,306 ft-167 ft16 ft
Butte Lookout LoopKimberley
2 miles-379 ft380 ft
Cabin TrailKimberley Nature Park
1,529 ft-93 ft51 ft
Campground Trail (The Great Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
761 ft61 ft
Cardiac ArrestKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-189 ft170 ft
CentennialKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
3,051 ft-73 ft69 ft
Centennial 2Kimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
2,333 ft-38 ft27 ft
ChickenKimberley Nature Park
505 ft-79 ft
Chute RerouteLois Creek
2,602 ft-120 ft13 ft
Connie's WayKimberley Area Trails
3,251 ft123 ft
Coral RouteKimberley Nature Park
4,734 ft-227 ft127 ft
CougarKimberley Nature Park
574 ft-95 ft
CreekKimberley Nature Park
2,346 ft-365 ft
Cutting EdgeKimberley Area Trails
3,064 ft-42 ft137 ft
Daisy TrailLois Creek
3,435 ft-49 ft38 ft
Dipper LakeKimberley Nature Park
1,857 ft-23 ft65 ft
Double ScotchKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-127 ft3 ft
Duck PondKimberley Nature Park
2 miles-574 ft92 ft
Duck PondKimberley Nature Park
3,524 ft-128 ft62 ft
E61 (Cross Country)Bootleg Mountain
3 miles-77 ft827 ft
Edge TrailKimberley Nature Park
1 mile-270 ft25 ft
Eimer's RoadKimberley Nature Park
2,848 ft172 ft
Eimers RidgeKimberley Nature Park
3,031 ft-10 ft176 ft
ElbowKimberley Area Trails
1,998 ft-14 ft33 ft
ElbowKimberley Nature Park
217 ft
Electric AvenueKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-34 ft381 ft
Fall LineKimberley Nature Park
1,076 ft-109 ft
Finnegan's BluffKimberley
2,028 ft-6 ft25 ft
Florences's GullyLois Creek
1 mile-7 ft192 ft
FlumeKimberley Nature Park
899 ft-127 ft
Force MainKimberley Area Trails
5,137 ft-161 ft51 ft
Forest Crowne Through RoadKimberley
2 miles-73 ft37 ft
Forest Crowne Through Road DownKimberley Area Trails
3,704 ft202 ft
Front BoulevardKimberley Nature Park
1 mile395 ft
Hans UpKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
2,602 ft-97 ft65 ft
Happy Hans LoopKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
2 miles-170 ft180 ft
Happy Hans LoopKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
961 ft18 ft
haǂaʔ¢u swaʔ (Sneaking Cougar -Trans Canada Trail)Bootleg Mountain
2 miles-158 ft366 ft
Hertz So GoodKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-35 ft288 ft
Higgins HillKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1,640 ft-149 ft7 ft
HighlanderKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-52 ft39 ft
HillsideKimberley Nature Park
1,411 ft-46 ft50 ft
Home RunKimberley Area Trails
2 miles-92 ft366 ft
Hoodoo ViewKimberley Nature Park
3,438 ft-199 ft4 ft
Horse TrailKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1,675 ft-32 ft32 ft
I Know What You Did Last Winter pKimberley Nature Park
4,600 ft-241 ft
It was always thereKimberley Nature Park
2,542 ft-28 ft117 ft
Jack RabbitKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-54 ft50 ft
James Ritchie TrailKimberley Area Trails
4,529 ft-133 ft43 ft
Jimmy Russell (The Great Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
2 miles-17 ft763 ft
John Swift River LoopKimberley Area Trails
2,221 ft-33 ft82 ft
John TravoltageKimberley Nature Park
2,694 ft-6 ft30 ft
K-1Kimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-185 ft168 ft
K-2Kimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-23 ft166 ft
Karsten's TrailLois Creek
2,037 ft-28 ft50 ft
Keivers WayKimberley Area Trails
945 ft-121 ft
Krista's HillLois Creek
1,171 ft77 ft
LandsenKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-103 ft53 ft
Legion RidgeLois Creek
2,730 ft-161 ft
Levirs In a Dangerous timeKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
4,754 ft-40 ft226 ft
Loop D LoopLois Creek
1,713 ft-33 ft
Lower Army Road (Trans Canada Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
2 miles-75 ft276 ft
Lower CardiacKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-173 ft175 ft
Lower Thunder Turkey (Trans Canada Trail)Kimberley Area Trails
781 ft-13 ft
Mark Creek Trail / Lion's WayKimberley
2 miles225 ft
McGinty TrailLois Creek
4,239 ft-87 ft90 ft
3,326 ft-73 ft61 ft
Meadow TrailKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-37 ft35 ft
Misdirection - Magic Line 3 Original ClimbKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-61 ft545 ft
Moe Magic Moe ProblemsKimberley Alpine Resort
338 ft-8 ft8 ft
Moe's CanyonKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
1 mile-254 ft113 ft
Mountain Mine (Climb)Kimberley Nature Park
5,266 ft-52 ft471 ft
Mr. ToadKimberley Area Trails
3 miles-1,061 ft316 ft
MussersKimberley Nature Park
1,417 ft3 ft
Mussers PlateauKimberley Nordic Club and Ski Hill
2 miles-1,337 ft
NIMBYBootleg Mountain
5,000 ft-359 ft
Northstar Rails to TrailsKimberley
16 miles-885 ft274 ft
Not Keiver's WayKimberley Area Trails
1,076 ft-9 ft74 ft
Nurses TrailKimberley
2,313 ft-228 ft16 ft
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