segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1End-FunRun Kirkhill Fun Park420 ft10 ft1382104241
2Fun Park Kirkhill Fun Park1,766 ft23 ft13761033428
3End_AK Kirkhill Fun Park501 ft10 ft1367106412
4Tower South Climb - Sprint! Tower South Climb799 ft88 ft13291116721
5funparkshort Kirkhill Fun Park1,586 ft67 ft132588991
6A96 Climb Forest Road1,449 ft301 ft1278704213
7Fun Park Full Run Kirkhill Fun Park3,111 ft98 ft124770992
8Tower Descent Tower Descent940 ft67 ft1113769836
9Initial climb Forest Road3,407 ft156 ft96842146
10Rocky Trail along Wall Side Trail604 ft38 ft91350576
11Hill of Marcus - Technical Climb Hill of Marcus Climb2,260 ft83 ft895654811
12Muddy Climb - AK Hill of Marcus Climb535 ft42 ft89366777
13Fast Run Down Forest Path1,571 ft147 ft77227670
14Kirkhill Fun Park Loop Kirkhill Fun Park3,254 ft74 ft71229424
15Fast Forwarder Fast Forwarder1,099 ft134 ft691485325
16FF Fast Forwarder903 ft85 ft68146215
17Loamasaurus rex Fallen Tree336 ft56 ft63834747
18Fun Park Climb Kirkhill Fun Park Access Trail1,598 ft21 ft63220651
19Home Stretch Forest Road1,971 ft23 ft61719232
20Tricky climb Forest Path176 ft44 ft55831042
21Offt Mieks Full Run313 ft94 ft48527341
22Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be S Club 7 Forest Road4,902 ft127 ft47715152
23tyrebagger tower Tower Descent967 ft106 ft47019733
24Rooty Route Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs2,139 ft45 ft43221304
25Viewpoint Descent Tower South Climb1,094 ft89 ft42713520
26From The Fallen Tree Fallen Tree869 ft172 ft41215053
27Lefty Of The Tower Flee the Tower581 ft67 ft40816348
28Miek's Runs Mieks Full Run894 ft116 ft39612990
29Peaks & troughs Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs2,070 ft42 ft39516812
30Switchbacks Mieks Full Run503 ft66 ft37612764
31Tight as a Badgers... Tight as a Badgers1,214 ft174 ft374179618
32Hill of Marcus - Singletrack Ascent Descenderoo1,368 ft156 ft34314984
33From the rocky rollers to the bottom Fallen Tree1,443 ft247 ft33010484
34Pedal Pedal Drop Pedal Pedal Drop1,058 ft141 ft3287614
35Hidden treasures Hidden Treasures1,382 ft108 ft32710434
36Boulderdash Straight Down426 ft72 ft3249565
37Gully Climb Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs559 ft71 ft31311022
38Mega enduro track of death Mieks Full Run491 ft135 ft27010578
39Tyrebagger Tester Ermagurd!744 ft82 ft25313578
40Roots Peaks, Troughs and Gully Climbs744 ft7 ft2045180
41Quick Route Up Shortcut393 ft48 ft1343390
42Eeeeerrrrmmmmaaaggguuurrrdd!! Ermagurd!958 ft104 ft1243204
43Wee break from climbing Forest Road361 ft47 ft881530
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