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2014 Hammer down Hamaker DH Race Advanced LineKeno
1.9 miles-1,306 ft
5 GallonMoore Mountain
1.5 miles-384 ft
911Moore Mountain
608 ft-136 ft
A CanelKlamath Falls
4.1 miles-779 ft
AutobahnMoore Mountain
1,564 ft-79 ft
Bear Valley National Wildlife RefugeKeno
7.7 miles-775 ft
Big SkyMoore Mountain
4,009 ft-178 ft
BlueberryMoore Mountain
4,159 ft-108 ft
BoomMoore Mountain
1,436 ft
Brown Mountain Loop ClockwiseBrown Mountain
14.6 miles-1,755 ft
BuzzardMoore Mountain
2,125 ft-198 ft
Campus Multi-useKlamath Falls
2,151 ft-138 ft
Cascade CanalBrown Mountain
6.8 miles-335 ft
Chain SlapperMoore Mountain
2,618 ft-10 ft
Chase Mnt North FaceKeno
5.2 miles-2,449 ft
Chase Mnt West FaceKeno
7.0 miles-2,636 ft
ConnectorMoore Mountain
1,728 ft-21 ft
Connector LRT to PowerlineMoore Mountain
919 ft
Cottonwood Connector (North)Fremont NF
4,981 ft-330 ft
Cottonwood Connector (South)Fremont NF
5,090 ft-161 ft
Cottonwood CreekFremont NF
3.4 miles-812 ft
Cottonwood Lake (Easy)Fremont NF
2.7 miles-476 ft
Cougar PeakFremont NF
4,402 ft-706 ft
Crater Lake Parkway PathKlamath Falls
1.5 miles-313 ft
CutterMoore Mountain
1,658 ft
EnduroMoore Mountain
3,332 ft-409 ft
EulaberryMoore Mountain
428 ft-27 ft
EulanaMoore Mountain
4,093 ft-451 ft
Express LaneMoore Mountain
1,759 ft-217 ft
Fenceline FlyerMoore Mountain
4,141 ft-189 ft
Fish Lake TrailBrown Mountain
3.4 miles-127 ft
Fremont NRT - Chew to Gover HarveyFremont NF
15.2 miles-855 ft
Fremont NRT - Crane Mnt NRTFremont NF
27.3 miles-4,543 ft
Fremont NRT - Moss Pass to Cox PassFremont NF
15.0 miles-3,581 ft
Fremont NRT - North CraneFremont NF
12.1 miles-1,025 ft
Fremont NRT - Vee Lake to LoftusFremont NF
18.2 miles-2,732 ft
Fremont NRT - Winter RimFremont NF
33.1 miles-3,718 ft
Fremont NRT - Yamsey to Swamp WellsKlamath Falls
27.9 miles-6,197 ft
Fremont NRT Chewaucan Crossing to Moss PassFremont NF
20.1 miles-5,249 ft
GooseberryMoore Mountain
1,630 ft-3 ft
Hamaker Power Line DowhnillKeno
2.8 miles-1,787 ft
Hamaker South Face to Bear ValleyKeno
7.5 miles-2,476 ft
Hanan Trail Coffee Pot Cr to SycanFremont NF
19.2 miles-1,413 ft
HayrideMoore Mountain
3,233 ft-139 ft
High Lakes TrailBrown Mountain
9.4 miles-995 ft
Hooligan TrailSpence Mountain
2.4 miles-760 ft
Hot LavaMoore Mountain
1,651 ft-29 ft
Hot Springs BacksideMoore Mountain
3,621 ft-88 ft
JunkerMoore Mountain
3,561 ft-146 ft
Klamath Ridgeview TrailMoore Mountain
4.1 miles-889 ft
Lakeside Park TrailMoore Mountain
1.3 miles-41 ft
Linda's TrailMoore Mountain
2,999 ft-59 ft
Linda's TrailMoore Mountain
2,673 ft-64 ft
Link River TrailMoore Mountain
1.5 miles-421 ft
LOW Aspen to Sunset along LakeBrown Mountain
1.8 miles-47 ft
LOW Family Loop ConnectorBrown Mountain
430 ft-15 ft
LOW North Family Loop TrailBrown Mountain
2,817 ft-43 ft
LOW South Family LoopBrown Mountain
4,929 ft-34 ft
LOW Trail Aspen to LodgeBrown Mountain
1,918 ft-5 ft
Lower EndoMoore Mountain
1,804 ft-233 ft
Lower SkidderMoore Mountain
2,215 ft-254 ft
Mazama pSpence Mountain
Middle ArcheryMoore Mountain
1,608 ft-18 ft
Middle Whisky TownMoore Mountain
1,458 ft-27 ft
Mountain Lakes Trail ConnectorBrown Mountain
1,909 ft-14 ft
Nature TrailMoore Mountain
2,377 ft-3 ft
No NameMoore Mountain
1,186 ft
North RidgeSpence Mountain
2,596 ft-248 ft
North ridge (black)Spence Mountain
2.0 miles-1,162 ft
OCE Beaty to BlyKlamath Falls
13.4 miles-67 ft
OCE Klamath Falls to BeatyMoore Mountain
50.6 miles-615 ft
PowerlineMoore Mountain
1.2 miles-101 ft
RatcampMoore Mountain
3,560 ft-20 ft
Ratcamp SpurMoore Mountain
687 ft
Ridge TrailMoore Mountain
2,340 ft-184 ft
Rock Skip JumpMoore Mountain
1,059 ft-69 ft
Rye SpurBrown Mountain
5.7 miles-1,542 ft
Salted FatbackHogsback
2.0 miles-1,730 ft
ScratchMoore Mountain
1.4 miles-333 ft
SidewinderMoore Mountain
4,159 ft-127 ft
Skillet HandleKlamath Falls
2.1 miles-178 ft
South RidgeBrown Mountain
2,125 ft-162 ft
SouthieMoore Mountain
2,964 ft-174 ft
Southie TieMoore Mountain
334 ft
Spence Mountain North Ridge pSpence Mountain
Spence Mt South RidgeSpence Mountain
4.7 miles-70 ft
StonehengeMoore Mountain
2,406 ft-109 ft
Sunrise TrailMoore Mountain
1,068 ft-131 ft
T-BagMoore Mountain
2,739 ft-43 ft
T-BarMoore Mountain
783 ft
TomahawkBrown Mountain
2.8 miles-678 ft
Tunnel of LoveMoore Mountain
2,243 ft-67 ft
Up and OverMoore Mountain
1,637 ft-50 ft
Upper ArcheryMoore Mountain
1,475 ft-231 ft
Upper EndoMoore Mountain
1,504 ft-315 ft
Upper HooliganSpence Mountain
2.1 miles-881 ft
Upper SidewinderMoore Mountain
1,748 ft-34 ft
Upper Whisky TownMoore Mountain
1,133 ft-4 ft
Use The ForceMoore Mountain
1,321 ft-102 ft
Whisky TownMoore Mountain
2,048 ft-301 ft
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