Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
10KMount 7
2,546 ft-628 ft
13 Steps to DoomSvoboda Road
2,267 ft-574 ft4 ft
4 miles-41 ft594 ft
23 ConnectorMount Revelstoke National Park
4,753 ft-327 ft8 ft
3K/True ValueMount 7
2,395 ft-419 ft
401Lois Creek
2 miles-139 ft68 ft
48 HoursMorrissey Ridge
2 miles-1,391 ft7 ft
48 Hours Blue ConnectorMorrissey Ridge
171 ft
48 Hours Steep (Kootenay Canal)Morrissey Ridge
450 ft-162 ft2 ft
1 mile-816 ft90 ft
49er - BlindsideBlewett
4,824 ft-422 ft90 ft
5 Km AltMount 7
253 ft-28 ft
5 Km AltMount 7
374 ft-78 ft
5KMount 7
1 mile-821 ft73 ft
7 UpMountain Shadows
2,267 ft-30 ft110 ft
719Mountain Station
1,214 ft-317 ft
9 Point CowbellMountain Station
1,890 ft-601 ft35 ft
A Little Bit of SpiritColumbia Lake
1 mile-180 ft273 ft
A-Frame TrailLois Creek
2 miles-74 ft221 ft
Abiotic FactorNew Denver
1 mile-943 ft80 ft
AccessMalde Creek
1,379 ft-88 ft15 ft
Accessible TrailRossland Range
3,642 ft-41 ft46 ft
AcmeMt. Abriel
4,964 ft-689 ft
Aggravated AssaultFernie Alpine Resort
709 ft-107 ft
Aggravated AssaultFernie Alpine Resort
2,201 ft-348 ft3 ft
Aggravated Assault ExtensionFernie Alpine Resort
828 ft-190 ft
Airport LinkGreenbelt/Flats
3 miles-13 ft16 ft
Al MatadorMorrissey Ridge
3 miles-2,334 ft168 ft
Alamo Wagon RdIdaho Peak
4 miles-2,700 ft4 ft
AlderPanorama Mountain Resort
3,896 ft-68 ft233 ft
Alpine Drop ZoneKicking Horse Bike Park
502 ft-69 ft
Alternate Flight PatternFernie Alpine Resort
2,562 ft-476 ft
Alternate Sweaty's AccessFife Road Trails
5 miles-223 ft1,814 ft
Another MatadorMorrissey Ridge
387 ft-20 ft
Another MatadorMorrissey Ridge
1,532 ft-203 ft
Another MatadorMorrissey Ridge
397 ft-45 ft
Ante UpMt. Abriel
633 ft-102 ft
Anti-Clockwise ( Boomers Landing Tail, Upper Levels East/West Trail, East Side TrailPilot Point Peninsula
4 miles-813 ft895 ft
AntlerSmallwood Creek
1 mile-378 ft216 ft
ApacheKimberley Nature Park
2 miles-188 ft238 ft
Apache SpurKimberley Nature Park
338 ft-11 ft
Apple PieLillian Lake
3,195 ft-79 ft257 ft
Arbour ConnectorCranbrook Community Forest
1,614 ft-47 ft
Arbour TrailCranbrook Community Forest
2 miles-57 ft293 ft
Arch PotentialLillian Lake
2 miles-342 ft201 ft
Arm Pumper (Adaptive Climb)CBT Mainline Network
3,675 ft-7 ft119 ft
Army Road (The Great Trail)Kimberley Nature Park
2 miles-113 ft81 ft
ArnicaSouth Star Trails
2,451 ft-58 ft66 ft
Arrow Lakes Drive BypassUrban Trails
3,596 ft-27 ft17 ft
3 miles-365 ft209 ft
As The Crowe Flies #31Kicking Horse Bike Park
2,490 ft-316 ft
Aspen BendSouth Star Trails
1,821 ft-6 ft9 ft
Aspen LoopTrail Bluffs
2,733 ft-69 ft81 ft
Aspen LoopTrail Bluffs
420 ft30 ft
Aspen LoopTrail Bluffs
3,661 ft-88 ft45 ft
Atlas ShruggedBootleg Mountain
2 miles-2,121 ft
Atlas to Pinch ConnectorBootleg Mountain
1,470 ft-168 ft
Atlas/Purple connectorBootleg Mountain
453 ft-44 ft
Atomic Speed GoatMountain Station
902 ft-294 ft2 ft
ATV Trail ShortcutRover Creek
1,585 ft-92 ft
AutobahnSwansea Mountain Recreation Site
1,558 ft-388 ft
AvalancheWasa Crown Land
1 mile-261 ft156 ft
AwesomeMalde Creek
4,577 ft-408 ft49 ft
Axel AlleyCranbrook Community Forest
1,929 ft-8 ft97 ft
B&BColumbia Lake
3 miles-526 ft477 ft
B-DogNipika Mountain Resort
2 miles-339 ft471 ft
B12Mount 7
2 miles-1,833 ft173 ft
B52Mount 7
1,683 ft-102 ft3 ft
back way to south starSouth Star Trails
1 mile-57 ft222 ft
Backdoor VeinMountain Station
2 miles-2,023 ft6 ft
BacksideMount Macpherson
4,249 ft-183 ft58 ft
BacksideWasa Crown Land
4,052 ft-15 ft30 ft
BackstreetChristina Lake
1,522 ft-32 ft3 ft
BadfishMt. Abriel
4,127 ft-20 ft132 ft
BadgerMountain Station
5,223 ft-531 ft92 ft
Badger TrailGladstone Provincial Park
1 mile-526 ft322 ft
Bagful of BoogieRevelstoke Mountain Resort
5 miles-2,302 ft266 ft
Bail OutWasa Crown Land
817 ft4 ft
Baker Death GripMount Baker
2 miles-3,202 ft59 ft
Balance of TerrorWasa Crown Land
2,913 ft-7 ft85 ft
Bare HillElkford
3,343 ft-338 ft178 ft
Barking DogMoonrakers
751 ft2 ft
BartsLois Creek
1 mile-191 ft104 ft
Bashful (Snow Mexican to Snow White Connector)Bootleg Mountain
Baynes Lake Connector (The Great Trail)Kikomun Creek Provincial Park
2,149 ft7 ft
Baynes Lake MeadowsBaynes Lake
1 mile-53 ft91 ft
Baynes Lake NorthBaynes Lake
6 miles-188 ft561 ft
Bazooka JoePanorama Mountain Resort
5,184 ft-871 ft5 ft
BC Cup DownhillFernie Alpine Resort
3,530 ft-830 ft
BC Mine LinkThimble Mountain
2,211 ft-5 ft221 ft
BCIT North (Nordic Trail)Mount Macpherson
2,539 ft-123 ft46 ft
BCIT South (Nordic Trail)Mount Macpherson
3,048 ft-93 ft
Beacon CheckSol Mountain
1 mile-249 ft220 ft
BearKimberley Nature Park
4,531 ft-13 ft553 ft
Bear Claw connectorMoonrakers
387 ft18 ft
Bear Claw LowerMoonrakers
3,219 ft-36 ft136 ft
Bear Claw UpperMoonrakers
4,816 ft-40 ft163 ft
Bear Hill LookoutKimberley Nature Park
364 ft-20 ft9 ft
Bear's DenGiveout and Gold Creek
2,526 ft-417 ft
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