Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
007 ConnectorKarkloof Country Club
561 ft-5 ft17 ft
11 Karkloof to le Petit France coffee shopKarkloof Country Club
2,325 ft-94 ft19 ft
11km ShortcutRocky Bay Resort Trails
4,831 ft-178 ft140 ft
14km Loop Turnoff to RiverMpenjati Trails
1,512 ft-179 ft3 ft
2 StoogeKarkloof Country Club
1,514 ft-82 ft3 ft
2 Zig ZagKarkloof Country Club
2,129 ft173 ft
3 BRIDGESGiba Gorge MTB Park
3,018 ft-70 ft148 ft
Acacia MeanderDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-271 ft64 ft
AccessClearwater / Beaver Creek Trails
243 ft
Alex's AlleyKarkloof Country Club
2,621 ft-25 ft84 ft
All Out Adventures LoopDrakensberg Trails
2,310 ft-69 ft78 ft
Alpine PassGiba Gorge MTB Park
2,047 ft-7 ft14 ft
Alpine TraverseDrakensberg Trails
1 mile-165 ft152 ft
Alternate Road Route 1Karkloof Country Club
1,463 ft-33 ft
Amphitheater (TBC)Cascades Mountain Bike Park
2,703 ft-157 ft19 ft
Andrews AmbleKarkloof Country Club
1 mile-111 ft85 ft
Ants BushHolla Trails
2 miles-177 ft156 ft
Are these nuts ?Clearwater / Beaver Creek Trails
3,444 ft-101 ft16 ft
Around the koppieEMBA Umdloti / La Mercy Trails
2 miles-105 ft149 ft
Back Of BeyondKarkloof Country Club
2 miles-102 ft62 ft
Balls to the WallHolla Trails
4,869 ft-195 ft
Beacon HillKarkloof Country Club
2,802 ft-217 ft
Behind the NestCathkin Trails
2 miles-135 ft361 ft
Berghouse ClimbDrakensberg Trails
2 miles-136 ft462 ft
Berghouse DescentDrakensberg Trails
3,724 ft-54 ft130 ft
Berm TrailDrakensberg Trails
3,333 ft-194 ft30 ft
Bernie'sKarkloof Country Club
669 ft-16 ft
Big Tree ClimbHolla Trails
1,140 ft-1 ft53 ft
Bizhub 1Giba Gorge MTB Park
4,501 ft-204 ft107 ft
Bizhub 2Giba Gorge MTB Park
1 mile-225 ft221 ft
Black Mamba MeanderClearwater / Beaver Creek Trails
3,634 ft-121 ft60 ft
Black Pipe RunHolla Trails
4,157 ft-251 ft5 ft
Black Trail DownhillClearwater / Beaver Creek Trails
3,083 ft-242 ft
Black Trail HomeDragons Peak Adventure Centre
1 mile-430 ft294 ft
Blue BallsHolla Trails
1 mile-143 ft39 ft
Blue HighGiba Gorge MTB Park
1,424 ft-11 ft42 ft
Blue LowGiba Gorge MTB Park
1,096 ft-18 ft37 ft
Blue Route 10Holla Trails
1,493 ft-18 ft80 ft
Blue Start to RoadHolla Trails
1,841 ft38 ft
Blue Start to Road 2Holla Trails
1,503 ft-34 ft10 ft
BombardéKarkloof Country Club
3,117 ft-177 ft6 ft
Booga-linkKarkloof Country Club
440 ft14 ft
BoogalooKarkloof Country Club
2,648 ft-107 ft
BoomslangKarkloof Country Club
2,533 ft-31 ft6 ft
Boomslang BoulevardClearwater / Beaver Creek Trails
1 mile-122 ft152 ft
Boomslang ConnectorKarkloof Country Club
121 ft
Bridge to The NestCathkin Trails
2,844 ft-138 ft65 ft
Bruiser's BurnKarkloof Country Club
1 mile-145 ft59 ft
Bruisers Burn (Difficult)Karkloof Country Club
797 ft-6 ft3 ft
Buck Jump AlleyCascades Mountain Bike Park
610 ft-9 ft22 ft
Bull or ChickenHolla Trails
1,752 ft-56 ft28 ft
Bull RunBaynesfield
2 miles-325 ft70 ft
Bush BuckKarkloof Country Club
955 ft-16 ft
Bush Shop DropHolla Trails
5 miles-1,272 ft412 ft
Bushbuck ridgeBaynesfield
3,825 ft-4 ft240 ft
Cabbage TreeCascades Mountain Bike Park
1,440 ft-86 ft95 ft
CalistosKarkloof Country Club
2,290 ft-159 ft3 ft
Campbell's ClimbKarkloof Country Club
2 miles-6 ft573 ft
Can You Smell The CoffeeClearwater / Beaver Creek Trails
1 mile-51 ft126 ft
CarnivalKarkloof Country Club
1,079 ft-105 ft
Castle CornerKarkloof Country Club
4,308 ft-28 ft197 ft
Cat TrailGiba Gorge MTB Park
2,490 ft-37 ft7 ft
Cathy's CruiseHolla Trails
3 miles-238 ft514 ft
CausewayRocky Bay Resort Trails
4,630 ft-101 ft26 ft
Chainbreak HillKarkloof Country Club
1,943 ft-63 ft34 ft
Champagne Sports SwitchbacksCathkin Trails
1 mile-522 ft
Champagne to Golf switchbacksCathkin Trails
1 mile-106 ft202 ft
Chicken RunKarkloof Country Club
1,194 ft-139 ft
ChinamansCascades Mountain Bike Park
702 ft51 ft
ChristophersKarkloof Country Club
1 mile-49 ft247 ft
Cleveland ExpressKarkloof Country Club
2 miles-41 ft106 ft
Climb To Mini MastHolla Trails
2 miles-52 ft496 ft
Cobra AlleyMtunzini District Trails
3,922 ft-69 ft102 ft
Connector to 109Grace College Forest Network
285 ft-13 ft
Contour DownEMBA Umdloti / La Mercy Trails
2 miles-320 ft51 ft
CorkscrewCascades Mountain Bike Park
164 ft-11 ft
Corkscrew B lineCascades Mountain Bike Park
381 ft-11 ft27 ft
Corn AlleyCathkin Trails
3,868 ft-52 ft94 ft
Craig's NestPort Edward
1 mile-23 ft190 ft
Crank AlleyKarkloof Country Club
902 ft-106 ft
Crazy CurvesHolla Trails
4,259 ft-264 ft
Cumec ParkCumec Park
2 miles-193 ft189 ft
D 293 - Khyber PassKarkloof Country Club
8 miles-425 ft1,333 ft
D553 link to Tall TreesFalse Bay Park
2 miles26 ft
Dagsy's DashHolla Trails
1 mile-35 ft68 ft
Dam 1 to Rock Lookout #04Mpenjati Trails
3,917 ft-33 ft136 ft
Dam Fine ViewKarkloof Country Club
2,834 ft-51 ft183 ft
dam through forest connectorHolla Trails
1 mile-39 ft79 ft
Dam Wall RoadPort Edward
4,500 ft-82 ft80 ft
Damant"s DropHolla Trails
1,365 ft-134 ft8 ft
Dead Cow CornerKarkloof Country Club
851 ft-17 ft35 ft
Dead Cow SingletrackKarkloof Country Club
680 ft-55 ft6 ft
Dead Cow to VodacomKarkloof Country Club
2,563 ft-19 ft91 ft
Derek's DivideKarkloof Country Club
5,039 ft-18 ft88 ft
Dhlula NgulubeKarkloof Country Club
4,469 ft-305 ft81 ft
Diamond RushVirginia Farm
2,449 ft-93 ft154 ft
Difficult SingletrackPlatrand Lodge
3,671 ft42 ft
District Trail 1Sani Spoors
2,116 ft-45 ft
District Trail 2Sani Spoors
1 mile-64 ft53 ft
District Trail 3Sani Spoors
2 miles-32 ft136 ft
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