segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Noble Second Climb Climb Only Noble Canyon Access1,085 ft96 ft331380552
2Howling Dog Downhill only. Noble Canyon Access3,663 ft130 ft317673723
3Howling Dog Noble Canyon Access2 miles211 ft316173196
4Gatos Ravine DH Gatos Ravine Trail1 miles286 ft27611206820
5Los Gatos Sprint Finish Gatos Ravine Trail2,219 ft148 ft2755119967
6BLT Rock N Rolling Big Laguna Trail2,871 ft46 ft259390464
7Laguna Meadows Single Track Big Laguna Trail3,400 ft41 ft248876294
8Slalom 1 Gatos Ravine Trail4,295 ft138 ft2457106975
9A full Gatos (top to bottom) Gatos Ravine Trail2 miles416 ft23991020719
10hi pt to hi pt Noble Canyon Access1 miles240 ft233846732
11BLT Eastside - Northbound Big Laguna Trail1 miles98 ft223762794
12Upper Noble to Sunrise Highway DH Big Laguna Trail4,778 ft151 ft200548694
13Single past the Duck Pond Water of the Woods3,981 ft59 ft184460142
14jumpy jump Water of the Woods1,671 ft40 ft180582714
15Big Laguna Lake Westside to Laguna Meadows Drive Water of the Woods2 miles138 ft174342320
16Sniper Stump Dh Filaree Flat Spur2,529 ft174 ft161134663
17Laguna Meadow down E side Big Laguna Trail1 miles109 ft154436533
18Big Laguna Loop southbound to dam Water of the Woods2 miles139 ft153647075
19Noble Canyon to Laguna Meadow Rd DH Noble Canyon Access5,186 ft151 ft147626491
20Chico Ravine to first split Chico Ravine Trail4,230 ft227 ft146344670
21BLT Rock N Rolling South bound Big Laguna Trail2,996 ft45 ft139235140
22The Climb home Water of the Woods1,820 ft96 ft135645950
23Home stretch to Sunrise Water of the Woods3,074 ft60 ft122940711
24The out take Water of the Woods2,273 ft45 ft116232241
25Meadow Sprint Kemp Spur Trail2,493 ft29 ft108224810
26Steingarten Redtail Roost Loop1,044 ft130 ft107327981
27Graveyard to Fireroad Chico Ravine Trail1 miles326 ft99529141
28Chico Spur to Old County Road Chico Ravine Trail1 miles348 ft98528882
29Chico Ravine Climb Chico Ravine Trail1 miles319 ft98528840
30Indian Creek, 2nd half Indian Creek Trail5,138 ft408 ft88318000
31Indian Creek Indian Creek Trail2 miles828 ft87717951
32Pinball DH - Indian Creek Indian Creek Trail1 miles438 ft64412413
33Chico Ravine DH (Bottom half) Chico Ravine Trail4,294 ft209 ft64417734
34Pine Mountain Trail from Indian Potrero Road Crossing Pine Mountain Trail1 miles199 ft64014430
35Exit Only, Do Not Enter! El Prado Spur1,271 ft97 ft60214660
36BLT Backdoor El Prado Spur2,548 ft108 ft59814641
37Pine Mountain Trail (Champagne Pass to Sunrise Hwy) Pine Mountain Trail2 miles252 ft58812412
38Chico's Dirty Little Secret Chico Ravine Trail1 miles345 ft43111061
39Scotch, on the rocks! Big Laguna Trail1,663 ft156 ft40811143
40Chico Ravine DH (Top half) Gators-Chico Ravine Spur Connector1,795 ft83 ft3737831
41Los Huecos ST Descent Big Laguna Trail3,798 ft205 ft3689101
42Little Laguna Lake Woods ST - Northbound Lightning Ridge Trail1,327 ft11 ft3577551
43Indian Creek - Pinball Climb Indian Creek Trail1 miles415 ft3295681
44Back To Camp El Prado Spur1,153 ft105 ft3215410
45BLT Frontdoor El Prado Spur2,466 ft105 ft3205351
46Pass the Champagne DH Pine Mountain Trail1,375 ft58 ft2865691
47Pine Mtn to Indian Creek Connector Pine Mountain Trail1 miles81 ft2855700
48Pine Mountain Trail (Sunrise Hwy to Champagne Pass) Pine Mountain Trail2 miles248 ft2544540
49Shack attack Agua Dulce Spur3,931 ft225 ft2377990
50Little Laguna East - Southbound Lightning Ridge Trail1,121 ft13 ft2033840
51Froop Agua Dulce Spur1,345 ft93 ft1732710
52Not so Fun Trail Gatos Ravine Trail2 miles419 ft1021300
53Lightning swichbacks Lightning Ridge Trail2,723 ft187 ft631320
54Lightning Strike Lightning Ridge Trail3,629 ft236 ft531000
55Laguna Meadow Rd Climb Lightning Ridge Trail3,761 ft269 ft43711
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