Agua Dulce Creek Trail
1.9 miles-560 ft
Big Laguna Trail
5.7 miles-514 ft
Chico Ravine Trail
1.2 miles-374 ft
El Prado Camp Trail
2,829 ft-95 ft
Gators-Chico Ravine Spur Connector
1,701 ft-77 ft
Gatos Ravine Trail
1.7 miles-445 ft
Indian Creek Trail
3.7 miles-1,234 ft
Kemp Spur Trail
1.4 miles-102 ft
Lightning Ridge Trail
1.2 miles-31 ft
Noble Canyon Access
2.8 miles-622 ft
Noble Canyon Connetor Trail
2,983 ft-203 ft
Pine Mountain Trail
2.3 miles-249 ft
Red-Tailed Roost Trail
4.5 miles-709 ft
Water of the Woods
3.5 miles-289 ft
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