Mountain Bike
Access Trail
2,889 ft-115 ft95 ft
Bittersweet Albany to Lakewood
764 ft-41 ft4 ft
Bittersweet Fire Station to Albany
1 mile-250 ft221 ft
Bittersweet Inside Albany Drive
3,701 ft-132 ft161 ft
Bittersweet Middle Passage
2 miles-408 ft473 ft
Bittersweet Northeast Corner
2 miles-358 ft360 ft
Bittersweet Northwest Corner
1 mile-218 ft215 ft
Bittersweet to Loop
3,744 ft-129 ft197 ft
Bittersweet West Connector
934 ft-79 ft24 ft
Bittersweet West LoopDeeLoop
3,230 ft-168 ft171 ft
1,465 ft-23 ft48 ft
Four Winds Access
3,239 ft-90 ft76 ft
Honey Run Flatwood Section
3 miles-615 ft740 ft
Honey Run North Loop
4 miles-822 ft822 ft
Honey Run South Loop
3 miles-563 ft548 ft
Trail of Four Winds
11 miles-1,948 ft1,948 ft
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