Mountain Bike
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1 - Birches TrailPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
2,657 ft-55 ft3 ft
11 - Lodge ConnectorPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
1,545 ft-6 ft
12 Upper Lake LoopPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
1,096 ft-21 ft
13 - Spruce Point TrailPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
587 ft
15 - Lake TrailPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
2,559 ft
6 - Mill ConnectorPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
1,332 ft32 ft
820Highland XC Trails
3,301 ft-98 ft76 ft
9 - The Narrows TrailPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
3,264 ft3 ft
A trail has no nameAlton Trail Network
1,583 ft-33 ft140 ft
abandoned lionsAlton Trail Network
1,207 ft256 ft
Abenaki DH singletrackSewall Woods Trail Network
826 ft-106 ft
Abenaki DH TrailAbenaki Trail Network
1,601 ft-178 ft
Abenaki LoopAbenaki Trail Network
1 mile-231 ft231 ft
Abenaki Loop AccessAbenaki Trail Network
623 ft-95 ft
Acorn LaneAlton Trail Network
3,734 ft-79 ft25 ft
AlcatrazAhern State Park
4,739 ft-314 ft262 ft
Algonquin TrailFox Park Trails
4 miles-147 ft2,648 ft
Almost ThereAbenaki Trail Network
899 ft-103 ft48 ft
Alt DHAlton Trail Network
1,066 ft164 ft
Amber's FrolicSewall Woods Trail Network
697 ft-34 ft22 ft
BackboneAhern State Park
2,183 ft-21 ft107 ft
backside bushwhackAlton Trail Network
2,769 ft-539 ft4 ft
Backside DropAlton Trail Network
712 ft-37 ft
BambiGreen Woodlands
2,497 ft-88 ft
Bear ClawPage Hill
3,494 ft-35 ft174 ft
Beaver BrookAlton Trail Network
3,861 ft-49 ft181 ft
Beaver Dam TrailGreen Woodlands
3,081 ft-99 ft10 ft
Beaver FeaverHighland XC Trails
759 ft-18 ft48 ft
Beaver Pond Loop AccessBelknap Woods
348 ft4 ft
Beaver Pond Upper LoopBelknap Woods
4,747 ft-75 ft68 ft
BeeFranklin Falls Dam
2,762 ft-17 ft84 ft
Berma RoadGyroscope Trails
2,197 ft-112 ft99 ft
Berma RoadGyroscope Trails
3,353 ft-169 ft177 ft
BirchGunstock Nordic Center
3,829 ft-14 ft101 ft
Birch Ridge Summit LoopAlton Trail Network
2,530 ft-201 ft128 ft
Black Bog TrailGreen Woodlands
3 miles-266 ft441 ft
Black Mountain Pond TrailFox Park Trails
3 miles1,826 ft
BlackeyeAbenaki Trail Network
1,752 ft-112 ft
Bo PeepRamblin’ Vewe Farm
4,029 ft-27 ft129 ft
Bob-TownGreen Woodlands
771 ft-8 ft6 ft
Bobcat PassGreen Woodlands
1 mile-93 ft211 ft
Bone SawHighland Mountain Bike Park
1,234 ft-250 ft5 ft
Boyd BypassRamblin’ Vewe Farm
1,317 ft-16 ft101 ft
Branch River LinkPlummer's Ridge
932 ft-12 ft
Breezy KnolGunstock Nordic Center
955 ft-3 ft7 ft
Brkn BridgeAlton Trail Network
512 ft-14 ft
Brook EastAlton Trail Network
1,404 ft-57 ft21 ft
Brook RunGunstock Nordic Center
5,266 ft-41 ft41 ft
Brook Run Link 1Gunstock Nordic Center
115 ft
Brook Run Link 2Gunstock Nordic Center
348 ft
Brook TrailPurity Spring Resort XC & Snowshoe Reserve
1,883 ft-30 ft10 ft
Brook TrailGreen Woodlands
1 mile-77 ft357 ft
BrooksideAlton Trail Network
1,266 ft64 ft
BuckshotHighland XC Trails
2,213 ft-120 ft66 ft
BuffetFernald Station Trail Network
4,925 ft-169 ft159 ft
Bug OutPage Hill
1 mile-308 ft444 ft
CaddywhompusFranklin Falls Dam
1,963 ft-175 ft95 ft
Camp Pride trail (private land)Alton Trail Network
4,980 ft458 ft
Captain NorrisGreen Woodlands
2,487 ft-183 ft28 ft
Captain Norris ClimbGreen Woodlands
894 ft-29 ft60 ft
Carl's Run (Green)Sewall Woods Trail Network
620 ft-12 ft32 ft
Carriage LoopDorchester
1,495 ft-46 ft6 ft
Carriage TrailDorchester
2 miles-252 ft225 ft
Cat Scratch FeverHighland Mountain Bike Park
3,039 ft-297 ft22 ft
Cat's PawHighland Mountain Bike Park
3,848 ft-526 ft
Cav to MazeAlton Trail Network
3,243 ft-200 ft64 ft
Cave trailAlton Trail Network
699 ft-39 ft
Caverly BacksideAlton Trail Network
4,145 ft-421 ft34 ft
Cellar Hole LoopGreen Woodlands
4,859 ft-151 ft190 ft
CellarHoleFranklin Falls Dam
771 ft11 ft
Chesley ConnectorAlton Trail Network
4,224 ft-142 ft111 ft
Chicken RavineFranklin Falls Dam
1,811 ft-148 ft34 ft
ChipmunkGreen Woodlands
2,156 ft-109 ft
Chuck's RdAlton Trail Network
3,133 ft-23 ft146 ft
ChuteGunstock Nordic Center
571 ft48 ft
Circuit BreakerPage Hill
1,548 ft-45 ft29 ft
Claymore CourseHighland Mountain Bike Park
1,995 ft-222 ft
CliffsideAlton Trail Network
1,965 ft-191 ft69 ft
CliffTopAlton Trail Network
1,732 ft-242 ft27 ft
Climbing TrailFox Park Trails
781 ft52 ft
Clough Road ConnectorPage Hill
423 ft-18 ft
Cobble Mountain LoopGunstock Nordic Center
2 miles-224 ft240 ft
CompoundGunstock Nordic Center
1,047 ft-90 ft
CondimentsFox Park Trails
4,560 ft-123 ft78 ft
ConnectorGunstock Nordic Center
1,391 ft-35 ft8 ft
ConnectorGreen Woodlands
1 mile-223 ft20 ft
ConnectorSewall Woods Trail Network
519 ft-44 ft8 ft
ConnectorHighland Mountain Bike Park
78 ft-8 ft
ConnectorGreen Woodlands
4,787 ft-158 ft19 ft
Copple CrownAlton Trail Network
1 mile-724 ft53 ft
CoppleCrownAlton Trail Network
2 miles-354 ft211 ft
Corridor 22Alton Trail Network
2 miles-228 ft63 ft
Corridor 22Alton Trail Network
3 miles-405 ft226 ft
Corridor 22Alton Trail Network
3 miles-600 ft493 ft
Corridor 22 (private land)Alton Trail Network
2 miles-131 ft634 ft
Criss CrossSewall Woods Trail Network
2,988 ft-117 ft60 ft
Cross TownPlymouth
1,073 ft-7 ft14 ft
CrossbowGunstock Nordic Center
2,615 ft-59 ft54 ft
Crown to DickAlton Trail Network
1 mile-361 ft
Dan's DilemmaFernald Station Trail Network
4,692 ft-245 ft
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