segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Cady Hill Climb only Cady Hill Climb - Lower2,453 ft180 ft3772167901Stowe
2Parking Lot to Green Chair Cady Hill Climb - Lower2,579 ft182 ft1986823311Stowe
3No Shortcuts Bear's Lower1,156 ft86 ft196380721Stowe
4Bears Final DH Bear's Lower1,938 ft148 ft195980252Stowe
5Florence to Zogs Florence (upper)914 ft73 ft1861103933Stowe
6Lower Flo Florence (lower)1,511 ft154 ft1820889312Stowe
7Snake - Up Snake3,441 ft237 ft167378439Stowe
8Random Fast DH The Cady Hill Connector737 ft37 ft167184920Stowe
9Lower Bridgey Bridgey1,238 ft64 ft142938702Stowe
10Stowe Electric Climb Charlie's1,381 ft121 ft125531362Stowe
11Chain Ring Rock INbound Shween Haus Connector530 ft15 ft122728241Stowe
12Chain Ring Rock Outbound Shween Haus Connector379 ft10 ft116927273Stowe
13Broken Sweenies Outbound Schween Inner1,879 ft95 ft109523240Stowe
14Brooke's Going down The Cady Hill Connector1,632 ft97 ft106345384Stowe
15Stick House Out Bound Schween Haus825 ft18 ft103722641Stowe
16PEDAL! Kimmer's371 ft6 ft98224800Stowe
172nd half of Kimmer's Kimmer's2,801 ft123 ft98124490Stowe
18Kimmer's Trail Downhill - 1st Section Kimmer's3,510 ft325 ft97424411Stowe
19Kimmer's Trail Kimmer's1 miles594 ft968242210Stowe
20Bridge Hardy Haul3,123 ft191 ft96228441Stowe
21Brook Rd Climb Hardy Haul3,086 ft550 ft92226391Stowe
22Pipeline - Final Descent Pipeline1 miles406 ft89025272Stowe
23Pipeline Pipeline1 miles326 ft86023844Stowe
24Pipeline up from entering woods to woods exit Pipeline5,115 ft290 ft79021145Stowe
25New charlies Charlie's2,041 ft111 ft77123860Stowe
26pipeline up Pipeline4,825 ft336 ft75519751Stowe
27Litrally The Worst Ranch Camp1 miles128 ft74917042Stowe
28Cady Hill Road climb The Cady Hill Connector1,382 ft92 ft71920412Stowe
29Stick House Short Inbound Schween Inner961 ft33 ft68215270Stowe
30Into the woods Charlie's824 ft113 ft58817870Stowe
31Lot to the trailhead Derby Trail419 ft39 ft57114552Stowe
32LVRT Cadys Falls Bang-A-Lang Lamoille Valley Rail Trail1 miles87 ft56713451Jeffersonsville
33Stowe Town forest Small Loop Aryn's Loop2,474 ft51 ft46912533Stowe
34Telemark Spur Tap Line995 ft30 ft4469612Stowe
35Hardy's Haul - just the first two single track sections Hardy Haul5,079 ft276 ft42611270Stowe
36Kimmer's Up Kimmer's1 miles539 ft3507594Stowe
37New trail at trapps going down Growler2,623 ft207 ft3507931Stowe
38Lower Growler - Down Growler3,339 ft212 ft3508000Stowe
39New Trail at Trapps going up Growler2,686 ft183 ft3346570Stowe
40Billings Rd. S-Turns Up Billings1,329 ft96 ft3197651Stowe
41Luce hill DH TT Luce Hill Loop4,146 ft96 ft3156171Stowe
42S Villa Ln Climb Lodge Spur1,078 ft293 ft3115440Stowe
43Entrance Trail Cadys Falls Entrance1,469 ft37 ft27912385Morristown
44Bear Run Hot Laps (short) Cady Hill Climb - Lower1,185 ft54 ft2649161Stowe
45Aryn's Loop Clockwise Aryn's Loop2,068 ft41 ft2484130Stowe
46LucyHill Loop Luce Hill Loop2 miles115 ft2424501Stowe
47Sterling Run UP Sterling Run1,675 ft168 ft2304201Stowe
48Luce Trail Loop @ Trapps Luce Hill Loop2 miles97 ft2294120Stowe
49Upper Growler - Down Growler2,474 ft87 ft2254421Stowe
50Up to Skyline Growler2,893 ft291 ft2235030Stowe
51Bench Cut no Loops Bench-Cut1,055 ft149 ft2177055Morristown
52Best Way Out Bench-Cut1,260 ft174 ft2156911Morristown
53Chuck's Corkscrew CC Chuck's Corkscrew3,321 ft107 ft1683080Stowe
54Man Down Man Down1,291 ft163 ft1424883Morristown
55climb up Cadys Falls Up4,051 ft154 ft1414602Morristown
56Stepping stone Stepping Stone2,862 ft50 ft1392090Stowe
57Stepping Stone clockwise Stepping Stone3,014 ft46 ft1321890Stowe
58fallen tree OuterLoop1,478 ft33 ft1264773Morristown
59Billings Rd. S-Turns Down Billings1,267 ft86 ft1202120Stowe
60Luce Hill - East Luce Hill Loop3,180 ft75 ft1181970Stowe
61Steep DH Trail Steep Down1,298 ft247 ft1152514Morristown
62Kimmers Up/Down Kimmer's3 miles573 ft1071510Stowe
63The Ridge Tower Climb1,573 ft32 ft1011903Morristown
64Cottonbrook Roubaix Climb Cotton Brook Road1 miles186 ft941851Stowe
65Sniper Rock-In-Roll875 ft144 ft892112Morristown
66Cottonbrook Roubaix Extension Cotton Brook Road2 miles184 ft881751Stowe
67Nebraska Valley Rd Climb Cottonbrook Road4,573 ft379 ft761841Stowe
68Cotton Brook Climb Cottonbrook Road3 miles875 ft721582Stowe
69barb wire Barb Wire1,065 ft37 ft622060Cambridge
70Right Side Right Side4,276 ft135 ft551121Morristown
71Tom's Trail Steep Down3,065 ft256 ft50840Morristown
72Country Road Climb Country Road Climb3,371 ft123 ft43640Cambridge
73Dail's Trail to Crossway Deer2,897 ft221 ft41690Cambridge
74Switchy Up Salmon Run2,816 ft147 ft17250Cambridge
75Luce Hill Upper Luce Hill Loop1 miles111 ft15200Stowe
76Switchy Down Salmon Run3,302 ft154 ft14211Cambridge
77Pings to Roots Reggae Roots Reggae2,760 ft280 ft11160Cambridge
78Bridgey Reversed from new climb Bridgey1,629 ft54 ft000Stowe
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