Mountain Bike
Aimee's Loop
1 mile-140 ft141 ft
Aimee's Shortcut
329 ft-22 ft
551 ft-44 ft
Beeline to Rowdy Ravine
932 ft31 ft
Carcass Cutoff
3,326 ft-39 ft233 ft
Crazy Horse (Lower)
3,809 ft-651 ft
Crazy Horse (Upper)
2,651 ft-186 ft
Crazy Horse connector.
164 ft-3 ft
Easment Bypass
2,035 ft-59 ft11 ft
Fire Water
440 ft-52 ft
3 miles-481 ft503 ft
Hip and Flow
190 ft-19 ft
Jane's Loop
1 mile-188 ft186 ft
Lil' Brave
1,207 ft-103 ft
Lower Oaks & Stones
1,873 ft-195 ft33 ft
820 ft-10 ft8 ft
Mifflin Loop
2 miles-345 ft311 ft
Mifflin's Shortcut
161 ft-13 ft
Mifflin-Aimee Connector
902 ft-42 ft27 ft
3,308 ft-153 ft59 ft
NICA Return
4,425 ft-262 ft59 ft
Rock Garden
1,300 ft-106 ft5 ft
Rowdy Bypass
171 ft-4 ft
Rowdy Ravine
814 ft-104 ft
4,780 ft-132 ft21 ft
T-Town Flow Trail
2 miles-1,236 ft9 ft
To The Top (Lehigh)
2 miles-6 ft760 ft
Up & Over
2,815 ft-307 ft16 ft
Upper Oaks & Stones
3,075 ft-146 ft90 ft
Warrior Cutoff
599 ft-11 ft5 ft
Warrior Loop
2 miles-311 ft345 ft
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