Mountain Bike
3,995 ft-180 ft118 ft
A Walk in the Park
2 miles-403 ft487 ft
Above The Dorms
1 mile-294 ft228 ft
Alternate Flight Pattern
1 mile-405 ft178 ft
Apple Flapple
2,014 ft-207 ft23 ft
5,080 ft-213 ft64 ft
2,185 ft-136 ft3 ft
Burning Biscuit
1 mile-240 ft23 ft
Cut 'em Off Pass
799 ft-42 ft
Dam Trail
1 mile-487 ft365 ft
Dean's List
4,039 ft-285 ft90 ft
Dean's List Connector
607 ft-34 ft2 ft
Deer Trail
3,625 ft-111 ft234 ft
Dirty Ridge
1 mile-586 ft172 ft
Downhill Run
2,279 ft-151 ft
Happy Face
1,950 ft-36 ft204 ft
1 mile-336 ft188 ft
Horton's Connector
3,242 ft-42 ft299 ft
Horton's Loop
3,803 ft-174 ft146 ft
Horton's Loop
2 miles-552 ft360 ft
Idiot's Run
4 miles-882 ft651 ft
Killer Bees
3,966 ft-314 ft3 ft
Lake Trail
2 miles-79 ft427 ft
Lasso Loop
2,928 ft-84 ft83 ft
Lasso Loop Access
1,431 ft-35 ft18 ft
Lasso Loop Cutoff
681 ft-24 ft26 ft
Lower Psycho-Pathé
2,394 ft-172 ft266 ft
Many A Turn
4,042 ft-161 ft97 ft
Med School Trail
1 mile-220 ft218 ft
Mike Donahue Trail
4,641 ft-120 ft120 ft
963 ft-189 ft
Oaks Way
3,896 ft-129 ft4 ft
Panama Trail
1,624 ft-47 ft54 ft
Peak 2 Peak
1,034 ft-68 ft42 ft
Peak 2 Peak
1,894 ft-256 ft75 ft
Peak 2 Peak
1,090 ft192 ft
Peak 2 Peak
560 ft-79 ft
2,138 ft-216 ft2 ft
Playground / Idiot's Run Connector
947 ft-109 ft
Powerline Loop
4,801 ft-141 ft325 ft
Raccoon Alley
3,354 ft-156 ft126 ft
Raptor Run
1 mile-72 ft393 ft
4,260 ft-224 ft235 ft
Split Decision
1 mile-422 ft341 ft
The Great Escape
3 miles-558 ft617 ft
The Looney
2,310 ft-223 ft18 ft
The Pittman Connection
4,419 ft-142 ft51 ft
Trail Too Far
1 mile-89 ft369 ft
Turtle Love
1,420 ft-127 ft3 ft
Upper Bobsled
1,939 ft-229 ft20 ft
Upper Psycho-Pathé
1,715 ft-236 ft
Washer & Nut
1,435 ft-119 ft110 ft
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