segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Valley of Dreams Valley of Dreams4,388 ft549 ft2277923
2Off Camber Amber Valley of Dreams1,358 ft199 ft2277981
3Whispers Mr Enduro1,883 ft188 ft2267361
4Gaps and Grins Mr Enduro1,477 ft86 ft2257251
5Mr Enduro Mr Enduro1 mile566 ft2247102
6Tiger Snake Mr Enduro1,222 ft171 ft2186941
7Edge of the World Edge of the World2,568 ft414 ft1935161
8Huggies Huggies1,990 ft378 ft1764902
9RNR (Rake N Ride) Rake N Ride1,494 ft316 ft1694051
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