Mountain Bike
Acton Burnell Bridleway
2 miles-178 ft
Acton Burnell Roman Road
4,774 ft-91 ft15 ft
Adstone Hill
2 miles-314 ft327 ft
Asterton Wet Bridleway
2,477 ft-28 ft97 ft
Balls to the Floor
254 ft-41 ft
Bentley Ford Farm Bridleway
1 mile188 ft
Boiling Well Climb
1,328 ft74 ft
Boundary Track
761 ft26 ft
Burway Righthand
1,640 ft-234 ft
Burway to Cardingmill Ramp
1,971 ft-38 ft34 ft
Callow Left Hand
1,498 ft45 ft
Callow Over The Top
2,613 ft-156 ft20 ft
Callow to Small Batch
2 miles-975 ft60 ft
Caradoc Climb
3,304 ft-12 ft407 ft
Caradoc North
4,224 ft-760 ft3 ft
Caradoc South
4,156 ft-606 ft6 ft
Carding Mill to Batch Valley
1 mile-335 ft279 ft
Cardington Bridleway
1 mile-119 ft274 ft
Causeway Wood Bridleway
3,343 ft-89 ft22 ft
Church Pulverbatch BOAT
3,225 ft-92 ft48 ft
Churchmoor Cross Trail
1,342 ft-135 ft
Churchmoor Descent
4,044 ft-584 ft
Churchmoor Forest
1 mile-518 ft
Churchmoor Wood Link
4,437 ft-175 ft84 ft
Churchmoor Wood Trail
2,501 ft-75 ft
2 miles-543 ft40 ft
3,239 ft-266 ft
Cow Ridge
2,285 ft-519 ft
Cow Ridge Approach
2,939 ft-151 ft12 ft
Cresta Run
2,576 ft-508 ft12 ft
Cross Dyke Climb
4,709 ft352 ft
Cwms Road
1 mile-4 ft382 ft
Cwms to Batch
2,203 ft-181 ft87 ft
Dances with Sheep
991 ft-145 ft
Down the Hatch to Batch
2,305 ft-509 ft
Dry Minton Batch
932 ft-111 ft
East Singledown
994 ft-63 ft
English Cefn Canol
2,021 ft-223 ft8 ft
Forestry Cheeky Downhill
562 ft-99 ft
Frodesley Bridleway
4,268 ft-86 ft30 ft
Frodesley Lodge Bridleway
2,142 ft-63 ft
Gaerstone Climb
1 mile-122 ft368 ft
Gareth's Left Hand
5,081 ft-411 ft3 ft
Gatten Farms Bridleway
4,130 ft-113 ft106 ft
Gatten Farms UC Road
3,072 ft-197 ft205 ft
Gogbatch Circuit
4,406 ft-199 ft85 ft
Golf Club Climb
2 miles-21 ft634 ft
Golf to Cwmdale
1,276 ft-169 ft
Golf to The Batch descent
2,597 ft-441 ft
Grassy Descent To Inwood
2 miles-867 ft
Grassy Indirect
1 mile-329 ft8 ft
Haddon Hill Bridleway
1 mile-13 ft181 ft
Haddon Hill Descent
2,697 ft-271 ft4 ft
Hamperley Bridleway
2 miles-276 ft32 ft
Hazler Bridleway Climb
2,851 ft-266 ft
Hazler Horizontal
3,425 ft-180 ft19 ft
Hazler to Willstone Bridleway
2 miles-221 ft272 ft
Helmeth Hill Bridleway
1,923 ft214 ft
Hillend Bridleway
2 miles-528 ft328 ft
Hoar Edge to Ruckley Bridleway
4 miles-597 ft114 ft
Hope Bowdler Bridleway
1 mile-505 ft12 ft
Hope Bowdler Summit
814 ft-3 ft23 ft
Horseshoe Link
666 ft-85 ft
Horseshoe Traverse
3,123 ft-49 ft127 ft
1,877 ft-165 ft
Jinlye Direct
1,020 ft-129 ft
Jinlye To Gogsbatch
2,314 ft-207 ft9 ft
Jonathans Hollow
3,903 ft-501 ft
Keep Offroad
3,238 ft245 ft
Knolls Bridleway
4,839 ft-270 ft80 ft
Knolls Down and Up Loop
4,518 ft-124 ft281 ft
Knolls Shortcut
863 ft-114 ft
Lawley Direct
2 miles-611 ft561 ft
Lawley Indirect
2,972 ft-55 ft42 ft
Lawley to Comley Bridleway
2 miles-119 ft153 ft
Leasowes Bridleway
3,188 ft-150 ft50 ft
Left of the Tree
1,241 ft-106 ft35 ft
Long Batch Traverse
4,160 ft-28 ft8 ft
Long Mover
3,166 ft-433 ft
Lower Darnford
1 mile-215 ft74 ft
1 mile-566 ft
Midway Firebreak
1,578 ft-44 ft66 ft
Mini Llangollen
778 ft-111 ft
Minton Batch
2 miles-708 ft22 ft
Minton Hill
2 miles-724 ft54 ft
Minton Hill Left Hand
3,361 ft-243 ft10 ft
Minton Hill Right Hand
1 mile-56 ft61 ft
Motts Road
1 mile-703 ft3 ft
Myndtown Connector
1,476 ft85 ft
4,482 ft-263 ft14 ft
Pillow Mound Climb
1,879 ft231 ft
Pitchford Bridleway
2 miles-61 ft83 ft
Pole Bank
2 miles-109 ft175 ft
Pole Bank Right Hand
779 ft15 ft
Priors Holt Hill
2,971 ft-474 ft
Prolly Moor
3,252 ft-377 ft14 ft
Prolly Moor Right Hand
845 ft-83 ft
Pulverbatch to Picklescott
2 miles-67 ft347 ft
Reservoir Bridleway
4,324 ft57 ft
Reservoir Traverse
4,616 ft-72 ft246 ft
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