Mountain Bike
Another way down1,566 ft-267 ft-17.053274.9
Bill in a china shop1,212 ft-181 ft10 ft-14.189290
Bills Bottom1,034 ft-160 ft-15.523230
Bringewood Full DH2,798 ft-498 ft-17.786332.6
Brown Clee lower track873 ft-142 ft-16.32348.936
Bucknell 12,269 ft-513 ft-22.609366.541
Carols Climb3,770 ft-36 ft296 ft6.887339.779
Castle View2,879 ft-63 ft163 ft3.449252.064
Cheeky908 ft-185 ft-20.372208.6
Dave's Sneaky Meet-up1,519 ft-178 ft-11.7325.7
Daves Start3,018 ft-263 ft2 ft-8.64315.205
Deepwood XC732 ft-139 ft-18.957290.5
Down Down770 ft-117 ft4 ft-14.612294.7
Extension Loop3 miles-421 ft432 ft0.078334.845
Fast with Jumps to Car park1,386 ft-98 ft10 ft-6.368199.726
Fron Hill2 miles-1,042 ft48 ft-9.026572.3
Guys dirty little secret1,698 ft-309 ft-18.225282.9
Hidden Gem1,794 ft-115 ft-6.438365
Hopton DH 53,038 ft-726 ft21 ft-23.215377.4
Horrendous Climb1 miles-19 ft551 ft9.043368.91
Isla end section1,728 ft-158 ft22 ft-7.918276.6
Lucretia2,697 ft-250 ft-9.3279.1
Mere Oak Run4,186 ft-253 ft94 ft-3.801359.674
Moguls725 ft-59 ft7 ft-7.148193.5
Mortimer 90s Downhill Bottom section3,437 ft-193 ft106 ft-2.53282.1
Mortimer 90s Downhill top section1,790 ft-246 ft1 ft-13.692351.783
Not for slick tires930 ft-191 ft3 ft-20.204342.1
Quarry1,851 ft-73 ft119 ft2.466253.488
Seed Orchard Climb4,226 ft-13 ft156 ft3.4355.3
Short Cut352 ft-9 ft-2.467327.211
Tarantino Full1 miles-568 ft31 ft-9.254328.2
The Full Monty3,546 ft-537 ft-15.157353.321
The Greasy Crack634 ft-109 ft-17.192216
The long and winding road2,731 ft-359 ft16 ft-12.579302.5
Trail 2177 ft-32 ft-17.965336.915
Trump Alley1,593 ft-112 ft16 ft-6.015207.6
Tump Run2,628 ft-265 ft43 ft-8.44370.402
Warm Up Loop (Qualifier)5,064 ft-152 ft147 ft-0.098333.568
Wild Side of Life1,471 ft-81 ft11 ft-4.728326.1
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