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      Lynn Woods, as the name suggests, is nestled within the town of Lynn Massachusetts. For those who are unfamiliar with Lynn, it is a low income industrial town about ten miles north east of Boston. If you were to drive through the somewhat run-down center of town you would never guess that you were close to best mountain biking Massachusetts and even New England has to offer.

      Lynn woods is quite large, although I am not certain, I would estimate it to be at least 2,000 acres. The park consists of three lakes, the largest of which (Walden Pond, no, not the one made famous by Thoreau), divides the reservation into two distinct sections. To the South of Walden Pond is a maze of fire roads and single-track that even after two years of riding, I still find confusing. The terrain on this side is mostly easy to intermediate, and a lot of fun to explore. For the explorer there are two places that are of particular interest; the stone tower, and Dungeon Rock. No more then a 1/4 mile from the main parking lot, directly up a long steep hill is a 5 story stone tower, built in the 1930s. From the top of this tower one can get a majestic view of the Atlantic Ocean as well as a clear shot of the Boston skyline ten miles to the south. The climb to the top can be an adventure in its self, and don't be surprised if you find a few not-so-polite local teenagers hanging out on the roof. Heading down the other side of the hill with the tower for another 1/4 mile or so you will encounter Dungeon Rock. Created by a treasure hunter in the 1800s, Dungeon Rock is cave blasted into and beneath an enormous boulder. As the legend goes pirates supposedly buried treasure underneath that rock, and some poor sap spent his entire life searching for it, by digging his way through solid rock. Although he was not successful, the treasure hunter did leave behind a very interesting piece of work. The entrance to Dungeon Rock is sealed with a cast iron door, that is supposed to be locked. However, every time I have been there the lock on the steel door was broken (probably a service provided by the same kids that hang out on t he top of the tower), and entry was possible. It's dark in there!

      To the north of Walden Pond are the trails that make Lynn Woods unique. If you are new to the sport of mountain biking you probably won't want to ride on this side. To those who are experienced technical riders, you will never want to leave. The best way to describe the terrain is ROCKS! Yes everything from small loose gravel, to boulders the size of a small house. It is awesome. If you are new to this type of terrain it will take a little getting used to, but it will be worth it. Personally, I like meandering over the huge boulders that dot the landscape. For those who are interested just head up the hill towards to water tower, and follow the white dotted trail from there. The water tower can be easily seen from any clearing. This trail is nothing short of amazing. On a sunny Saturday, don't be surprised to pass fifty or more other riders in this area, it has become quite popular for good reason. Have a blast, and although it may not seem like it the first time you ride it, it is possible to ride the entire white dotted trail without falling.
      source: NEMBA
      Primary Trail Type: All-Mountain & Downhill
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      Open on Sep 22, 2018


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      Jul 1, 2018
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      4:48 | 34 | Aug 28, 2018
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