segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Tranquil Bluff Down To British Landing Tranquil Bluff Trail (Part 2)1 mile66 ft1773848
2Between Two Forts Rifle Range Trail1,023 ft47 ft982475
3Henry Trail Henry Trail1,057 ft86 ft831037
4Tranquil Bluffs part 1 Tranquil Bluff Trail (Part 2)1 mile44 ft711096
5Winnebago Trail Winnebago Trail1,589 ft34 ft621923
6Manitou Trail Manitou Trail1,825 ft64 ft571502
7Thru The Garden Soldiers Garden Trail1,782 ft47 ft47974
8Swamp W->E starting at Hanks Swamp Trail2,443 ft14 ft42553
9Porter Hanks Porter Hanks Trail2,563 ft23 ft41554
10Fire Break Trail Fire Break Trail1,773 ft22 ft24922
11Indian Pipe down Indian Pipe Trail1,803 ft35 ft161326
12B.L.N.T. Tech British Landing Nature Trail (Upper)1,194 ft46 ft15502
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