Mountain Bike
7up - Bull Run connector
855 ft-33 ft31 ft
Arth's Corner (lower)
2 miles-274 ft44 ft
Arths Corner
1 mile-294 ft104 ft
Bull Run
2 miles-629 ft276 ft
Bull Run (lower)
3 miles-479 ft242 ft
Getaway (lower)
1 mile-121 ft40 ft
Getaway (middle)
1 mile-96 ft52 ft
Getaway (Top)
3 miles-640 ft85 ft
Getaway (Upper)
2 miles-254 ft36 ft
Gold Bar Rim
Gold Bar Rim 4x4
2 miles-145 ft805 ft
Gold Bar Rim Singletrack (Formerly Blue Dot)
2 miles-342 ft260 ft
Goldbar (Mag 7)
2 miles-128 ft527 ft
Great Escape
3 miles-598 ft189 ft
Little Canyon
3 miles-333 ft126 ft
Mid Bull Run to Getaway
4,665 ft90 ft
Poison Spider
8 miles-579 ft1,357 ft
2 miles-1,133 ft59 ft
Sevenmile Rim
12 miles-1,224 ft1,154 ft
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