segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1School Bus Lower Half Descent Schoolbus4,659 ft381 ft122825612
2School Bus Part 1 Downhill Schoolbus2 miles508 ft116123493
3Hobbit 1 Hobbit 24,049 ft127 ft113719301
4Hobbit 1 (East bound) Hobbit 11 miles71 ft112419801
5Hobbit 2 Hobbit 11 miles71 ft112319822
6Hobbit 1 Corrected West Bound Hobbit 11 miles71 ft109022491
7Hobbit 1 (West bound) Hobbit 11 miles68 ft108522350
8Hobbit 2 (South-downhill) Hobbit 23,633 ft117 ft107921751
9Sugar Mag Climb to Fork Sugar Magnolia3,696 ft203 ft104728160
10New Sugar Magnolia (downhill) Sugar Magnolia3,387 ft208 ft98323817
11Main DH of the Bus Schoolbus2 miles679 ft98019498
12Toilet Bowl Down Though Trees Schoolbus2,159 ft124 ft95418361
13Observatory - West to East Observatory1,891 ft21 ft89617580
14Re-Re-Root Re-Root1 miles62 ft89417241
15School Bus Top Half Downhill Schoolbus1 miles357 ft86616613
16Boot Boot2,799 ft82 ft74213800
17The New New Sugar Magnolia Sugar Magnolia4,790 ft266 ft73817665
18Hobbit Three DH East Hobbit 32,178 ft166 ft70911711
19Unnamed Rd Climb Rocks and Roots2,941 ft284 ft70411812
20Boot 2 Boot3,809 ft99 ft69312530
21Roots Climb Rocks and Roots1 miles618 ft6119881
22school bus climb part 1 Schoolbus1 miles465 ft53410362
23Lookout DH North Lookout1,144 ft103 ft5308011
24East Mag Meadow to the Gnar DH Blue Dot2,642 ft129 ft3635431
25Down Yellow Dot Yellow Dot2,142 ft235 ft3434961
26Red Dot Climb Red Dot2,848 ft241 ft3164591
27red dot descent Red Dot3,548 ft245 ft1051140
28Magnolia Rd Climb Yellow Dot2,588 ft263 ft1021120
29Ping Pong Reynolds Ranch609 ft78 ft961260
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