Mountain Bike
titleriding arearatingdistancedescentclimb
Aia du preveColla San Giacomo
2,126 ft-367 ft
1 mile-180 ft93 ft
1 mile-262 ft39 ft
Bresca - MontefreddoMallare
4 miles-647 ft732 ft
Colla BrunaMallare
3,990 ft537 ft
Faggeta AV #139Mallare
2 miles-436 ft69 ft
Hurry Back to Yankee BaseMallare
942 ft-246 ft
Madonna della Neve - BrescaMallare
2 miles-869 ft185 ft
metanodottoColla San Giacomo
1 mile-439 ft30 ft
Poggio e CanaloneMallare
3 miles-810 ft55 ft
Sentiero della croceMallare
2,638 ft-138 ft42 ft
sentiero scagetta tutto in semmeColla San Giacomo
4,190 ft-1,194 ft
trail picchio de sistiMallare
1,680 ft-389 ft2 ft
trail race face leiloMallare
2,159 ft-612 ft3 ft
3,301 ft-350 ft127 ft
VR47+Baby HorseMallare
2,510 ft-313 ft
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