segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarred
1Hippies DH Hippies Use the Side Door2,597 ft82 ft1357231
2Unnamed Road Climb Chest Pains4,183 ft275 ft1089541
3Seven Bitches DOWN Chest Pains2,525 ft192 ft10810120
4Hippies Use the Side Door Hippies Use the Side Door2,950 ft92 ft1054282
5Kindness Canyon Frisky Donkey1,420 ft51 ft993831
6Chest Pains Climb Chest Pains4 miles1,131 ft937559
7Ponytail Purgatory Chest Pains2,647 ft114 ft663040
8Middle Sector Frisky Donkey3,162 ft110 ft602041
9Bottom of Chin Biter to Top of Friskey Frisky Donkey4,806 ft191 ft561271
10Frisky East Down Frisky Donkey4,471 ft170 ft531350
11Bypass Pine Oasis4,378 ft121 ft511140
12Punchy Upper Frisky3,622 ft156 ft502352
13Mount St. Robinson Mrs. Robinson3,140 ft114 ft451221
14And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson Mrs. Robinson3,270 ft118 ft331110
15Rum Punch Upper Frisky3,463 ft153 ft28760
16Niceness Canyon Upper Frisky1,029 ft121 ft26730
17Hanson Road Climb Cheeky Buggar1,730 ft316 ft260
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