Mountain Bike
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4 The Hell of ItMatipo Park
1,509 ft-267 ft40 ft
42 TraverseManawatu-Whanganui
26 miles-3,596 ft2,207 ft
About TimeArapuke Forest
1 mile-458 ft198 ft
Ahimate Zig-ZagsPalmerston North
1,896 ft-23 ft11 ft
Albert St Single Trail and JumpsPalmerston North
2,223 ft-30 ft13 ft
AlcatrazLake Wiritoa
1,570 ft-8 ft20 ft
Back Corner ClimbHylton Park
1,351 ft-7 ft98 ft
Back PassageSantoft Trails
3 miles-88 ft65 ft
Back TrackArapuke Forest
3 miles-472 ft1,082 ft
Ball BearingsUenuku Pines
1,369 ft-156 ft10 ft
Barking BillyHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
5,086 ft-29 ft10 ft
Bermie SandersThat Place MTB Park
2,270 ft-266 ft
Big Bog DipperHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1,703 ft-9 ft18 ft
Bill's HillSantoft Trails
2,606 ft-7 ft16 ft
Billy GoatArapuke Forest
1,066 ft98 ft
Blackberry BashRangataua Forest
1,358 ft-35 ft6 ft
BlenkiesHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
3,386 ft-43 ft5 ft
Bomber LoopHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1,710 ft-5 ft6 ft
Bread BowlUenuku Pines
1,148 ft-45 ft
Bread RunUenuku Pines
1,939 ft-54 ft42 ft
Bread Run Scenic RouteUenuku Pines
971 ft-1 ft12 ft
BridgeSantoft Trails
3 miles-10 ft3 ft
Brunswick Road ClimbMatipo Park
2,706 ft-122 ft345 ft
Cable StretchUenuku Pines
1,948 ft79 ft
Central RoadHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-37 ft11 ft
Check Point CharlieArapuke Forest
1 mile-568 ft158 ft
ChewbaccaArapuke Forest
1 mile-941 ft100 ft
Cog WildUenuku Pines
2,433 ft-50 ft7 ft
Concrete JunglePaneiri Park
2,346 ft-14 ft5 ft
CrankUenuku Pines
1,929 ft-44 ft18 ft
Crawler Tractor LoopBenneydale
1,424 ft-4 ft
CreekSantoft Trails
1,478 ft7 ft
Dead Man's DropRangataua Forest
735 ft-20 ft
Dead Man's Drop ExtensionRangataua Forest
1,027 ft-12 ft
DecompressionArapuke Forest
682 ft-42 ft50 ft
DellHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
3,070 ft-25 ft15 ft
DerailleurUenuku Pines
1,799 ft-43 ft
DH TrackKohitere Forest
3,540 ft-556 ft
DipperHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
2,908 ft-23 ft22 ft
Domain LoopSantoft Trails
1,909 ft-3 ft3 ft
Dont Think TwiceMatipo Park
1,443 ft-247 ft72 ft
Double DipperKohitere Forest
1 mile-509 ft367 ft
DragonLake Wiritoa
2,261 ft-37 ft24 ft
Dragon DipperHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1,989 ft-3 ft33 ft
Dragon To JungleLake Wiritoa
2,542 ft-20 ft33 ft
Dunkin' DipperHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
2,733 ft-18 ft33 ft
East RidgeHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
4,780 ft-97 ft110 ft
East Ridge West Ridge LinkHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1,077 ft-12 ft3 ft
East trackRangataua Forest
1 mile-45 ft166 ft
Eazy RiderHylton Park
4,806 ft-38 ft43 ft
EdgeKohitere Forest
1 mile-826 ft35 ft
Eeyore GullyLake Wiritoa
1,955 ft-49 ft74 ft
Exit TrailMatipo Park
1,037 ft-112 ft57 ft
ExpressHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
2,101 ft-9 ft10 ft
Fence Line DHMatipo Park
3,990 ft-416 ft114 ft
Fishers TrackNational Park
6 miles-2,059 ft542 ft
FlowmoThat Place MTB Park
4,662 ft-29 ft415 ft
Flying FoxHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1,605 ft-7 ft3 ft
Flying Fox to Barking BillyHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1 mile-27 ft40 ft
Foo FighterArapuke Forest
2,316 ft-147 ft
Forestry Road ConnectorRangataua Forest
1,247 ft47 ft
Foxton Beach TrailFoxton Beach Mountain Bike Trail
4 miles-85 ft88 ft
Front ShockUenuku Pines
770 ft-49 ft
GardenerKohitere Forest
2 miles-891 ft46 ft
Glennies LoopHarakeke Mountain Bike Park
1,720 ft-16 ft16 ft
Grassy ExtensionPalmerston North
1,440 ft-3 ft5 ft
Greens RoadPalmerston North
4 miles-659 ft491 ft
GullyLismore Forest
2,306 ft-52 ft45 ft
Hack SoresUenuku Pines
598 ft-25 ft
HandlebarsUenuku Pines
1,444 ft-52 ft4 ft
He Ara Kotahi PathwayPalmerston North
4 miles-72 ft89 ft
HeadsetUenuku Pines
1,309 ft-38 ft16 ft
HonkyRaumai Forest
4,864 ft-30 ft30 ft
Humpty Dumped MeLismore Forest
2,290 ft-393 ft6 ft
Humpty JumptyArapuke Forest
1,332 ft-117 ft
Hylton Back Corner To EntranceHylton Park
2,398 ft-179 ft7 ft
Hylton Park ClimbHylton Park
4,111 ft-23 ft92 ft
I Just MightSantoft Trails
1,576 ft-3 ft7 ft
Ice BreakerArapuke Forest
4,541 ft-42 ft108 ft
Icebreaker LinkArapuke Forest
528 ft-18 ft3 ft
Jack And The BeanstalkArapuke Forest
1 mile-172 ft536 ft
Jack and the Beanstalk (Hard)Arapuke Forest
581 ft6 ft
Jack's LinkArapuke Forest
421 ft-10 ft18 ft
Jack's Link 2Arapuke Forest
50 ft
Jumping JackArapuke Forest
2,533 ft-190 ft6 ft
Jungle Devil CultThat Place MTB Park
2,441 ft-381 ft
Jungle JinxLake Wiritoa
1,539 ft-8 ft8 ft
Jungle JujuLake Wiritoa
1,904 ft-16 ft3 ft
Junior Mountain Bike TrackLinklater Reserve
2,264 ft-50 ft31 ft
Just a bit moreSantoft Trails
1,711 ft-7 ft
Kaiwhakauka TrackWhanganui National Park
10 miles-1,820 ft3,289 ft
KāreareaArapuke Forest
1 mile-844 ft16 ft
KatipoLake Wiritoa
1,627 ft-28 ft26 ft
Kiko Loop TrackKaimanawa Forest Park
2 miles-567 ft572 ft
KinkPaneiri Park
4,941 ft-48 ft34 ft
Kissing RockArapuke Forest
2,740 ft-375 ft6 ft
Kissing Rock LinkArapuke Forest
89 ft-4 ft
Kurts TrackKohitere Forest
1 mile-159 ft951 ft
Lakes ViewLake Wiritoa
2,288 ft-31 ft31 ft
3,248 ft-291 ft6 ft
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