segmenttraildistanceelevation diffridersridesstarredcity
1Butte DH Wrath of Man705 ft3 ft71159196Winnipeg
2Bison Butte Climb Goose it849 ft7 ft637463112Winnipeg
3Butte Green DH Goose it1,059 ft3 ft62435331Winnipeg
4Bison MotoAlley Back 40558 ft4 ft51034738Winnipeg
5bison butte dh Wrath of Man1,197 ft66 ft50820793Winnipeg
6bison butte jump dh Goose it1,055 ft78 ft49534523Winnipeg
7Bur Oak Bow Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail766 ft3 ft49445181Winnipeg
8oak bur south dr Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail1,970 ft20 ft47937871Winnipeg
9Buffalo Jump Goose it707 ft4 ft47832211Winnipeg
10Grassy Sprint Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail1,749 ft16 ft47837692Winnipeg
11Bur Oak Twisty Turns 1 Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail3,068 ft11 ft46939042Winnipeg
12whittier park trail 1 Whittier Park River Trail3,888 ft14 ft45621621Winnipeg
13Whittier River Trail Whittier Park River Trail4,070 ft26 ft44421013Winnipeg
14Bur Oak Twisty Turns 2 Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail1 miles22 ft43928892Winnipeg
15Bur Oak No Hairpin Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail4 miles58 ft42530834Winnipeg
16Bur Oak Flat 2 Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail4,295 ft45 ft40320502Winnipeg
17Fort to Fork Gravel Grind Whittier Park River Trail3,791 ft20 ft39916377Winnipeg
18Whittier River Trtail - MTB - East to West Whittier Park River Trail3,995 ft27 ft381194416Winnipeg
19Burr Oak - Sand Hill Loop Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail1,608 ft7 ft35621684Winnipeg
20Bur Oak Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail4 miles43 ft352220935Winnipeg
21MTB - TOGO Trail - North to South Osborne River Trail1 miles31 ft34120386Winnipeg
22South Osborne Mtn Bike Trail South to North Osborne River Trail2,926 ft28 ft33017194Winnipeg
23Railway Sprint South Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)835 ft16 ft29220725Winnipeg
24Parking Lot to Fat Bike Loop Wolf Ridge Trail2,067 ft39 ft28815712Grand Marais
25Railway Sprint North Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)854 ft15 ft28719573Winnipeg
26kings park trail 2 Kings Park Loop3,711 ft27 ft2568582Winnipeg
27Concrete Jungle Seine River Trail825 ft5 ft2198842Winnipeg
28St. Norbert B Clockwise (new cuts) Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)2 miles21 ft2178726Winnipeg
29Trans Northward Stanley Trail1 miles131 ft20612653Morden
30Garbage Hill Pavement (Off-street) Singletrack next to road1,136 ft40 ft20439017Winnipeg
31Garbage Hill Dirt Climb 2 Steep Downhills225 ft8 ft19833762Winnipeg
32Trail Head to the Bridge Lower Minnewasta Trail2 miles64 ft19718706Morden
33St Norbert A Clockwise Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)4,663 ft19 ft19110025Winnipeg
34Non-comformity Wolf Ridge Trail3,092 ft82 ft1857501Grand Marais
35Roller Coaster Descend+Climb Roller Coaster1,017 ft30 ft1814832Falcon Lake
36Seine river blitz North to South Seine River Trail5,196 ft23 ft1755334Winnipeg
37Mogul Climb Mogul climb840 ft75 ft1734571Falcon Lake
38kings park trail 1 Kings Park Loop4,386 ft46 ft1513231Winnipeg
39Northside Creek DH Stanley Trail1,042 ft89 ft1457060Morden
40St Norbert B Clockwise Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)2 miles16 ft1444982Winnipeg
41Trans Canada Stanley Trail1 miles128 ft1426635Morden
42Smokey Climb Top Towline Hosta LaVista325 ft51 ft1406191Falcon Lake
43Seine river blitz South to North Seine River Trail5,200 ft23 ft1355393Winnipeg
44Bridge to the turn around Lower Minnewasta Trail2 miles57 ft13416227Morden
45Blue Berry Trail Exit to Trail Washout July 2016 TCT - Faloma to Westhawk Lake1 miles72 ft1323584Falcon Lake
46Pure Fitness Hill Climb loop Singletrack next to road2,775 ft58 ft13128743Winnipeg
47South Royalwood Full Single Track John Bruce - Bois-des-espirit1 miles7 ft1274353Winnipeg
48seine river trail 2 John Bruce - Bois-des-espirit1 miles24 ft1223933Winnipeg
49Garbage Hill Dip Main Gravel Path306 ft41 ft1187590Winnipeg
50seine river trail 3 John Bruce - Bois-des-espirit3,069 ft19 ft1183865Winnipeg
51limp pine DH and climb Limp Pine1,077 ft19 ft1187430Steinbach
52Unnamed Rd Climb Quad Trail Traverse1,449 ft268 ft1187621Steinbach
53Minnewasta Half Loop Reverse Lower Minnewasta Trail3 miles85 ft116127515Morden
542017 Sandilands First Climb Enter Sandman1,297 ft101 ft1137131Steinbach
55Sandilands MTB Course Final Downhill Bobsled966 ft87 ft1127636Steinbach
56Limp Pine Climb #2 Limp Pine297 ft45 ft1127252Steinbach
57Race Route Climb from Parking Lot Enter Sandman2,206 ft102 ft1116426Steinbach
58Twisty Turns Bluestem2 miles10 ft1112060Winnipeg
59Limp Pine Climb Limp Pine559 ft16 ft1096293Steinbach
60Slurpee Hill 2 Steep Downhills205 ft37 ft1075281Winnipeg
61limp Pine DH Limp Pine1,033 ft20 ft1067101Steinbach
62Blister Blister3,488 ft29 ft1048659Brandon
63St. Norbert Loop Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)3 miles20 ft9939412Winnipeg
64Sandilands first climb Enter Sandman1,254 ft57 ft973891Steinbach
65Sandilands first climb Enter Sandman1,254 ft57 ft973890Steinbach
66RMNP - Lake Shore Path - Southbound Lakeshore Trail1 miles43 ft951683Onanole
67St. Norbert Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)3 miles20 ft953725Winnipeg
68St. Norbert New Loop 2016 Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)3 miles20 ft903083Winnipeg
69Grand Beach 2 to 4 Blueberry Trail3,027 ft31 ft901591Grand Marais
70burning bush to gv Burning Bush1 miles43 ft896573Brandon
71Full 2015 "Southern Comfort" Loop Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)3 miles19 ft852133Winnipeg
722 Legit 2 Quik Hosta LaVista1,028 ft33 ft842362Falcon Lake
73Top of the World-Full Loop Top of The World5,048 ft9 ft831411Falcon Lake
74Winter Fat Bike Loop Counterclockwise Wolf Ridge Trail3 miles110 ft793281Grand Marais
75reeves 1st down Reeves Ravine3,094 ft223 ft772460McCreary
76reeves 2nd down Reeves Ravine2,841 ft216 ft762480McCreary
77Reeve's Down Reeves Ravine2 miles436 ft752432McCreary
78Beachside Ancient Beach Self-guiding Trail928 ft70 ft751780Grand Marais
79Provincial Trunk Highway 44 Climb Blue Highway / Centennial Trail3,407 ft288 ft702100West Hawk Lake
80Sunshine Climb Upper Sunshine492 ft56 ft684441Falcon Lake
81kings park trail full Kings Park Loop2 miles46 ft651153Winnipeg
82Centennial Access Climb Blue Highway / Centennial Trail983 ft101 ft641750West Hawk Lake
83Naurco Flats Clockwise Naurco Flats2,034 ft26 ft621490Falcon Lake
84Jamor to bridge Jamor River Trail East1,451 ft11 ft574900Portage La Prairie
85Grand Beach 2 to 5 Boulder Hill/Squirrel Run4,211 ft51 ft55872Grand Marais
86Ridgeline Ridgeline2,554 ft102 ft542931Brandon
87RR / B&B Trailhead to Fork Reeves Ravine Connecter1 miles95 ft53990McCreary
88Blue DH Monster Slide2,201 ft167 ft514560Dropmore
89Beaudry - Wild Grape - First Leg Wild Grape Trail1 miles23 ft482521Headingley
90Junction to Bald Reeves Ravine Connecter to J.E.T1 miles70 ft46850McCreary
91Beaudry - Elm Trail Elm Trail2 miles19 ft452071Headingley
92Boonta Eve Classic North Boonta Eve Classic1 miles59 ft421680Pinawa
93Twist it up full to bridge Twist It Up1,699 ft165 ft421471Brandon
94Grand Beach 4 to 1 Blueberry Trail4,219 ft38 ft421311Grand Marais
95RMNP - Arrowhead Trail Arrowhead Trail2 miles112 ft42745Wasagaming
96Broken Hoe Up Broken Hoe1 miles215 ft372286Brandon
97Broken Hoe Down Broken Hoe1 miles222 ft372157Brandon
98Onanole Trail - PTH 10 to Timothy Rd Onanole Trail - Timothy Rd. to Southgate Crosswalk3,329 ft55 ft37652Onanole
99Winter Ant Down Winter Ant1,173 ft50 ft321293Brandon
100RMNP - North Escarpment (Bald Hill to Trailhead) The North Escarpment Trail4,500 ft32 ft31380McCreary
101Eliminator 5/13/2015 Oak Ridge Mountain Bike Trail2,635 ft9 ft31430Winnipeg
102Reeve's Ridgeline Climb Reeves Ravine4,303 ft331 ft29571McCreary
103Beaudry - Wild Grape - Last Leg (HIgh) Wild Grape Trail1,787 ft13 ft291401Headingley
104McGillivray Lot to Trans Canada-Climb Blue Highway - Caddy 441,289 ft131 ft28580West Hawk Lake
105Beaudry - Wild Grape - Last Leg (High #2) Wild Grape Trail1,828 ft15 ft281411Headingley
106Grand beach 4 to 2 Blueberry Trail3,105 ft33 ft28411Grand Marais
107Onanole Trail - Timothy Rd to PTH 10 Onanole Trail - Timothy Rd. to Southgate Crosswalk3,061 ft45 ft26761Onanole
108Sandilands first climb reversed Enter Sandman1,301 ft58 ft25542Steinbach
109Beaudry - Wild Grape - Last Leg (Low) Wild Grape Trail1,873 ft8 ft241081Headingley
110RMNP - Bald Hill Trail (Last Leg Climbing Out) Bald Hill Trail1 miles118 ft20300McCreary
111North Hill North Hill Loop - Hanbury Bike and Hike Trail4 miles99 ft202004Brandon
112Beaudry Backwards - Wild Grape Outbound Wild Grape Trail1 miles23 ft201111Headingley
113RMNP - Kinasao to Lot Kinosao1 miles33 ft18251Wasagaming
114Camel Rd from Parking to Field733 ft84 ft15352Portage La Prairie
115RMNP - South Lake to Camp Wannakumbac Clear Lake South Shore3 miles47 ft14170Onanole
116Beaudry Backwards - Elm Trail Elm Trail2 miles20 ft12761Headingley
117Beaudry Backwards - Wild Grape Inbound Leg Wild Grape Trail1,704 ft13 ft12731Headingley
118Burls Snow Bike Route Burls and Bittersweet5,052 ft80 ft9321McCreary
119St. Norbert trail Southern Comfort (St. Norbert Loop)3 miles15 ft01390Winnipeg
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